Sony Cybershot DSC-W270

Finally without waiting for long or researching harder, I gave my verdict for Sony Cybershot DSC-W270. Although still there are other cameras out there, which could prove them more worth of money, but probably HD Recording and 4GB Memory Card package deal worked for me.I bought it from Ankur Electronics, Cross River Mall. I didn’t gained any bargain price after visiting three different shops and so it remained on Rs. 15, 800/- INR …… a costly one.

sony-w270 dsc-w270

I haven’t taken shots from this camera yet and probably will give it a shot by tommorow, but have seen the videos taken by it of few seconds and found that really impressive. Also liked the way, it is responding after pushing the ON switch.

Here is a video review of the same, I found from Youtube, hope will give you some ideas.