Indian Idol 3, 13th July 2007: The set was all set to fire … :)

The show started in really dramatic mood and I was really impressed with the ways, Charu performed the falling … although I was surprised that where was Abhishek, the so called drama king.

Bollywood; the Official Theme for today’s Indian Idol.

Bollywood, one thing, Indians can’t live without it… Next change was Jaaved Ji was not there… and someone replaced him as Judge. Everyone might be thinking that Jaaved is just irreplaceable and no one is able to replace him, but there was someone really able to do the same. Minni was right with her words, when she said Dr. Shabana Azami, the inspiration of Jaaved Sir. I was wishing that someday I might get chance to see both of them together on screen or off screen.


Anyway, the clips of Morning Raga was displayed in introduction of the gracious lady and the people knowing music must be floored over it. I will not claim that I have seen the whole movie 😉 , but as much I seen the same, it was technically very good. Why said technically.. you really know… sometime now days youth feel … Shabana Ji preferred to say the name of Chang, when was asked about the name of her favourite. One thing, I must comment over her makeup … I personally don’t like much make over eyes… yeah she has the age against her…. but I was not really able to like her raised kind of eyebrows.. but its my personal view.

Now, coming over the individual performance.


Abhishek: “Das Bahaane” His idol was Abhishek Bachchan. Leave the performance…. First of all, I wanted to praise his looks and personality… he was really looking hot today … he rocked. Although I am not that happy with him today. Although Udit Ji said that he was not well in start, but I should say that he was going flat in the end.. although performance was really well..

Again Alisha and Anu’s clash came out. Where Alisha said he was flat… Anu Ji almost attacked her from all over saying that she was prepared to made down the first candidate.. and public is going to decide over the same that Anu was right or not.

I should say, I loved the performance and looks, but something was missing in the performance… some punch was not there.


Smita: “Salame Ishq” Her Idol was Rekha… it was noticeable when she was living well with the breath, when it was hard keeping the same in key with the song. A much heard song by everyone in India, so sure was tougher than any other. I will sure complain that she is not that good as she was earlier, I mean before the Gala… According to me, she was good today…. but somehow, she is not able to thrill viewers even after makeover…. It’s a bitter truth that she is not Antara Mishra, who got looks after makeover and neither she is Amit Sana, who was enough good to be competitive in such format too… so one day you have to go… not expecting you to survive in next three four rounds… Today you were better than other days..


Charu: “Mujhe Mast Mahaul Me” Her Idol was Sushmita Sen. What a beauty… what a beauty.. … you were like making the whole stage smoked. She was lightening like anything. You just matched Sus.. really… I was just thinking, what if she became professional singer…. Only Shreya Ghosal is going to be competitive to her and even she is not going to win 😉 Performance and expression; both the things were in key… I should say… it was a kind of best watchable performance for this version of Indian Idol.

    But I was disappointed with her voice.. there was no thrill and it was sounding too heavy like she might be trying to make it rather than being natural.

Although Alisha commented that she was looking ravishing, but she was flat. Shabana was with the right comments saying she has everything to be star … and also commented that her performance was like a little scared kind and was needed more rehearsals.

One thing, I will like to add in the end… she got the looks for sure… and could make a great fan following behind her and I am sure impressed with her always smiling looks.. although the same makes here like “Mom Ki Gudia”, which sure will come as weakness at some point.


Parleen: “Sitaro Ki Mehfil Mein” Idol is Hritik A huge risk…. A song, which made the whole India floored for Hritik .. one was needed to have that kind of looks and also dark coloured dressups… for making the same rocking … Parleen’s concentration was too create the same environment, which hritik created with the same in cinema halls… and trying to do the same… he lost the voice and sur many times and worse is that it was almost impossible for him to reach to the level of Hritik and viewers were not ready to compromise any way lesser.

    In last few lines, he seemed to have lost the breath too… dangerous sign for a singer… Anu rated him the weakest among all boys after this performance and Shabana ji also agreed over the same.


Pooja: “Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayi” Idol Kajol. Tough song… when for the first time, I watched the same movie… then there were tears in my eyes with the same song. I was not surprised with the choice…. Pooja’s nasal voice was going to suit the same song. Perfect start!!! Although I was not to ready to live the same tears again and was trying to keep myself smiling.. but you won Pooja… you really lived extremely well wit the same song. For the first time, you were at the same place.. where you must be. Now, I came to know that why you were favourite of my girlfriend.

    Although Shabana said she was not able to feel the same emotions as she is too young.. but I totally disagree…. She is enough mature and emotional to feel the same.. and she did it.. I am not hearing even if Anu and anyone else is saying any words against her.

    Pooja, you were outstanding today.


