Bachna Ae Haseeno : When we come to know that she is the one

Yashraj Productions … many expectations … similar look and feel, which had keeping Yashraj’s on the top of chart in all those years. Are they back on track? That’s what was in my mind, when I went to watch this movie. As I watched it on Saturday, just after one day of its release, so was having no clue or pre-set mind before watching the same as I start with all the time. Friday was given in favour of “God Tussi Great Ho” in spite of knowing its limitations as I was not aware that “Bachna Ae Hasino” has been released. Interestingly both the movies were watched by me in PVR. I should confess that I have been away from Picture Halls from long time as I prefer to watch movies at my home, but this time, these were holidays and so….

Like others, I also been impressed with Yashraj Banners in the way, they realize the feeling of love in various ways. Hum Apke Hai Kaun, Dil To Pagal Hai (There is someone for you somewhere), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Love may happen twice), Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (Never let it go, if you get your the one) and Bachna Ae Hasino now… All the earlier ones been grand mile stones.. what about this one? Siddharth Anand has given Salaam Namaste and Ta Ra Rum Pum earlier, so sure this one has its share of expectations. Lets see, where is stands…

Title: Bachna Ae Hasino.

Directed and written by: Siddharth Anand.

Produced by: Aditya Chopra, Yash Chopra.

Production banner : Yash Raj Productions.

Music Directors: Vishal Shekhar.


Play Back:

Khuda Jaane – KK & Shilpa Rao 2. Lucky Boy – Sunidhi Chauhan, Hard Kaur & Raja Hassan 3. Aahista Aahista – Lucky Ali & Shreya Ghoshal 4. Jogi Mahi – Sukhwinder Singh, Shekhar Ravjiani & Himani Kapoor 5. Small Town Girl – Shankar Mahadevan 6. Khuda Jaane Revisited – KK & Shilpa Rao, Remixed by: Abhijit Nalani 7. Bachna Ae Haseeno * – Kishore Kumar *, Sumit Kumar & Vishal Dadlani Cinematographer: Sunil Patel. Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Minissha Lamba, Deepika Padukone, Kunal Kapoor, Puneet Issar, Patel Junior (Gufi Pental’s son).


Every teenager knows about the word “Love”, to realize the things as he/ she heard about. We grew up and according to our maturity levels, we perceive the same in different manners. But sure Love is not always like we see in movies, what we read in books. Few questions always stays in front of us as to-be-answered. Sometime we pass through these questions, sometime we not.

1- What we wants from this feeling “Love”?

2- Could we wait till we get the final one and avoid the pressure of being the “Killer”?

3- Could we ever realize that which one is the final one?

4- What if we never get “The one”?

5- Is being hooked with someone for a while, whose company make you feel nice, wrong?

6- Are we ready to take it as a lifetime contract?

8- Is something like “Love at first sight” exists?

9- When we really get ready to commit from innermost from our heart?

10- Does everyone get, what they called “Love”?


“Bachna Ae Hasino” although doesn’t state it in precise words, but there is a hidden note for girls, to access the state of mind as well before falling for someone, before getting hurt. But nothing to discuss about that here as that’s to be accessed by viewer itself.


Bachna Ae Hasino” follows the journey of Raj Sharma (Ranbir Kapoor) from the age of 17 to 30 years. The one meets three different girls at three different stages of his life. What he learns about love with these experiences is what “Bachna Ae Hasino” all about.


In 1996, A normal handsome dude in the age of 17, with his go lucky attitude, meets the first girl Mahi (Minissha Lamba), a small town girl from Panjab, in the backdrop of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Mahi has her share of fantasies and out to find her Raj,
while Raj is out with his friends to find foreign chiks like teen age boys. Some luck and some tricks from Raj play to make things go happen in way things happened between Simran and Raj (DDLG) and in this way, Raj succeed to make her fall for him. They share a kiss after Raj reads her a poem, in which he had written about his feelings for her. They have fun together and when Raj drops Mahi at the airport, Mahi opens the page on which Raj had written the poem, only to find it blank. Mahi breaks down in front of Raj, after she sees him talking to his friends about her in cheap ways. Raj leaves her crying and these 10 days leaves Mahi as heart broken forever.

This was all about Teen Age love. A little show off, few little fantasies, curiosity to know what it is, what people call as love. We don’t feel about commitments, unable to posses that level of respect for emotions, commit blunders and later forget it as it was a play. Some of us come to be strong enough to get ahead of these early heartbreaks and for some, it leaves a mark for lifetime.


In 2002,
Raj, working as Game Analyst for Microsoft (what more one could be wishing for), is in Mumbai staying in a Live-In Relationship with his Girlfriend Radhika. The second girl, Radhika (Bipasha Basu), hot and glamorous having origin of Ranchi, is here for being a successful model. After having a good time without asking about any commitment, Raj gets transferred to Sydney to work there. He tries to leave Radhika behind and Radhika plans for their engagement sacrificing her own career. Raj never expected to see Radhika asking for marriage even at cost of her own career and get shocked. After his share of efforts (even went up to the extent of presenting himself as impotent), finally Raj took his teen-age attitude and fly to Sydney without even informing Radhika, leaving her waiting under rain on the stairs of Marriage Bureau. This one year live-in-relationship tears apart Radhika to be Shreya; the big successful name.

