Layman take on Mobile Documents Vs Nokia Messaging – Good and bad

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Remember Mobile Documents by Visarc, whom Nokia invited to pilot their app on Nokia Beta Labs? The Cloud-boosted push mail and push documents to revolutionize the way, we see heavy attachments now days. Lots been said, lots been praised about it, while this is definitely a new approach, let’s see, if its really going to replace Nokia Messaging?

What Mobile Documents is?

Mobile Documents is the first and only to solve the #1 problem in email: handling of heavy attachments and documents. View and read heavy attachments instantly – without a download – via unconventional use of streaming technology. Save time, bandwidth and roaming cost. Traditional email offers download only but Mobile Documents offers an entire toolbox. On top of this we’re trying to create the best possible user experience to manage emails on your phone including attachments as well as sharing documents.

Let’s see the live demonstration of the app

The apps been here since a while though with arrival of their Symbian^3 version, they came up with two new features as well.

  1. Multi-Touch: Pinch zoom for viewing images, PDFs and Office Documents
  2. Notifications: Home Screen Widgets for all your email accounts plus optional sounds and/or alerts for news emails and/or documents

Installing Mobile Documents, some facts and troubleshooting issues

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Nokia E72 Diary-Day 5-Nokia Messaging

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Starting from the same first paragraph, where I left in last post, what more you wanted from your Smartphone? A wireless phone, a music device, a gaming device or all of these? Is something remained? Do all Smartphone buyers see their  phone as fun devices only? Don’t they ask for some more?

Mobile Emails! Many of you like me loved the simplicity of Gmail’s naive Mobile Email client and many other mobile clients like the same, but still felt troubles with handling of HTML, Attachments and data/ battery usages. Sure! they brought convenience but a few limitations too like how much crucial your mails are for you? How many times you check for your mail in an hour? Does it look good when you find yourself checking mails while in some important conversation with some client subordinates? Will a non-HTML mail could serves the purpose for you all the time?

There were different set of challenges while making a business device than normal users. Your customers were bound to be very demanding, very calculating and asking for things that might be little bit hard over current stage of technology.

Push Mail! This was first introduced by Research In Motion (RIM) and even if little slow in start, later caught huge attention from corporate. Push e-mail is used to describe e-mail systems that provide an always-on capability, in which new e-mail is actively transferred (pushed) as it arrives by the mail delivery agent (MDA) (commonly called mail server) to the mail user agent (MUA), also called the e-mail client.

Wiki reference explains more Post Office Protocol (POP3) is an example of a polling email delivery protocol. At login and later at intervals, the mail user agent (client) polls the mail delivery agent (server) to see if there is new mail, and if so downloads it to a mailbox on the user’s computer. However, outgoing mail is generally pushed directly from the sender to the final mail delivery agent. Extending this push to the last delivery step is what distinguishes push e-mail from polling e-mail systems.

The next problems was with rendering of HTML content and handling of attachments for which different vendors kept on coming with different solutions. This time I am here for discussing Nokia Messaging Solutions on Nokia E72.

Nokia E72 Diary – Day 5 – May 07, 2010

Initially started as a trial beta product, Nokia Messaging comes as in-built and ready-to-go on Nokia E72. I already installed and tried the same on My Nokia N82, Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 Mini earlier, but all of them were for limited period and having only the full fledge product in your hands was the real time to evaluate the features. Getting your mails delivered almost instantly on your handset like some SMS is an awesome experience. Definitely I am loving it and counting it as the top three profits of having a Nokia E72 in your hands.

Not only it allows you to connect a total of 10 Email accounts with Push mail, but also provide compatibility with 99% mail providers around the world with inclusion of Lotus Traveler and Microsoft Exchange support. Not only this, you are provided an effective and intuitive interface to deal with, which works very efficiently in background to deliver the best mobile experience for you. As you will see in next screenshots, you will get an effective rendering of HTML and for people, who don’t get please by even this, there would be a link on the top to open the same mail directly in web browser. Great intuitiveness.

Much has been written about the technology and how it works. I will keep it simple and will present the screenshots only that how it go and how it feels for the people, who still haven’t experienced the glow.

Configuring and customizing Email Accounts in Nokia Messaging

Welcome screen for configuring MailAvailable options 1

Available options 2Available options 3

For known mails only Email ID/ password is enoughYou can add 10 of accounts and additional too but that wont be Nokia Messaging

All mailboxes at one place.Settings

How you want the inbox look likeI like popping up of message list when I hover on link of home screen

Gmail has options to show mails of only two weeksDrafts could be accessed only if they are within 5 days

The last few in above are settings for my Gmail Account, while the below screen shots are for office account that doesn’t support IMAP or Active Sync.

Corporate Mail 1Corporate Mail 2

How many emails?Its only about mails that are non Exchange or Lotus. My case is SmartMail

Market might be fighting over one click-two click configurations, but its always about making the process of configuring an account as simple as it could be. I don’t think any need left here for messing up with advance settings of configurations except your corporate environment has some specific alteration with settings.

