Indian Idol 3, 23rd June 2007: Sunidhi made the show a must watch …. :)

Almost no excitement for today’s show, I knew the results. No matter they are claiming that there were lots of discussions around to choose one from the three.

Anikta getting full support from two Judges at least and that is Udit Ji and Jaaved Ji, no matter, what was shown on screen. Anu Ji was of no opinion and Alisha rooting for Suhit. Everyone knows what is the result, if the final note come out from Jaaved Ji’s mouth.

Let me make one point, like I have said in last version too. All the Judges are here to make their points in their fields and like last time it was Faraha to judge the X-Factor, this time, it’s Alisha to do the job. So, for God sake… don’t create the hate waves against her even in these preliminary rounds.

Finally, without so much Drama, the name came out and it was Ankita. No excitement in a way, but it made the right kind of twist, when Richa’s face was shown to camera… which was very very much annoyed and depressed on Ankita’s name. Emon, Smita and Parleen seemed to be not so so happy on her name and Richa was visibly depressed. Other’s face were not shown. Sure, it leaks the show down behind the scene between the girls. I think in an article, I have already said that Ankita has to fight a battle off the screen too. I hope that she keep on surviving in next rounds. Hoping that, her performances will drag more votes from now on. Ankita!!! You have nothing to loose now… so perform like true rocker… your competitors are Deepali and Chaaru … and Deepali seemed to stay for long in this show.

Suhit and Padmanav left the show in right ways and I was really happy that Suhit left the show with his typical smiles. Best of luck dude …..

Anu Ji made the point that girls are not quite happy over the decision and in a way …. He gave fire to hate waves against Richa… Could Richa survive the same? Hoping that she will come up with a mind blowing performance next time as it’s a do or die for her… waiting to see her in a new look.

Anyway….. after this, the Indian Idol 3, changed to become some Sunidhi’s stage only and only the same made the show much interesting… Sunidhi has become more and more gorgeous in now days and I am really feeling bad that why I missed her shows, when she was in Delhi. L


Sunidhi started with the popular chartbuster “Crazy Kiya Re”. Its an art to look gorgeous and rocking at the same time, even then singing so perfect. She deserves for the place, she has in the industry in now days. Oh! I forgot that she is a competitor of Alisha herself. J

Next it was deadly combination of Deepali and Charu with the song “Bidi Jalai Le” …. Don’t know, but I will be with the same note that Sa Re Ga Ma’s Pawni stole my heart by performing on the same number and no one could stole the same memories. J

Then Sunidhi joined with all the girls and her intention was to rock the floor rather and she made the same. She is much much more trained than I have seen her for the last time. She became one of the best performers of the stage in now days and really was an inspiration for girls. Deepali admitted the same later that it was like living a dream. Although Sunidhi seemed to have a bit of attitude of being a celebrity, but she deserves the same. 😉


Then it moved to contestants again. “Mera Naam Chin Chun Chin”, “Ena Meena Deeka”, “Aajkal Tere Mere Pyar Ke”, “Aao Twist Karein”, “Babu Samjho Ishare” … I was pleased with “Aaj Kal ….” And “Babu Samjho Ishare” only. Don’t know why Anu liked “Aao Twist Karein”, probably because he was able to sing only on the same 😉


Again the same moved to Sunidhi with the peppy number “Sajanaa Ji Wari Wari” …. A song, which could be sang by only Sunidhi… as a lot of trademarks are here…. Great choice to sing on the stageJ Abhishek performed the Nagin dance in between the show … although he got not appreciation for that but I liked the same… He is a rocker and I want him rocking the stage more and more….. J

So, the wait for Galas begins now….


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