Layman take on Mobile Documents Vs Nokia Messaging – Good and bad

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Remember Mobile Documents by Visarc, whom Nokia invited to pilot their app on Nokia Beta Labs? The Cloud-boosted push mail and push documents to revolutionize the way, we see heavy attachments now days. Lots been said, lots been praised about it, while this is definitely a new approach, let’s see, if its really going to replace Nokia Messaging?

What Mobile Documents is?

Mobile Documents is the first and only to solve the #1 problem in email: handling of heavy attachments and documents. View and read heavy attachments instantly – without a download – via unconventional use of streaming technology. Save time, bandwidth and roaming cost. Traditional email offers download only but Mobile Documents offers an entire toolbox. On top of this we’re trying to create the best possible user experience to manage emails on your phone including attachments as well as sharing documents.

Let’s see the live demonstration of the app

The apps been here since a while though with arrival of their Symbian^3 version, they came up with two new features as well.

  1. Multi-Touch: Pinch zoom for viewing images, PDFs and Office Documents
  2. Notifications: Home Screen Widgets for all your email accounts plus optional sounds and/or alerts for news emails and/or documents

Installing Mobile Documents, some facts and troubleshooting issues

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