I don’t think anyone should be having any complaint with configuration steps of Nokia Messaging at least. 🙂

Intuitive Interface of Nokia Messaging

Folded mails by dateInbox View

Available options 1Available options 2

Soft by any of the attributeNavigation from one place

Reply/ Forward like option in same way as some SMSUnread Message size whenhover over them

As the screenshot 1 shows the folded view, while the screenshot 5,6 show how you can sort mails based on various attributes or could navigate through folders. Moreover, last two screenshots show that how its shows the size for unread mails and also has option for replying, farward etc without even opening the mail. Moreover auto scrolling for long subject lines just like SMS previews on S40 device make it perfect inbox view.

Rendering of mails in Nokia Messaging

Yes!! things take time for big attachmentsView HTML LInk

Got a number, save itContacts are always accessible  

Hmm.. space to get improved for sureHTML view seems natural

Ok! here comes the mail reading experience. There are little tweaks like direct options for saving any number to contacts or calling the same or even going through any email id and using it for Email/ SMS/ Call or saving to contacts.

Some might still complaint about rendering of HTML as it seems to try for showing HTML links only, not HTML format itself. But as a technical person, I understand that delivering the full HTML experience needs high data usages and Nokia came up with another way out by providing the View HTML message link, which opens the mail in browser as shown in last screenshot. Clever Nokia!!! But still I think some customized and trimmed down technique could be devised to show a minimal HTML experience (if not fonts etc then at least Bold/ Itlic/ Underline etc.)

So, are you still complaining about terrible build of some Blackberry or confusing icons on your mobile home screen, failed trackball of your current QWERTY? You are missing a Nokia E72.

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.

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Nokia C3, Nokia C6, Nokia E5-What you always wished for

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It was just last day, when I wrote over the invitation received from WomWorld. I was wondering that what it will reveal? Why the card was required to sent in place of a simple email? Wished if they could do that integration of IMs again the way they did in Nokia N900? Was thinking about the price on which the new device will come? Was thinking that if they will be worth thinking about? Will they be touch devices again? Are we going to see the first MeeGo? Is the most rumored N-8 is about to unveil?

Lots of questions and answer was just …. Wait!!!! speculations all around .. even if myself and many got the bit that it has to do something with Nokia Messaging and IMs, but still wait was wait..

I really never took part into such an online event and unfortunately even today wasn’t available due to loads of work, but even sneak peak was enough to excite and I was waiting to reach home to write upon it. And here I am …

What was that invitation card about? We have seen many type of campaigns, remember those empty banners saying something is coming… advertising needs lots of creativity and sometimes with so simple ideas. So was the invitation card. Yes!!! I am smiling when writing that the black backside of the card was really cryptic and of actual worth.

There was a screen on the site, which presented a flash based app asking for allowing to access your webcam and then asking to show your card from backside.


Nothing happened …. ??? Now move the card a bit …. unveiling the new device in front of you … amazing…


Yes!!.. Nokia really unveiled the next gen of messaging and more exciting the way it got everything right either it be price or battery life or connections or apps coz only that thing matters more than anything about the real connections. I am just left thinking about my old post on what a dream phone should be like? What should Nokia give a thought? And I am really really overwhelmed that its like getting prayers heard. I am still fascinated that how much of my thoughts coincided. Nokia unveils three new dream devices centered around Nokia Messaging and Social connections.


Yes… not only Nokia N900 like IM integrations and conversational approach will be common to all three of them, but all are having qwerty keypad, WLAN and heavy batteries > 1200 mAh. It really seems that Nokia getting things perfectly right and taking the best elements of its own experience from all of its successful devices rather than thinking about wide spread fever around Touch-Phones.

Let me Introduce the device one by one ….

Nokia C3 Series 40 devices.. like the one I had Nokia 5310. Many loved them due to their price and C3 functionality. It was not for those people, who are very much concerned about browsing over phones, but wish to have cool camera/ music phones in hands with best talk-time.

Nokia C3 represents the same class. You get connectivity with Gtalk, Yahoo, Live Messenger and Ovi chat, conversational view, One click access to mail via Nokia Messaging (Graduated from beta), favorite contacts on home screen, just like you seen in Nokia N97 etc, easy updates/ uploads to Facebook, Twitter etc, Wireless Lan with easy access point authentication (No 3G though), 2 MP Camera, 3.5 AV connector, FM Stereo Radio, 55 MB internal memory (more than enough for Series 40), though no memory card included but supports up to 8 GB and amazing 1320 mAh battery with 7 hours talk time.

Though searching over web didn’t confirmed me about the processor, but it seems that it would offer 64 MB RAM and 128 NAND ROM. Enough for a Series 40 na????

Could find the official specifications here


Now the best part of the deal. What’s the price? 90 Euro before taxes means should stand somewhere Rs. 5, 500/- or Rs. 6, 000/- if I am right about conversion rates.



I know you cant believe it.. but the world is sure going to change and the ruler is back. Really will be interesting to see if it returns back the era of non-touch phones. And don’t run to Nokia Priority shops, it’s scheduled to be released in Q2 means somewhere around June/ July 2010.

