Welcome Nokia N86 in Layman’s house

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Yes! finally Nokia N86 got delivered to me like past device, straight in 48 hours.

First time, we really find the DHL guy as God, but when he comes again after 15 days? Yeah felt the same again after the quick un-boxing, when seen this … Return documents

It was just two days back, when they announced that I didn’t made it to Nokia N97 Mini. Yes! I tried to make me understand that I didn’t deserved this time, but it was hard, very hard that …… will not count on some competition again. #NokiaDATE Anyway, I should cheer up, I have 15 days … dammmn you DATE.

For the first time, I have got a white beauty

Oh Sorry!! Princess is feeling little shy … take the view again …

Its just a preview post. Un-boxing pics with details will follow soon.

So… what’s more?? She is eager to tell everything you want to know about it, wont you ask?

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Nokia Care – Irresponsible staff costs goodwill

Today, February 5, 2010 … was the day, when I finally packed up Trial Device Nokia N900 to be sent back to Womworld, London, I was supposed to be talking about my experiences with unexpected offer, was thinking to write about such marketing and customer gaining strategies, started to think Nokia along with Google as one of innovative giants or more importantly was supposed to be enjoying party somewhere as one of my colleague Arjun just became father and we were in great joy for that, but ….. my day was bad.

First the mess-up started with DHL (though it wasn’t their fault either, but still) I already mentioned that last time the DHL guy delivered the shipment without my signature or receipt and this time, they were supposed to follow each and every minute details without even try to help me out in place.

dhl rules

First problem was price as Indian Rules requires some additional formalities, if you declare price of shipment more than Rs. 25, 000/- (which was my case 500 Euro). This was sorted out by Womworld, when they changed the invoice to present the price 300 Euro now.

Second problem arrived at day next, when I was ready with new invoice. Now, they asked for full details of shipments (like what’s inside the box, how many chargers, cables etc), while this was not mentioned there in original shipment. I asked the guy to stay a little before I could change the invoice, but he said other person will pick the same. Good!!! No patience for little formality. Nice service.

Third problem, new DHL guy arrived at 5:18 PM, when I was supposed to leave office early by 5PM to pick my Nokia N82 from Nokia Care (Actual story the post is about), then he said no mention of Sender’s address over invoice. I said what?? ok .. let me make another one and I have to send it now, no second time. He agreed with address written by pen. Thanks a lot!!! then he wished to open the packed shipment to check. Ok!! fair enough, opened the tapes/ packing, then repacked it. Well!!! Finally…

Actual mess up with Nokia Care; the pathetic one!!!

nokia care crying

Must been around May 2009, it was under last few months of warranty (purchase in first week of August 2008, if I remember right), but was returned back from Nokia care saying that they do not cover liquid damage. Fair enough!!! They were unable to tell cost of repair and also said that its not promised that device will come back in same condition after opening it. I was irritated then and took the device back that I don’t wanna repair now. This was not that bad then the red led light in back was always on and flash was not working.


Later things got more worse as loud speakers stopped working and keyboard got loose due to my mishandling (could say). Finally, by this year, I decided that either this get repaired or whatever. Bought Nokia 5800 and sent N82 for repair on February 18, 2010. Meanwhile on February 19, 2010, got Nokia N900 as trial for two weeks. Story got twisted when I lost my Nokia 5800 before just going to home, where I was supposed to give my other handset Nokia 5130 to Mom. No issue, I thought.. Nokia N900 was with me and N82 was supposed to be back easily in two weeks max.

March 5, 2010, after many follow ups, got news that set is repaired and I could pick it.

You know office timings and Nokia care is near my room which is at one hour distance from office. Means today was on a brick, Nokia care was supposed to be closed by 6:30 PM and I was waiting in office for DHL Somehow made to reach in time at Nokia care (don’t forget, was to visit ATM as Nokia care doesn’t accept Cards).

Check the Job Sheet, what were the major complaint?


Application Sound? !!!! Not repaired !!!!
Damaged Keyboard? !!!!
Not repaired !!!!
Firmware update? !!!! Not done !!!! Not mentioned in job sheet even when I specifically mentioned
Camera’s Xeon Flash? !!!! Not repaired !!!! Not mentioned in job sheet even when I specifically mentioned, after all its special about N82.

Do you know only complaint they resolved was the red led light in back always ON .. nothing else. Hanging, reboot etc. was all absurd, I never asked anything like that. And the cost they assumed me to pay was Rs.3850/-

For what??? I asked.. tell me specific details for what I am being charged?? What took two weeks to you in doing this??

Moreover, who updates tracking status? Formality to show that work done/ call closed?

track They took the device back from me saying that will be repaired this time. Great!!! No smart phone with me now (last N900 gone and 5130 with Mom), I am not connected from home as it was only means now days. NO blogging from home 😦

Next delivery date is February 9, 2010. How many of you think that Nokia care will make it????