So my Ovi Cool Swags arrived – Love you Nokia :)

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Remember that Ovi Maps competition, @OvibyNokia people started on 22nd March 2010? One was to cerate a story, showcase a video or something like that about Ovi Maps and prizes like Nokia N97 mini were on stake. Sigh!!! I wasn’t that lucky to bag one of them but sure I was quick enough to post one story of mine (which was just fresh to me).

March 23, 2010, 17:46, I got a tweet/ Direct Message from @OviByNokia that I am one of five people winning Ovi Cool Swags for being early participants. A tweet from OviByNokia

The fastest participants to the#OviMaps competition get cool swag! Congratulations @riteshnewatia@not_al @trotor @mrnitishkumar@acurrie

There was a long wait of more than one month and finally, the wait over now and the surprise gifts started reaching to participants, here comes un-packing of my items …

1. DHL Parcel: Many of us, now have become used to these parcels, thanks to WomWorld/ Nokia and similar was security staff of my office. Though for a difference I got the call that there is parcel for me from Germany. I was sure that its that Ovi Swag as was notified by @OvibyNokia on twitter.

DHL Parcel

2. The Invoice: Yes! I have seen invoices from WomWorld, but there was no logo on them. So, it was nice to see a Nokia logo for a change on invoice. Same was the reason to include the same in pics.

The Invoice 

3. The surprise revealed: The goods inside were one white T-Shirt (Did I told you that white is my favorite color?) and a beautiful shiny green packet (green for maps).

The opened parcel

4. What’s inside the packet?

Full Content DSC00972

So there was a White T-Shirt (XL for me though), one Diary, one 4GB cute little pen drive, one Gel Pen, one circular magnetic badge and one sticker. Though still I am trying to figure out that how the last two could be utilized, these all are enough for making me smile.

DSC00965DSC00970Can any one tell what the last two might be for? I mean with Circular Magnetic Badge and Ovi Sticker.. Waiting for comments…

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar