Gmail Contacts got a makeover

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So, finally the wait is over and Gmail has rolled out the new redesigned  contacts from today itself. If you have not noticed yet, then  its time to login and explore the new things out there for you in your favorite Email service.

New Gmail

Well, we were already hearing about the same from quite some time that Gmail is about to roll out a new redesigned Gmail for us, specially contacts and tasks. It was even pointed that contacts might get a call button though Google Voice is not rolled out for whole world as of now, so it was something not to be expected. New Place

The very first thing to notice was the placement of contacts. Just below the Gmail logo now, along with the  Tasks icon as well. The contacts sure gonna get more attentions and tasks too. There blog post discusses much more about it in details here.

The other place to look for, was the detailed view of any contact that was also redesigned in a very effective and detailed way as given below:


Even there help page also has been updated to provide info about the new smoother ways with Gmail contacts now.

Sort gmail contacts Gmail

So, if you have not checked it out yet then go and take a look. Its always pleasant, when your one of the favorites get updated. 🙂

Nitish Kumar

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Concept Application for Nokia N8-Contacts Redefined

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Recently I wrote about next coming Nokia Flagship, Nokia N8, the crown bearer of all Camera Phones in the world. There still remains a lot to talk about the same, but real thing will be when it reaches to our hands. Admirations, amazement and long wait to explore it.

Wait must be making you crazy!!!! now you can do more than waiting, to make the jewel your own. A chance to make the next coming Symbian^3 experience even better, a chance to take things to another level. Give your idea about a new app and if it sounds cool then you could win a Nokia N8.

All the details are here. That’s is what keeping Nokia on the top since all those years. First the Device from Community Ideas and then the future Nokia device, then create your app and now this. Must say, you are heading right Nokia!!! Winning or loosing is on another side, you belong to hearts.

So, what you are waiting for? Its your chance to make it, go for it. An idea could change the life.


Like the last competition about Future Nokia, in place of taking part into competition only, my idea is to take the opportunity to present some of my thoughts, which will be very basic, very possible, just Layman’s Take, but still worth thinking for. so here I am presenting one of my ideas here that I don’t think will get voted much there (I am not popular like CJ or AAS :jealous)

Before you you read further, let me tell you that this app is not real till now like I seen this post referenced as somewhere. This was my own concept that how contacts could be improved on Nokia N8. The screenshot is obviously from an iPhone.

Contacts Redefined (Social / Geo)

The idea is not entirely new. There is already an app named Hermes on Maemo fetching info like display contacts picture, numbers, webpage, birthdays etc from your social contacts and putting into contacts and calendar. I just wanted to add some more and bring it to already much social Nokia N8 in a big way.

Think about a future, where you need not to ask/ tell your friends about their numbers, birthday etc or update them about changes, because its always updated right into your phone without any manual efforts. You don’t even needed to create a phone book, when get a new phone. No one misses birthdays anymore, if not logged into social connections for a while as their phones will automatically going to remind them about upcoming birthdays or events.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut etc. all are open with their APIs and depending on privacy level user chooses, practically its not big deal to fetch such profile information from your social connections. Though Hermes doesn’t do that but the same application could be extended to add geo info as well from Ovi Maps or Google Lattitude etc.

Think tomorrow is your friend’s birthday and at 11:45 PM, your phone rings a bell about that and after greeting him/ her in night, when you woke up in morning, at 9:00 AM, you get driving instructions to reach him/ her, if practically near.

I don’t talk about cheesy things, but for me its a very practical, basic and very possible idea to go with. If you fear about battery, then updates could be manual/ optional or of longer durations or in place of replacing/ adding info, it could be chosen to pop up as suggestions kind of (Google Buzz way). Obviously customizations possible from performance point of view or to avoid cluttering on user’s preferences, but practically unlimited contacts space needs something like this for very sure.

Not sure that Ovi will pick this idea today, but it will come to smart phones very soon, from here or there. If you think phones as your personal assistant, friend or companion, then you want this.

If you think this idea is cool then vote for it or promote it in your own ways. Its there (search for Nitish).