This was all about love, before getting that level of maturity, which gives you sense of responsibility and you fall for the person, not for beauty or glamour only. Otherwise, we just want to have it for fun and for showing off that we are Killers. We don’t wish to get these days ended, thinking that we have something much more better stored somewhere for us. We just enjoy having fun time and don’t wish to get asked about rights, morality and commitment. We look at the show off side, fun etc. but miss to see the depth of developing relations. Yes, we commit by words, but still run away from real commitments. Sometimes we breakup by words, sometimes by other means or sometimes just run away like Raj chosen this time without even thinking that what the person at other side felt.


In 2007, Raj finds another love mate as Gayatri (Deepika Padukone). One day, while romancing in a taxi cab with an Australian girl, whom he has a breakup with 10 seconds later, he meets Gayatri, the driver of the cab, who also works in a super-market as the cashier. She is intellectual, witty and cute enough to charm Raj. She doesn’t believes in institution of marriage or rules of commitment like Raj. He finds her irresistible and this time, after dating a while, he get settled over the fact that she is the one for him and like never before, this time, he decides to ask her for commitment of lifetime. But Gayatri refuses the same and call it an end of their relationship.


Heart broken Raj now come to feel the pain, he might have given to Mahi or Radhika and only thing, he decides to do, is to go for correcting his mistakes and here comes The Intermission.

Now, the second half starts and message of film ends here (as of my perspective) and bollywood starts. Was it going to be that easy to just go and say sorry and then get a smile back, saying that “Nothing to worry about that what happened in past, I am fine and forgiven you long back”?


Yes, it was not like that. He reaches to Mahi’s place. He meets her husband Joginder Ahaluwalia
(Kunal Kapoor) and two sons. He got shocked to know that how much deep impact, he has left over the innocent girl that she is not comfortable in her love life even after having two kids. He feels the love, Joginder has for Mahi, feels how much big loss, he has given to Joginder and also realize that what he has done is not so small to be forgiven.


From this point of time, the Hero emerged from Raj and even after getting threatened by Joginder, he decided to stay and make the things nicer for Mahi. It was so funny to hear from Kunal that “if you came near her again, then it will take another 12 years to get Mahi back to normal”. It was also touchy to hear, when Joginder says he don’t know the words with which Raj like boy impresses girls, but still loves her from inner most of the heart. Raj realizes that Joginder is the one, Mahi was always looking for. Luckily it takes only a few tricks and one meet with Mahi in a wedding and he makes it. I feel thrilled with the moment, when he walks away with the smile after achieving, what he wished for.


Now, it comes to Radhika, who is Shreya now; a very successful star of Glamour World. Shreya now seems to became much rude over whole world, but still gives a chance to Raj, by saying that she will hear, if he agrees to be her personal assistant for a while. Raj agrees and then it goes literally like the song “Small Town Girl” says, means he does everything from washing the floor, to dancing on the roads. Finally, Shreya breaks to say that you are total desperate to get forgiven na… She breaks to tell him, what she felt after being left behind like a cheap trash. Her most touchy words for me, when she says “I know, I was never that girl, one boy might be wishing to get on meeting with his mother.” She says, she will never forgive him, she can’t.

Raj realizes that what he has did to Radhika, was like something, no one could forgive and decided to leave from this point. But here, the forgiveness of girls came in and he finds Radhika at the Airport. She forgive him saying that probably, if he has not been like that then she was not that successful ever as she is now. She comes back to be Radhika again and Raj moves back to Sydney again.


After reaching Sydney, our lucky dude, come to find that Gayatri loves him and has written many letters to him in this six months period. He meets her and find the cycle of love gets completed.

Movie ends here, but still leaves lots of questions for me …..

1- Was just saying sorry and making things little nicer is enough to pay out for the couple, who lost their 12 years, which were expected to be their sweetest part of life?

2- Was just doing everything desperately to be forgiven, was enough to pay out for the girl, who given up her every desire, her everything to someone and in return, who was left lonely in the world to hear and bear everything?

3- Was just saying sorry was enough to payout for leaving the girl missing you for a total of six months

Raj was lucky to get forgiven, moreover, it was just a movie, but could anyone else be lucky like this …. one can’t be. Thanks for making an effort to make boys realizing the seriousness of relationships.



Ranbir: Looks enough cute for the role and it seems like this role was meant for him only.

Minisha: Although I’ll be critical over her looks, but otherwise she looked cute like any teenager.

Bipasha: Hot as per requirements of the role. Given complete justification to the role.

Deepika: Perfect one. She looks innocent, cute and witty at the same time. I don’t think that it was easy for someone else to justify the role in this way.

Sure, I wont be calling this movie, something perfect like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Why? Probably, I wont be able to mention the same precisely, but still misses something, somewhere. But even then, I hope that this is sweet enough to find places in the heart of teens. Nice songs, nice locations and hot-n-cute pairs… what one could wish from a Bollywood Flick.