Prashant: “” His Idol was Akshay Kumar Dashing entry … I am really surprised…. You are silently doing well every time… One thing, I started noticing from this time… that you are going to keep the fan following from your community behind you like crazy and the same will make you in huge advantage in later stages… I really knew that why you are never in danger and technically know that you are not going to go out. He will get preferences over Chang, when the time will come. His passionate fan following is going to make ways for him. Hoping that he will justify that fan base.

Anu was too harsh over him and said that its not a joke and it was not the way to sing….. Although he excused saying that his health was not that well. It was not working over the audiences, I think, neither on the Judges. His nasalling voice is not new and sure it was not like impact of any fever or illness. Don’t be shy Prashant, you have a few good things with you. You know how to work hard and the same will help you till the end.

Shabana made the quotable quote. “The weaker the circumstances, more you work hard, you can’t afford to take it low.”. Really she is like Jaaved Sir’s wife must be.


Ankita: “Chhamma Chhamma” Idol Urmila … Right choice of Idol. Ankita Ankita Ankita… everytime, I think that it was your best and it would be impossible to match up with your own standard next time, but in a way, you are always watchable and giving everyone smiles from the innermost of the heart. You just catch the eyes and heart of the viewers and I will be disappointed, if you gonna to come into bottom ever again.

What an rhythmic entry… well dressed … in start, she was holding only her voice and tunes… and was careful about the same and as the song continued… she came back in her own mood. She is much creative and innovative.. style of saying UP, MP was her own and worked really well with her ways… she is not always used to of using her womanhood all the times.. but whenever she does it.. no one could match her.

Anu Malik praised her saying fantastic and Shabana Azami made the same higher by saying superb. Alisha said she is always another person everytime. Udit Ji came with another view saying that beginning was bad and she was not in key…. I found Anu much rude over the same, when he said that Beta bata kaun sa sur gaya tha… it was not the way.. I didn’t liked it…. Although Anu was on the right side… but he is the not the one… people could think as decent. I was not ready to see such moments in this show. Thankfully, sweet Udit Ji was controlled over the same.


Chang: “Jise Dhoondhta Hoon Main” Idol Saif Ali Khan The shouts were showing that how hot favourite he is. He was better performer today. Alisha was smiling in cute ways and Minni was encouraging in nice ways… all girls seemed to be supporting to him. He ended his song with giving rose to Deepali. A thing, probably I was doing, if got any chance 😉

Shabana was careful about words and marked him as average. Alisha praised him and so it was expected that Anu will come against him. Anu said that with the rose, the rhythm gone a little. Similar opinion was from Udit Ji too.


Deepali: “Mera Piya Ghar Aaya” Idol Madhuri … Oh!! My God. Oh!! My God …. You smoked it this time. Although one of my three hot favorites, Abhishek was only looking well and not performed to thrill me, but the second one Ankita made it and now it was time for Deepali to cross the standards set by Ankita. She rocked, rocked and rocked. Alisha said the right words that she ruled over everyone… and it was 100%. Flawless for Anu Ji and complete in emotions. I am sure jealous of Hussain that he gave that rose to her not me ;(

    Deepali… I was thinking that Ankita was in balance with performance and singing and Charu, Abhishek were the best in looks this time… but you really redefined a lot of parameters. What you wanted to hear more, I have not enough words to praise, even now moving with your rhythms and smiles..


Emon: “Khaike Paan Banaras wala” Idol Amitabh Bachchan. Your voice was really well today… I was thinking that your voice is used to choking at higher nodes… but at least this time, you were able to control the same. My suggestion is to improve your stamina…. then the same problem will resolve.

Anu was really harsh over him… when he said that he was too bad today. Even Shabana and Alisha opposed in the joined words… he said I am really unable to understand that why he is so harsh over Emon specially. Emon was visibly upset, when he come to hear the same words again, about which, he was trying enough to avoid this time, but the same fear came to him in more worse. Shabana completely against Anu in the same.

Anu said that if he don’t get it, then he is gone. Pooja was in tears with the same. Emon’s words over the same … were not balanced and well controlled and the anger was sure visible from his inside. Pooja was almost ready to fight. Deepali said that keep quiet at least in front of the camera. Smart girl.


Amit: “” The Idol was Amir Khan. The come back kid. Really I am surprised with the ways….. he is stepping higher. He was perfect…. Yes I am saying perfect… I don’t think anyone ever got the same words from me in this ways in this version of Indian Idol. If I am saying his flawless then it does mean. I loved you… just wishing that if I was able to sing like you.

Hussain said that he was like under rated till yet, but today he is going to get the best comments today. This time Anu’s poem was cute… really cute. Shabana said it was just perfect… not any bit lesser…. not any bit higher… right on track. Alisha asked for once more. Really there was a Nasha in the same and it was not like someone said to her… but was spontaneous …. When the same made Alisha move to stage dancing for him. Really he was too well today and deserved to make someone dancing for him. Ankita did it with one by one and Amit made everyone moving with him…. Ankita got competition now.