Get organized with Google Sync

Here comes, I am to discuss about its another feature, Google Sync; which has been launch since long back in Feb 09, but as I myself was not using the same, so wasn’t that aware of.

 google-logo  sync

“ How many times, you take backup of your phone contacts in fear of loosing your phone some day? How many times, you think that you should start taking backup of your calendar entries as well? How many times you been in a situation that you were not sure about that in which cell-phone you saved new friend’s number? How many times, you missed someone’s anniversary or some urgent appointment, just because your cell was switched off and you were much busy on internet and forgot? ”

The situations might be plenty, but the solution is the plain and basic one (probably everyone of us might have imagined): A single place to sync your contacts and calendar entries from your each cell-phone. Moreover, as per ideal Backup conception, that ‘single place’ should be far enough from your actual data like Internet itself means a place, where you could upload your contacts safely and which may be in two way sync with your phone all the time, so that any changes made at any side could be preserved and replicated to all in sync. Sure, there is such a place and such a service now: Google Sync.

Google Sync allows you to get your Gmail contacts and Google Calendar events on your phone. The sync works in two-way means any changes you make to your calendar or contacts from browser or phone will be reflected on all other devices sync with same Google account. For all these devices, synchronization happens automatically over the air without having to manually sync your phone. With the setting, Connection is always ON, your information is always up-to-date, no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

“ Sync of calendar also adds one more angle in remembering important events as from your phone, you could set it to give you alarm in every 10 mins and from your Google Calendar, you could set it to send you email in every 10 mins. Means you important event details (anniversaries, birthdays, meetings etc.) is always online with you, whether your phone is with you or not. Not to mention, the two way sync will allows any changes you make either side, get replicated on all the devices. ”

Getting started is easy. You can configure Google Sync directly from your device. The instructions and capabilities vary for different phones, so better check out for Help Center for device-specific information. Also, please keep in mind that Google Sync will replace all existing contacts and calendar information on your phone, so make sure to back up any important data before you get stated. To try Sync, visit

“ If you have an always on GPRS connection with unlimited usages or working somewhere having wi-fi internet enabled freely for your phone, then don’t miss this feature. Its really kind of much have addition to someone’s tech life. You will never loose your contacts, your management of events will improve, you would be able to use all your phones without worrying that someone’s contact is saved in it or not, moreover, Google contacts will be available with you with their Gtalk snaps.”

Note: For Nokia S60 mobiles, you are needed to download and install an application named Mail for Exchange, which is of 1Mb around. For other devices, visit and find the instructions.

“ My blog is being updated with Google things only in now days. May be the reason, I am part of that poor community that don’t own an iPhone yet, not even a Black Berry, neither much involved with Twitter buzz. So, Layman’s Technical buzz is being centered around only Google now days and it really seems true that Google is kind of taking over the internet. At least at this point, Google really deserves. ”

Merge Duplicate contacts in Gmail

“ Dec 15, 2009, Gmail added a new feature to its contacts module, which lets one to remove every single duplicate contact entry at once from his Gmail contacts. I means to say that if you have many email ids saved against same person name and same email IDs saved more than once, then it consolidates them at once and so saves a lot of your tedious and time consuming manual work. ”

gmail logo

Managing a big address book can be a challenge, so it’s no surprise that the top request for Google contacts is a fast, easy way to merge duplicate contacts. So, here comes Gmail again with its unique innovations with your emailing experiences. Did you remember that when you started with Gmail, then what was special about contacts? They were being added automatically once you reply to any of their mail. Its been a nice feature. There were more related to contacts, like importing addresses from contacts of other email addresses, importing contacts from csv and many other means to make your contact list grew bigger and bigger.

You are sure not that worried from the bigger size of your contacts due to innovative and efficient auto-complete feature of Gmail, but for most of us, to avoid confusion, while mailing or for people, who like to keep them organized, this is a very very welcome idea of having a one-click-merge-button, otherwise it was a just one-by-one process. The implications are more real for those, who might have started syncing their phone contacts with their Gmail account.


The basics of how it works is quite simple. This new system runs  a simple scan on your contacts and the one button solution merge the information for each duplicate contacts. It’s a non-destructive method, so you are not going to loose any contacts, but if you have organized your Contacts in some certain way, then only you have to check whether the new system suiting to your method or not.

“ This feature is sure targeting users thinking to make use of Google Sync and will be sure handy for most of tech-savy people.What’s interesting is that why such a delay in announcing such a feature, when Yahoo and Hotmail have given similar long back in 2007 only?”

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