My Mumbai Visit: The stay and the returning flight

So, finally the journey got the end today. Three days and only a little more than 48 hours in hand practically, I was in no mood to do anything official and went for entertaining my sis and her friends only.

The first night was in the name of movie in a nearby newly made Mall called BroadWay, which allowed us to return back to home by 11:00 PM or later and then in next morning, we were planned to Essel World as it was my sis’s best friend’s dream wish from Santa Claz and here I was to play the role of Santa 😉

Something about Essel World as per their official website

This is Mumbai’s only international-style theme park and amusement centre situated close to Gorai Beach. Special ferries get you across to the park and the entrance fee normally takes care of a fixed number of rides. These include the standard roller coaster and adventure themes, plus a water world section where kids can literally run amok. Summer is usually crowded, but the place also offers low budget monsoon packages and special deals on weekends. Check these out before you go.

For more information, visit their web-site at

Although there is mention of low budget packages, but I must tell you, like any other Theme park, the place is nowhere cheaper. Rs. 480/- INR per head for Essel World on weekends and in normal days Rs. 350/- INR, its sure not the place to go, if you just wished to visit the same all of a sudden. You should be well prepared and planned about the same, if you want to get full value for your money. Unfortunately, the same was not our case. It was planned but I was not familiar with the place and things, so we reached there by 12:00 AM or later, I guess and only then our day started with Essel World, which ideally should have been started by 10:00 AM and only then we were able to take all the rides and lots of fun. Anyway, we did our share of fun for sure.

First, we were needed to reach Boriwali Station and then to take Auto from there to reach Gorai Beach, I guess. Then a boat costing 35/- each was here to provide a round trip to Essel world. The ride on boat is costs around 30 mins, if I remember right, but the water there is just a mess I should say, very polluted and sure a must see for the authorities there. One should do something about it.

After reaching on other side, first we went for some early snapping and then in small queue of tickets as we were already late. We finally entered in Essel World by 12:00 PM. There were also combined tickets for Essel World and Water Kingdom and in cheaper prices means 680/- for both, but if you look intelligently, then it’s nowhere a cheaper option as in no way, you could enjoy even one in single day and you are thinking about two,… no way.

Anyway, few Roller Coaster rides and some vertical rides, it was sure fun to hang up in air with yours heads down. The name of the event was “Thunder”. I have made a full video of the same, which I will upload sometime later.

We also enjoyed Hunted Hotel and some Mirror World. Although Hunted Hotel was quite a let-down, but anyway, we were out to enjoy and left the place only when it was closed only and then returned back to home by 11:00 PM. No!! No!! It didn’t took that much time to reach our way, but we were to drop of the friend at her place and then it took a while there to convince her dad for next day visit to Jeevdayini Temple. It didn’t took harder and he was easily agreed.

For the same visit, one more friend of my sis was to be joined as she missed Essel World, but this visit was planned from long at her wish. Anyway, got a call from their side in early morning from their side to wake us up and then we left the home by 8:00 AM this time. More than 1000 steps of stairs and then it was Jeevdayini Temple. Look like it’s been a tradition to visit the same i my each Mumbai visit as I visited the same place both the times, I visited earlier. We came back from the same place by 2 PM.

A little rest and conversations with relatives and then I was off to Airport.

The return flight details:

The return flight was booked as per cheapest option provided according to my date\time schedules and the same was again a GoAir. Got a message from their side on 27th December that my flight is delayed and now expected to depart at 9:50 PM in place of earlier schedule of 8:20 PM due to some unavoidable reasons. Such a delay was preferable for me in a way, but I am not sure that every passenger might like such delays, neither do I, if it was something important. The flight was GoAir G8-375: Mumbai-Delhi. Our Car took around one and half hour to reach there. Don’t know how much distance exactly was in between. It was a trip from Vasai to Santacruz Domestic Airport. I left the place by 6:00 PM and reached by 7:30 PM means much before time and then it was a long wait for me.

Although that technically sounding long wait, didn’t seem to be much longer for me. I was online and got one of my colleague online, who was telling me the procedure to avail the WiFi available at Airports and a few other things, which kept me busy and when the time got an end, I didn’t got to know. It was such shortened in a way that I forgot that I should disconnect my cell from my Laptop and should put it on the available charging point there. Although it was again not an issue as I forgot my earphones into the luggage on board. 😉

Anyway, later on, I found this flight a way quicker than the last one. The flight was on time at this occasion, I mean with newly scheduled one. Although I mismanaged it a bit by not leaving my internet connection before time, which left my cell sufficiently discharged, just when the announcement to board on the same started at 9:30 PM. Anyway, the proceedings were quicker than the last time and were in exact way, one expects. Within 15 mins of our reaching to Jet, we were in Air, I guess.

This time my choice was a Window Seat, although was not that fruitful in night, but its sure a view to see Mumbai from top of it. So many lights scattered all over really make out some view. Although I was tired enough due to continuous rides and was wishing to fall asleep, but that was not favourable to me in a way as just two hours were not enough.

All the staff at flight was male this time. I don’t remember that what was the case, when I visited last time or its been practice to keep girls away from night flight or not? But it might be the directive from Government for not keeping the female staff working after 8:00 PM. Anyway, I am not kind-of missing them…. 😉 I given up the rest of the time to my sleep and when got woke up, then I was at New Delhi Airport by 11:50 PM, I guess. Quicker luggage recovery as well this time and then back to home.

So, this was the journey. I talk too much na…