Amit you even crossed Deepali today… Hoping that people are able to get the means of the same that me saying the same. I really want to thank you for the same performance.


So, should say that it was a memorable episode for this version. I am impressed with Ankita, Pooja, Deepali, Prashant and Amit. And also impressed with looks of Abhishek and Charu. What else you could ask from a single episode. Shabana must not go disappointed with the same.

Shabana ended the same episode with the comment that if one is in such a competition, then he/she has to play to win only, must develop the same killer instinct. Right note… thanks Shabana Ji for your valuable presence there. You never let us be any bit down in the absence of Jaaved Sir.




Indian Idol 3, 7th July 2007: Jolly left us in tears ..

Hussain started the show with the note that most of the last night performances were thrilling, I don’t agree. Anyway ….

A Pakistani family got introduced in the start of the show and it was really fine to acclaim their affection towards the show as I have always experienced that people outside India find the same affection or even more than us 😉 It reminded me of my best friend. Just wishing that somehow she was here in the same way J Dreaming, Dreaming and Dreaming … its me always.

I also haven’t mentioned about the title song Roobaroo.. it’s the same way cute like the last one and I should say.. much, much beautifully picturised and choreographed. I am impressed.

Then it was to make over of Smita, one thing that was expected, but was sure tough. People will remember Anu for his bold comment, when for the first time, he got to see Smita. Yeah!!! She was different this time …. But can’t say that the make up did that wonder, as it was with Antara Mishra.

Judges were agreed on the same view that Jolly should be out today. Contestants were of mixed opinions, but more votes were against Smita. Now, it was to bottoms…. Smita was the first one declared to be in bottom. The most happy one on being declared safe was Chaaru.

I felt shocked, when got the next three names at a sudden: Deepali, Emon, Jolly and Smita. I was like what?????? How it could happen? I was thinking like judges that she must be getting much votes to be in top three, but the pattern seemed to be different. Am I going to get the same shock as I felt on getting Ayesha and Sifa out?

Thanks God Deepali was sent back to safe seats. Anu Malik was shocked on Emon’s name. He mentioned that look like people are voting on basis of looks only. Udit Ji also expressed his disregards over Deepali and Emon coming in bottom.

So, now the last note was with two names Smita and Jolly…. After a bitter silence, the name was Jolly Das… no matter that how badly she sang last time … but when she was there with her silent eyes… the same come to remind me all the days from the past. Somehow even I wished that she was able to get one more chance. She was only bad in last round only, but look like people were waiting for excuses to put her out from fight.

So, Jolly’s ways got an end here in this show. I saw tears in Chaaru’s eyes. Jolly is much senior and experience and it reflected when even in that tensed mood, she sang…. Gajab Ka Hai Din … in that jolly and smiling mood… the same made others crying even when Jolly herself was smiling…. Abhishek was crying a lot and finally Deepali also broke in. Jolly was not able to hold her tears, when she got to see everyone around her in tears…

So, the tears started rolling out … even if there were not that much on Richa’s exist.


Indian Idol 3, 6th July 2007: So finally Anu x Alisha started …

Why the same title, you will come to know later.

The show started with news that was flashed in the last episode about a bunch of boys, who eloped from home to Mumbai for watching Indian Idol from closely. Indian Idol Team invited one of those boy named Milan in the show. Although they seemed to be confused as they were not sure that the bunch was eloped for taking part in Indian Idol or that was to watch the show only. So, it seemed that the same was prepared in last moment. Anyway, it was really amazing that boys were in Mumbai for 35 (or 25) days.

Jaaved Sir did right thing by telling him that he did very wrong thing with your parents and Anu, when got nothing to speak then come to make people confused that if someone want to become singer then should take the right route. I don’t think that those kids were there for singing, they were there for watching… but that’s our Anu Malik.


Anyway, where I am? This time, it was announced that all the contestants will sing those songs, which might be describing their personalities. Nice Idea …. The ball was rolled to Judges’ court at very first.

Jaaved Sir: Main Jindagi Ka Sath Nibhata Chala Gaya (मै जिन्दगी का साथ निभाता चला गया)
Alisha: Made in India (Of course synonymous with her name). Her ever best performance.
Udit Ji: Although Minni and Hussain suggested “Lekin, Kintu, Parantu”, but he was with his trade mark Jaanam Dekh Lo (
जानम देख लो)

Anu Malik: Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho (One of my favourite because of Salmaan ;))


Contestant: Meiyang Chang
Song: Banda Ye Bindas Hai

Comments: Although I can’t say that it was a perfect pick for describing him, but sure was a nice tune and it was pleasant to see Chang with that. According to me, he made it perfectly. Only problem is his expressions, which might not be showing enough excitement to Hindi-speaking crowd that’s why sometime people might be missing the same thrill in his performances. He seemed to have full support from his mates.

