Indian Idol 3: Grand start from the Piano Round

HI friends!!! I am back again with Indian Idol 3 this time.

If you have been with last series and all the blogs related to that, then you will feel that it is a big welcome move that Indian Idol is allowed overseas viewers a chance to get involved in votes. Although it was also obvious from business point of view and also intolerable if overseas contestants are in.

Definitely, this time, I have changed my way of writing and trying to get the overall view, rather being with an aim like last time, when it was a determined war rather than reviews. Hoping that you all will consider my reviews a worth to read, even if they come late than last time (as I am not getting much time and recordings of the shows in those ways).

Now, starting with the show, Minni was better than the last time and I really could say that one could be better than perfect, good competition from her side for the charming girls 😉 The Judges are all fine and according to my choice. If you look over my earlier articles for the last series, then in those days, I said once that it was much more better if Javed Ji was there. So, its like wish granted to me J

Another welcome step was making Piano round moving into the main stream. Its going to have much more fun than last time. Anyway, now rather than boring you all, I am directly coming over the individual contestants.

Aisha Saiyad: What a start, what a start … she was just mind blowing. Really no one else from the fourteen was able to give this much expressive start. Don’t want to comment that where she was perfect and where she lost tune, but I must make tune with all the judges to say that she was mind blowing.

Her X-Factor came from her expressions and her expressions make ways, when she feels confident about her. So, there is a place, where she might be exploited in later stage, when she might get songs not suiting to her forte or songs not suiting to her mood. Asking me about the prediction??? Could anyone stop her from being advanced from the next stage? Ayesha Saiyad is top most choice to be in for next stage. The complete package from girls side and others already started fearing from her. Only competition with Charu.

Sorry Ayesha, The “first sustain lesser than the last” factor might cease your votes this time, but I loved your confidence and expressions


Rashmi: “Pyar Ki Yeh Kahani Suno” Probably the wrong choice of song, she has more potential than she actually delivered. Definitely, I am not agreed with all of the Judges, but I want to go with Alisha. Her comment was balanced and saying the exact thing. She delivered everything in fine ways, but somewhere that energy was missing, which was in the original one.

Although I can’t predict that Judges’s critics could drag more votes for her, but I am feeling sorry about her. According to me, Rashmi has 45/55 chances to be in.


Shifa Ansari:
“Kahe Chede”. The girl with the cutest smile and probably most happening face from all the girls. Her age (only 16) could drag more users to vote for her, but at the same time lack of experience was visible in her ways. I am not at all convinced with the ways; she started the song “Kahe Chede”. Definitely, she needs to learn how to touch the soul of the songs. At a few places, there were immaturity in taking the right soul, but technically, I should say that she was mechanically perfect, but the start was not with full heart for sure, where it was having enough potential to be most prominent part.

Don’t think that she is not in my good list. Being a boy ;), she is my personal hot favourite at least face and expression wise. Her engaging eyes will keep the charm in the show and I will loose interest a bit like I lost after Monali Thakur in last Indian Idol Series. But this time, Shifa is so so cute and lovable. She has tremendous X-Factor to gain votes, if advances to next stages. Hoping that she would be cracked down under extreme challenges, I am wishing her good luck and suggesting her to get more better as I don’t want to loose the charm bring in by her in the show. Shifa Ansari must be in from this round.


Smita Adhikari: “Kya Janu Sajan”At stages, where X-factor might be serious issue, she sure lacks substance, but when one moves with her nodes and voice, then she is sure much better than most of them. As about prediction, then I can’t say anything about her right now, but I, myself waiting for the results as the same will decide that what shape Indian Idol is going to take as talent wise, I would be a huge mistake, if she doesn’t move in.


Vanita: “Ishq Kabhi Kariyo Na”I am not convinced at all with her skills or what Judges said about her. Somehow, her show seemed to complete out of tune to me. Can’t exactly say that where was the problem, but I was not convinced with her voice or Sur. She seemed to be nervous a lot about herself at this stage. Her nodes were going flatter and she was like completing formality. Although I am sure that it was no where near than her best.

