A Diwaali night with Nokia N8

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There are some of the shots that I taken on Diwaali night. Though I am not an expert on photographs, otherwise it would have been better as such lighting conditions as it takes a lot tweaking with settings like exposure conditions etc and I haven’t gone through that.


I really want to get in touch with some photographer experts to know that was it better if I would have kept the light exposure settings  on low or high?


People across India celebrate this festival in their own ways, but soul of the festival is the same and so the joy is.


While in good lighting conditions, taking shots give you sharpness, in night, when you might be shooting without flash, all the points goes on the fact that how steady your hands were and what angle you chosen.


Wide angle shot on 9mp.


A simple Rangoli …


I am really thinking to read some books on lighting conditions and how to play with them.


I have not seen much shots from my fellow bloggers on Diwaali, so I thought to put a tradition #diwaaliN8


Without flash night Macro Shot in not so great light conditions.


Taken a lot of shots only these only.


The Hindu idols …


I am intentionally keeping Flash off all the time.



Check the difference between the flash and no flash shots. What about the above idea of lightening?

05112010226 05112010238


These fireworks shots are too difficult to take when you keep the camera on Automatic settings like I did with my Nokia N8.

0511201024805112010249  In one shot, the focus was on one candle and in other, its on another.


Anaar shots. Too many sparkles to handle on automatic settings.


Fireworks and fumes …


So these were my Diwaali shots, how were yours and what you think I should have improved on? Please let me know.


Faster and more effective photo updates in orkut

Last many news from Google side only and I was thinking to make the next post on something else, but here Google again got my attention, this time by Orkut.

After the complete makeover of Orkut and revamped interface from the scratch, a few of good things that came out was expected addition of slideshow etc into photo album of orkut and top of all, it was much faster than ever in facebook way. Although there were a few annoyance like recent photos going at the last of the photo album, but over all, it was faster than anything earlier.

“ Here comes the another addition in features, In-line Photo Browsing: means now if you click on photo update thumbnail from a friend then you will be treated with full photo at the same place with options of navigating to other updated snaps in the same sliding way as it is album (kind-of-brining his album to your profile without your opening a new page), not only that but you can comment or tag over the photos as well from the same place. Not only that but now you could see a slideshow of the same photos as well from the same place. ”

In-Line Photo Browsing

Name tagging from In-Line

The slideshow

The new interface is in-a-way keeping users on the same home page most of the time as they can perform many things from there only, either it be commenting, tagging or most of the daily stuffs, they were used to do by visiting others profiles.

I am also noticing one trend from Google side. They first launch the feature itself and then after hours or a day, the same come through some announcement or via blog. Interesting

Here is the official blog post about In-Line Photo Browsing.

Google’s Picasa 3.5-Now with Face Detection

The last article was about managing your e-books and now here comes the management of pictures and videos all around scattered all around over PCs. We attend parties, roam around places and have fun moments in schools, colleges n offices and with sophisticated mobile cameras and cheap digital cameras available all over make us end up number of images growing up in our PCs all the time.

We go after the collection, sometimes saving by dates, sometimes saving by occasions, sometimes saving by people’s name and sometimes in the name of places. When we get finished of this all work, there is still remain lots of work of visiting them, editing them, using them in various ways and need of lots of different tools like Photoshop etc. Ever wondered if it was easier? I am sure that you must have heard the name of Google’s Picasa somewhere even if not used yourself.


Firstly introduced to world in October 2002 by Idealab and then owned by Google in July 2004, Picasa now has become one-stop-solution of all your general image collection, editing, distribution and archiving needs. It may be used to arrange the photos to various ways and then provide ways to touch ups, edits and enhancements. Once the images are ready, there are many options for output like traditional slideshows, posters, collages, web albums, blogs and email.

Firstly introduced through Picasa Web Albums (its web version), name tabs (means the face detection technology) is now part of the latest Picasa build as well and you can’t feel how exciting it is without actually going through it.

Picasa scans your computer for photos and videos of almost all the formats and start arranging them automatically. With the latest version now, it also scan all the pics for the faces (obviously takes time and resources) and ask you to name tag them. Once you tagged, it also search all the similar faces and start sending you suggestions to add them under the appropriate names. I was really amazed that how much speedy the process is. On my own PC, in a matter of 2 hours, it got more than 2000 faces under my own name and more than 4000 faces under other people’s name.

The algorithm was good enough to group siblings with similar faces under one group suggestions, if we have not named them separately and once named separately, it was not confusing them next time again like it’s learning things very fast.

Nitish Kumar

As about features, then there are number of features in picasa, which could be categorized as follows:

  1. Organizing Photos and Videos. Using name tags, geo tags.
  2. Face detection technology now makes it simple to organize the photo collection by what matters most in those photos; the people.
  3. Integrity of Google Maps makes it simple to geo tag photos over map.
  4. Creativity unlimited through lots of editing options
  5. Sharing made simple through blogs, Picasa Web Album Upload/Sync and emails

If I go through number of features and details about what Picasa has and what it can do for you, then it will take books, but if you just download it to your PC and start living with it, then it would be a tremendous experience for yourself. I really thank to Google and the technology world, we are living in. 🙂

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