Udit Ji commented that he was nice but the Gala needs more. Alisha commented that he is not that Bindas but is very compassionate. Anu Malik said probably Chang won’t be knowing that its an Anu Malik song (Why? Wasn’t he confident about his credential?), but he was outstanding and with the feel. Jaaved Sir commented exactly what I felt that he was thinking that Chang could do only soft numbers but he did really well with a rather different song. There were a lot of funny Lekin’s in the same speech.


Contestant: Charu Semwal
Song: Pari Hoon Main

Comments: The song reminded me of the music video of the same. It was originally sang by Sunita Rao. In that Music video, if I remember right, then the lead actress was in school girl’s uniforms. I hope, it was more wonderful, if Charu was confident enough to over the same. Although the same song was suiting her well. She missed a few lines twice in song and even me surprised that how Jaaved Sir said that she missed only once… Look like he was thinking about something else. Probably about Anu Ji’s comment of last time. She was very fine with the voice quality and in the same side, she almost matched Sunita Rao.

There were a little dull faces while the performance from the contestant’s side and Judges’ side (including Alisha), but later it resolved to be nice for her till Anu came in action again. Jaaved and Alisha gave her fine marks and Alisha said that the song was made for her. Udit accepted that she goes off key often and then it was Anu. He said she started Off key, then was coming on track, but against lost and then it was like the same till the end. He said you were better from last time, but not like that I could go for claps. Charu seemed to be arrogant over the same and it was obvious in a way. Could Charu make it for last four in such circumstances?


Contestant: Amit Paul
Song: Main Hoon Jhum Jhum Jhumaroo

Comments: Although I was not thinking about the same song about him, but the same performance made me think something. My guts feeling is telling me that last two might be from the four “Amit, Abhishek, Deepali and Ankita”. He was fine, fine and fine. Perfect… bravo… you are getting your place in hearts.

Jaaved Sir said, An Indian Idol might be there. Although he complained that he misses words very often, which he must not do. Alisha was very happy over yoddling at least. Udit was about to say that sweetness of voice was missing, but Anu Ji interrupted and till the end, he was desperate to not let Udit say something 😉 Anyway, he commented one line,

“Charu Tujhe Dil De Ya Na De Amit Paul, Kahin Na Kahin Taiyar Ho Rahi Hai Teri Doll”


Contestant: Ankita Mishra
Song: Yai Re

Comments: I was really surprised that why not the contestants were ready to take chance with choreography? I thought it was better, if it was Red-n-White combination rather than Red-n-Black combination. But anyway, this girl really has made a sound fan following, in spite of the fact that almost all other contestants are against her, including the lady boys. Pooja was most depressed and annoyed over her praises.

Everyone praised her like always except Alisha, who was like you missed a few things, but your performance was so awesome that we forgot everything in that. Probably the same given fire to Anu Malik and he came up with the finest praise, he has ever done in this show. Taking account of little things, he made almost everyone convinced with his words. Whatever the reasons might be, but he did the right thing. She deserved the same.

In fact, she is the only contestant, whose name I heard in my office. As one was my colleague Arun was mentioning her name. Definitely, she is going to be more tougher with this like performances. Although I must say that with Ankita, I was expecting a bit more in this song.


Contestant: Emon Chaterjee
Song: Chand Taare Tod Laaoo

Comments: He was well confident and although was doing mistakes, but was not letting the same effecting his expressions. Means a kind of professionalism rather than being natural or like some contestant. Udit Ji commented that he was not natural at few places and even Emon in a way, argued a little. Alisha was like praising him as always. Jaaved Sir was to comment over his higher nodes and then again it was turn of Anu Ji. He said that Emon got the feeling that he is better than others and it’s going to be dangerous for him. Right comment at the right moment. Anu Ji is really good today.

After his performance, it was told that Emon’s birthday was in the same week and Abhishek’s birthday is on the way and it was belated birthday to both of them. A Guitar shaped Cake was also there for both of them and Jaaved Ji made a serious humor saying that after cutting the first piece must be sent to Judges to get their opinion first. Although the first pieces were give to Emon and then Abhishek by Deepali, so Jaaved Sir’s words …..


Contestant: Smita Adhikari
Song: Main Hoon Khush Rang Hina

Comments: Started nicely and was going well except loosing key at a few high nodes. The song was of relaxed mood and so was unable to give people a sense of thrill. But for me, she was not a kind of bad as Anu Ji commented. Anu said it was most flat singing ever. Alisha said she thought she is improving a lot and she was nice. Over the same Anu criticized her a lot and the clash from behind the screen was clearly visible on screen too. Udit Ji admitted that she was not in sur and in a way, Jaaved Sir also given green light to the same comment. Although he said that it’s not like that she was not in sur completely, but could say that she was not in that mood.