Nothing more to comment on, according to me, she is not in for the next round and if this doesn’t happen, then it might be injustice to others. In fact, I am not at all happy with Judges’s comments and feeling really bad about Rashmi at least.


Deepali: “Tere Bin Nahi Jina” Need to learn a lot. Sure has an excellent voice, but don’t you think that she need to be trained a bit more? I felt that somehow Javed Sir changed her comments after hearing Alisha’s comments, but sure conveyed his view. I am feeling Udit Narayan a bit immature for such shows. His comment was not justified at all. If this was her best, then she doesn’t stand for a place in Indian Idol. Let the people decide her fate, but I wont be annoyed, if she moves in, as she sure stands for a place in idols and no one could judge someone in one performance.


Pinky Maidasani: “Mahi Ve” Excellent voice, fine dedication and determination. I like to go with Alisha’s ways and really not happy when Javed Sir made even a slight comment against her. Even if she might not be chart busters from the looks, but she must be in and should sustain till to six at least.


Vertika: “Jage Re Man Chala” She is sure fine with her ways and I wish be with Javed Sir’s comments. She must be in for the next stages.

My personal opinion says some more factors must join her to make her ways to the final rounds, but for this round, Vertika sure must advance for the next stage.


Harshida: “Chale Jaise Hawayein” … I should not say that she is completely out of tune but probably her pronunciation is needed to be improved and she needs to feel the words. I can’t comment over the strategies like surprises like the one created this time by making her grandparents in at the right moments but calculations says, she should cross this stage at least, if not with the song, then with the X-Factor she possesses.


Priyanka: “Tinka Tinka Jara Jara” Definitely, the song was sure beautiful and if she was not able to do justice with that, then she was not meant to be in at even this stage. But good songs probably make the critics more prompt and often as happened in her case. But she sure has enough material for being advanced in the next stage.


“Dil Ko Hazar Baar” Nice and cute face along with the soothing voice, her ways and expressions make her a complete killing package. I became fan of her from this performance. Let me hear the boys, then I will say that on whom I am betting for the title.

The one best looks, She is going to be a heart-throb for the show. Only she matched with performance of Aisha. She is trying to place the expressions, but somehow either eyes are not giving her strength or face is taking all the attention. She is reminding me a name from first Fame Gurukul … right now, I am not really getting the name… but anyway …. I will leave watching the show, if someone tells me that Aisha and Charu are not in next round.


Richa: “Sajan Ghar Aana Thaa” The little sweetie pie, getting attention from all the last rounds, but I should say that her weakest link is her nervousness and lack of confidence. She sure has a blessed voice, but the X-Factor moves in with the expressions. She only lacks from the nerves, otherwise she is an upcoming star, if the later stages grooms her confidence more and more.

She must be in and if this doesn’t happen, then it will be injustice with the raw talent.


Puja Chatterjee: “Tujhase Naraj Nahin” A change is always better, but not at a moment, where the slight mistakes may cost you much more. A metal shown by her as chosen to perform out of her forte even in the initial stage and backing her up, I will pray for her.

Don’t want to comment on that she is coming in next round or not, but I wish that she must be in for the next rounds, so we could see the other flavors from her side.


Ankita: “Aayi Re Aayi Re Khusi” Nice comments, nice environment, nice confidence … getting Udit Narayan for dancing, what else you could ask for. The set is all yours, but she should work over her voice, which seemed to cracking at high nodes.

Don’t worry Ankita, you are coming in next round according to me, especially when then “last sustain most” factor is with you.



2 thoughts on “Indian Idol 3: Grand start from the Piano Round

  1. In deed a nice review… I really agree with your words that you have changed your way of writing this time… but excellent and balanced approach.

    I am feeling shocked after watching that Aisha is out and I am sure you must not be happy over the same verdict. I am waiting for your comments about the recent clashes between Alisha and Jaaved Ji about their views…

    Anyway, keep writing… we are with you.

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