Layman take on Nokia C7-00-You just can’t hate it

Sometimes you get much luckier than others like happened with me, before Nokia E7-00 would have gone back to great people @WomworldNokia, they blessed me with the sexiest Nokia touch phone till date, the Nokia C7-00.

I must tell you that they couldn’t have timed it more better as my Nokia N8 was on a spin with wife for one month or more and I was going to be out of any Symbian^3 device in this while. That would have been depriving me and Layman take readers from Gravity update news or Symbian Anna if it would ever come …

So, better bookmark the page or be ready with a cup of coffee and some snacks, as you know that what’s coming next is no other review but Layman’s take on Nokia C7-00. Will still try to keep it short, I promise 😛

Yes! there was some delay (just one day extra in customs) in reaching it in my hands and I was already getting desperate to see the slimmest (only 10.5mm) Nokia touch phone till date.

2011-05-26 09.57.55

And finally the DHL Guy arrived.

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