For me, she was not that bad… just the song was not enough.


Contestant: Prashant Tamang
Song: Main Hoon Na

Comments: I don’t know why Jaaved Sir praised him once over pronunciation as it was like blunder today, so exposing his limitation very well. Voice was nice and he got Once More, Once More from crowd, but for me, I think it was prepared crowd as he was not that good. Although other said him well, but Anu Malik spoke of his heart again and said in start it was not good and with the song, it was not going good and he got the keys only in the end.

He was not well and the problem was specially with pronunciation.


Contestant: Abhishek Kumar
Song: Bachana Aai Hasino

Comments: Really the choreographer and dress designer of the show was in a great mess. Now, when with the same rocking song, it was required to have darker and sparkling colours, it was really dull. He was like singing nice, but the passion and excitement was missing, which makes immature singers sometime more exciting to watch than the professionals. Sometime being calm, don’t make you rocking.

Judges’ comments were like up and down… but over all, there were with a few words of caution and advices, means he was off the mark. Although I am not going to admit the same as like Deepali and Ankita, he is my personal favourite.


Contestant: Deepali
Song: Jab Chhaye Mera Jaado

Comments: The most strategic, mature and charismatic girl… I wont say that it was great as there were a little trembling in mood, but it was sure better than the rest. At least, she was in a nice outfit suiting the song. Everyone come to praise, although Anu Malik was with a few words of caution, but others ranked her material of Top Three and she is the same in deed. She knows what is the right moment, she knows that when which emotion will suit and when the performance needs passion and when it needs a throw. She is the perfect performer, even if others are praising only Ankita and Parleen. For me, she is the best of the rest. MY HOT FAVOURITE, THE REAL ROCKER.

Nothing more to say. She is my personal favourite and if I come to say more then it will brought up only praises for her and she was not that well according to my expectations from her, so …


Contestant: Jolly Das
Song: Main Albeli

Comments: What a colourless singing? Although was trying to maintain, but was never succeeding. I never heard this much bad singing from anyone in this part of show and I am really surprised that how she was like this as she was really nice in last rounds.

Everyone come to criticize in their ways and when Alisha came to rescue her, then she faced open criticism from Anu, who was saying like Alisha is hearing some Aathawan Sur .. Hoping that now people could guess that why I given the same title to my this article.


Contestant: Parleen Singh Gill
Song: I am the best.

Comments: Best outfit suiting to the mood of the song. At least one contestant was with right cloths. I was missing the right throw in the song. He was going dull. Although his mom was also there. For me, he was not there, where he was able to be.

Three judges said him the best. But Anu Ji said that he don’t prefer to say in front of her mom, so called him near himself and at the end said that he is the best and he is angry that why not he wants to get a hug from him. I thought Judges’ comments were of some other tune, if his mom was not there. For me, Parleen and Pooja are like now gone or will go soon.


Contestant: Puja Chatterjee
Song: Hawa Hawai

Comments: What a perfect and comic entry, really felt nice. Forget my comment that she is like now gone or will go soon. Her start was the best, but she was not that well throughout the song and I completely disagree with Anu Ji’s comment that she was outstanding with the song. She might be technically perfect, but somewhere she was not connecting well. All other judges praises her and she was deserving for the same as she was sure better than the earlier performances.


If someone is asking me that who should go in next round, then my clear words are speaking the names Jolly Das or Smita Adhikari and more clearly, I would feel disappointed, if Jolly don’t get voted out in next and I am saying the same even feeling too bad about her as she was really crossing over all the others in her two performances.




Indian Idol 3, 30th June 2007: It’s time to go for Richa Aneja, Thanks God …

So, finally the result day of first gala came. Everyone must be tense there, as they really able to guess that what will be the pattern of public this time. After departure of Aisha and Bhavin, even the talented and performing ones are not sure about their places.

As per last day telecast was, it was almost certain that Richa Aneja should go, not only because of her no improved performance and at the same time, saying that she don’t know that what she could do better, but also because of visible signs of joy, whenever anyone of the participants was being taunted or criticized by Judges, either it may be Charu, Chang, Deepika or Pooja.

I am really surprised that how come this natured girl finding even single friend among the 13. Anyway, rest people, who might has to go today or some day later are Smita, Parleen and Pooja. I will be really surprised, if the result may come otherwise. I am also looking for Jolly Das, as today will decide that public is ready to adopt the girl in reference of her well deserving efforts.


The episode was very small, so my review will take length according to that. Only 29 mins.

The same show started in the same ways, asking contestants about their views that who must be voted out today.

Abhishek: Smita, because her voice was shaky at the day.

Prashant: Richa, because her voice is immature.