Nokia C6 Do you think that something holding you back, when you take a Series 40 device in your hands? Do nokia_c6 you think that a Series 40 device is made for only school going teenagers? Do you think that you can’t live without latest Symbian 9? You think that it would be like living in some village without the cool apps you had in your N82, N97? You still don’t want to loose the grip with touch device. Nokia still with you 🙂

Nokia C6 represents surprisingly the only touch device among these three next gen messaging devices. Nokia N97 like full keypad, Nokia 5800 like screen, full Email support for Gmail, Yahoo, Live Mail, Ovi Mail, IM client available from Ovi Store for Gtalk, Live Messenger, Yahoo or Ovi Chat. Almost exactly same or better customizable home screen than Nokia N97. What more you could wish for?

Here comes more … nHD 16:9, 640x 360, 3.2” TFT screen with 16M colors, 5MP primary camera with Integrated Led Flash, secondary front camera for video calling, FM Stereo Radio, feee ovi maps voice navigation with Integrated A-GPS (No compass though), WLAN, 3G, 200  MB Internal Memory, 2 GB Card included and supports up to 16GB, Micro USB Connector (Not sure that it could be charged through the same or not) and the amazing 7 hours talk time with 1200 mAh battery, What else you wished for?? Really pushes N97 way behind. rocessor will be the same as Nokia 5800, 434 MHz ARM11 and will feature 128 MB RAM

Could find the official specifications here


Again the best part of deal. Nokia really got the point right what I mentioned in my Nokia 5800 post and my dream phone post. The price is highest among the three but still just 220 Euro means will stand somewhere Rs. 14, 000/- – Rs. 15, 000/- obviously if I am right about conversion rates.



You are really thinking na.. if have already bought Nokia N97 Mini or didn’t bought due to high price or even if you started loving your Nokia 5800 like some die hard. Why Nokia does this? Why their own products stands like best rivals? Its time to enjoy and make fun, for them who waited for better. Yes!! this one is also scheduled to be released in Q2 means somewhere around June/ July 2010.

Nokia E5 Do you think that IMs and Social updates are for only kids and youth? Do you think that  being ae51 professional meant to keep you away from social? Do you think that business phone are made of something else and fun phone of another? You ask that why a strictly professional boss or executive can’t be a active socialite? Yes!! Nokia heard you ..

Nokia E5 brings best of their business phones like E63 and E72. Same qwerty keypad, same long battery life, best 5MP Camera with full focus, best of the connectivity with 10MB upload speed/ 2MB download speed with HSPDA/ HSUPA, favourite contacts with images on home screen, One click IM/ mail clients, support for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Traveler means covering 90% business mails all over the world and never to miss free Ovi Maps Voice Navigation with Integrated A-GPS Support. Yes!!! this one also packs the same conversational view of IMs/SMS and graduated Nokia Messaging.

You may be disappointed that why business devices still has those 2.4 “ QVGA LCD 320×240 as this one has, but 250 MB Internal memory and support for 32 GB card (2GB included) really come to blow your mind. Here comes Nokia to take you in wonderland, the talk time of 18 hours 30 mins on GSM. Really some trick behind this as its still 5 hours and 30 mins on 3G and battery is BL-4D 1200 mAh. Really wish to know details behind this GSM optimizations. But its amazing for people, who finds them travelling most of the time. This really seems unbelievable when you know that it features the same processor earlier Nokia N900 & Nokia E72 and more of RAM will be 256 MB. Great!!!! Superb!!! Really making me restless …

Oh!!! you are waiting for the price na… here it comes … 180 Euro before taxes means somewhere Rs. 12, 500/- or Rs. 13, 000/- I guess. Same price as Nokia 5800. I really love this price tag. The next few month will be hard as this device is not gonna released in Q2, but Q3 means in September/ October I think. Let’s see when it will make it to India. I hope very soon.


I was already impressed with Nokia E72 and it was being loved all over the world… its like overkill. I love you Nokia. Anyone still holding BlackBerry?

For me, the announcement came like a dream came true and Nokia seemed to be like some Santa giving all my wishes. As Thomos on Engadget wrote, Nokia bringing the best of smart phones in affordable ‘dumb phones’ market. The world is sure about to change. The complaints seem being over now that Smart Phones prices are getting as high that people started thinking about buying Netbook and doing compromises. I always said Smart Phones will realize into connections, when many will hold high end devices … it really about to happen. 🙂

For me, it will be more interesting to watch that how webkit based browser will fare in all of these device and what processors and how much RAM these are going to get as the same is not mentioned in press released but means a lot. Also have to see that if they will release the same IM client for other devices or not? Again … wait not over even now 😦 ….

Paul@WomWorldNokia already assured me that I will be on their mind once they get access to these dream devices. So, I will sure be back with more details, when get one of these in my own hands. Clocks started ticking slow .. 😦

Update: Updated the link for Dream Phone post. Was pointing to wrong article. Check again.

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