Smita: Richa, because her pronunciation is certainly not a stuff for playback singing.

Amit: Richa, she has no mature singing.

Richa: Voted herself out. Good guts… Anyway, still you said that she doesn’t find any mistake. But voting herself out as Judges were not satisfied.

Parleen: Charu, as Judges said over the performance, I think in the same way.

Chang: Charu, if someone don’t take it personally as personal emotions are not meant to be here. She was always fine, but last she was …

Emon: Prashant, although public and judges love him, but according to me, he need to learn classical music a little more. Emon! Your statement is making my eyebrow raised and sure of public too.

Deepali: Pooja, she is the strongest contender and we have lots of expectations from her, but yesterday, her performance was not up to the mark on that basis, so I voted her out.

Jolly: Pooja, her song was going offkey.

Ankita: Pooja, whatever she sang that day, she was capable to do much better than that.

Charu: Pooja, as I go along with Judges.

Pooja: Voted out herself saying that all the four judges come to criticized her a lot. So, I thought others are more deserving than me.


Pooja was called in danger zone. Minni asked that why hew friends voted out in this way? Was she that bad? Pooja replied in the brave ways, saying that they are her true friends as she was really bad last day.

After it, judges were asked the same question and the first one to reply was the innocent Udit Ji, who said that he will take the name of Richa, on which Richa will think that I am her enemy, but it’s not like that (Even this statement says a lot about Richa and her future).

Alisha took the name of Jolly and that was really strange to me. Anu Ji come to take the name of Richa and Jaaved Ji come up with the name of Pooja.


Richa was also called in danger zone. She was asked that is she satisfied with what the judges said? Anyone could see the arrogant face of the girl. Many people will be disappointed, if this girl doesn’t get voted out today. :O

Chang and Smita got declared safe and then Deepali and Prashant. Then it was Abhishek and then Amit Paul was called on stage and Minni made the twist saying that you are safe and you just needed to shake hands with me. Then Emon, Ankita and Parleen .. Ankita and Emon were declared safe. Among Parleen, Charu and Jolly only, Jolly was safe and this come up with a surprise to me. According to me, this was the best decision, but I am really surprised that public started thinking logically.

Then from the Bottom four, Charu was declared safe. Then it was the turn of Parleen and in this way, the last two were Pooja and Richa. Now, Richa started being depressed. Richa was just praying. Even Alisha was n favour of Pooja more than Richa.

Minni asked the crucial question that is Richa here because of coming in competition a couple of years earlier? Anu Malik replied in his peculiar ways that Pooja’s mind is shaken right now and not in the program right now. He was also going to say that there are girls, who sing so perfect in the same age, so the age must be an excuse. Jaaved Sir tried to defend her… but also mentioned the fact that the problem with Richa can’t be improved by her.

Finally Minni announced that Richa got the lowest number of votes and Pooja was declared safe. Now, Richa started crying. Was Minni right, when she said everyone from the show, was loving the girl?

She got the standing ovations from all the people including Judges… I am on the same statement that she did not well deserve. Jaaved Sir said that no one from us got standing ovation in such little age. He also invited her for coming into Indian Idol again and said that she will go to more heights only.

Then it was final emotional moment, when Richa was up to singing the song, “Dil Hai Chota Sa”, but wasn’t able to collect herself. All the other contestants come to encourage her on the stage. She was really nice with this song, even when she was singing it with trembling voice. The same scene made Jaaved Sir in tears… What else the little girl may ask for more?

Thanks public for the right decision. I doubt that Richa even now knows that what are the reasons behind her being voted out.

Indian Idol 3, 29th June 2007: The real game begins now …

Finally the race is on …
A lot of memories from the last versions are to be overwritten …
A lot of excitement to see that if the earlier rounds were trailer then …
The promises of a step higher quality of entertainment, because of skills displayed till now …


So, the show finally begins with the rocking performance over the title song of “Jhoom Barabar Zhoom” … I noticed a new look of Emon and Smita… and also got to see a better performing Richa at least for this song. The two others to get notices were Deepali and Abhishek … my favourites in now days. Let’s see, could they live up to my expectations this time.


Anyway, let me start the show …

Minni come to ask to the Judges the tricky and crucial question. Who’s favourite of each one? Probably without much dilemma, it was Alisha to speak up in plain that it’s Deepali, hot favourite of everyone (Not bad!!! Our eyes are matching, Suhit and now Deepali… I am happy). Then it was Jaaved Sir, who said “At least today, I will take the name of Emon.” Finally and surprisingly, it ended with Anu Ji saying that it’s Abhishek. I am not surprised with the name of Abhishek as probably he and Prashant are the one, with whom I am connecting myself in a way. I am surprised that why not Udit Ji was asked the same question? Why he was ignored? I am not happy with the same. Whatever the reasons might be.


Deepali: “Lukka Chippi” A different start … much slower one I think. Perhaps!!! I was disappointed with the performance. I thought to get that kind of performance for the start, as I have already got from her in “Nisha Nisha” number. Anyway, everyone come to praise only and finally in last Anu Ji come with the strong opposition saying that it was off-key.

I should say, it was not like that this song was not fine technically, but somehow it was not a catchy number for the moment or could say the soul was sure missing. If you have to be wonderful, then you need to learn making each of your performance better than the last one. This song was perfect in place and pace in the movie and for engaging the viewers with the same charm and magic, you were expected to find the ways… you are better than others even now.. but probably I am expecting a lot from you. J As after watch the same song again, I really could see your efforts and hard work behind the song. Really judging a song in few moments is not that easy.


Parleen: “Chali Chali” Is this over confidence? Trying to get Minni dancing with you and then, singing for Audiences only in way. Am I being a little critical today? Don’t know… but even this number was not touching to me. The voice was stretched a lot to match up with the original but it wasn’t that fruitful effort to me.

Jaaved Ji said Parleen was completely flat in Mukhda. So, its not always better to do that Uchhal Kood, it make the singing suffered. Even Alisha made the comment that it was some 19-20. Udit Ji said .. now its Galas where only singing works. Anu Ji made an important comment that Parleen!!! You singing was not so good not bad. Although in last lines, probably Anu was wrapping up his own comments. Anyway ….. I am not happy with this guy…


Amit: “In Dino” Again the same track!!! I don’t know what to call this particular track or to which singer, he is following … but there is something, which is being repeated … what’s it? I am just not able to give a name. The song and voice was nice as always and good to hear.

He got the standing ovation from Alisha and an interesting comment from Anu Ji. Udit Ji said that he was not able to find it extra-ordinary and thought that earlier performance was much better. Jaaved Ji made the comment that some people are scared of Emon, but Emon should be scared of Amit. Hmmm!! Good comments…..

I should say that I was wrong, when thought to look for conspiracy theories behind his statement that he was not able to perform better, because Bhavin left. He sure seemed to be that much innocent. Sorry Amit.. J


Pooja: “Deedar De” Don’t know, why I am not getting connected with this girl? When she is already hot favourite of my best friend…. I must find some good words about her friend wont be much happy with me 😉

I should say that her performance was not looking as spontaneous in someway. Song was nice, tone was nice … just the enjoyment was missing, the throw of the song was missing. I know we all have heard the same song in earlier rounds of Indian Idol, so have seen many people performing much better on the same tune. Anu Ji said that it’s a Bad singing and it has nothing like Indian Idol singing. Udit Ji and other Judges were of more or less same opinion… It obviously made the little girl in tears.

Minni come to give her courage saying that if Sachin gets out on Zero in one match then he come back with a century in next one, so better to come back with bang.

There were glimpses of Richa in Mid ways… She visibly seemed to be laughing, smiling and enjoying, when someone else is being taunted by Judges. Want to comment something? Then it was, Deepali trying to cheer up crying Pooja during the breaks. Was the camera intentionally on?


Emon: “Mitwa” So, here comes the favourite of many… Sonu Nigam look-a-like and probably his face is making me …. with him… sorry na 😉

Anyway, the song itself was much nice .., but was tough to sing even then Emon sang it very beautifully and he impressed me a lot by this song at least. He was almost perfect with the same song and he made to hear the same more than once…

After the song Jaaved Sir came in to say that somewhere he tried to change the mood of the song and forced more energy than it was required there, so better be careful. Probably, the same statement made others carried over that. Alisha was unable to speak much. Udit emphasized over not clarity of words and then Anu Ji said right thing that he loved the confidence, all the performance and he must be in for sure… no doubt.

Jaaved Sir again come to say that he tried to make the same song an item number, which was not right. Although Anu Ji come to take over all the show, but I understand Jaaved Sir’s view as he is the creature of song, so who else could know that what is the mood?


Smita: “Sanwaria Sanwaria” Anu Ji made the smart comment that if after get criticized, she come up with the words that she is not good looking then … her thinking is not right. I agree with both… with Smita and Anu Ji. Anyway, the song was much nice in original…. Although Smita sang “Bhooli Hoon Jaise Main Aapni Dagria”, but probably the same was about her today’s performance. You are not going to make it in this way.

Udit Ji criticized her saying that it was flat singing and she was not good. Anu Ji said the scale was god, so I wont give bad marks. Jaaved Sir also encouraged her. In fact, he come to attack over Udit Ji with keeping Anu Ji in smart ways. He said Udit Ji must be doing the same, he was doing earlier means praising every second candidate. Udit Ji replied that its nice that finally, after all these days Jaaved saheb was not worried for me and now he is. Jaaved sir said that he isn’t worried, he’s bothered!


Abhishek: “Main Hoon Don” Before the actual performance, there was a drama related to his stolen lucky cap, which was stolen by his friend. His cap is reminding me of Vineet from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… I wish that Abhishek get to sing “Tera Jaadoo Chal Gaya” someday.

Udit ji liked his man like voice and Jaaved Ji wished that he might be sincere, so that performance may not make him carried away in over excitement. J Anu Ji said that he has the sense of time and moment and this make him special. Good Judging Anu Ji this time. You impress me in this version of Indian Idol. Experience teaches a lot ….

Here comes the song….. mind blowing… I really wasn’t expecting watching it more than twice. This song was best suiting over him… he is such favourite dude of mine. J At one place, when he said Aisa Dildaar Aaya Hai Kaun. then he was mistaking… but Jaaved Sir’s momentary smile was meant to ignore his little mistake because of magic he created with his performance, otherwise it was not possible to escape Jaaved Ji eyes.

Sure, he learned a few lessons from Emon’s performance and was cool and relaxed while singing the song. You are a good learner … I liked that.

Everyone praised him a lot. Especially, Jaaved Sir was happy as he was in the right mood, when sang the same song. He made the comment that he agree very much with what Anu Ji said before the performance. Udit Ji said that he will be in top three and Alisha’s comment was most cute. She said “Abhishek! You are so good, I hate you” ….. Alisha is one of the best in her ways even if some people come to hate her. Anu Ji was happy with his own comment that he could be Indian Idol.

Then, it was a strange drama of telling people that Abhishek is an adopted child and he came to know about the same a few days ago. Although I was annoyed with the same concept, but afterward felt it not that bad, as either Abhishek was either a much smart actor or the emotions were just spontaneous. Anyway…, I can’t see myself in shoes of Abhishek as it was really tough… but it’s a brave and rewarding to his parents.


Charu: “Na Re Saiyan Ko Chod Ke Na Jaa” Charu!!! Charu!!! Charu!!! You are here for your face, confidence and singing …. You were not that confident today or the song was not suiting over the goody goody girl’s image. Anyway, somehow she was failing to get into the mood of the same song, although without watching the video, I found the same song well at all places.

Jaaved Sir said it was Nasal and not flexible. Alisha praised her a lot and then It was Anu Ji coming up with worst comment for her. Saying she was off key in whole song..… even Anu said that he is much surprised that how could Alisha like nice girl come up with praises for such a performance. The criticism was this much personal that it created a tiff between both of them and when Jaaved Sir was asked about the same then he completely supported Anu Malik saying that he is much experienced and one should listen and understand his words. He was perfectly fine with his words.

I knew that someday Anu and Alisa’s off screen tiff will come out on screen. Is the same started from here?


Chang: “Salaame Ishaq” Really your voice has something. Alisha pointed the same. He started the song in different ways means starting it right from the chairs rather than from the stage itself. Anu Ji said that Cut the whole story short…. You need to leave your dentistry. Udit Ji and Jaaved Ji also praised and ranked him at top.

Really Alisha and Anu changed their moods very fast.. professional na…

Sorry for the short comment over the same performance, but you are always so nice and charming that I am not getting any more words.


Ankita: “Ankhiya Na Maar” Who you are Ankita? Some magician or something else. Mind blowing… amazing…. You made me thrilled and proved me wrong, if at any point, I might have rated you lesser than Suhit…. you could overtake any of the 13 singers. I really thought you have peaked, but now you are really making me more watchful for the next performance.

Udit Ji made the right comment saying that sometime people make down the expectations, but Ankita made the expectation much higher. All Judges were thrilled and so the people. Richa’s face was really like a must watch, when Anu Ji was commenting. Richa!!! I think you are done now. Its worst moment for you to go Richa!!. Parleen said the exact thing that she is completely un-predictable for everyone and sure scary to competitors. I feel Richa, Smita, Charu and Pooja are in the bunch against her. About rest of persons, I am not that sure.

Ankita… you made the best performance today. Bravo……………… J


Richa: “Piyu Bole” Depressive start …. Although, she covered up the same later on. This song was like the magic and making yourself in tune with the same was asking for much maturity, which Richa sure was not able to. Her voice is making her away from playback as Anu Malik said. Jaaved Sir was right in saying that he felt tensions behind her performance.

A lot was said about her and it was more to depress her. Anyway… I am not happy over her down face… but as much she has shown up… I must be tough, she has no right to stay… she is enough mean…


Prashant: “” When Chang was being praised then I thought Prashant was waiting for his turn. He is making his competition only with Chang and its really good for him as Chang is the right candidate to competite with. The song was enough perfect except the first line of the start… he trembled there. Anyway… good choice of song, according to me. He tried to show versatility.

Jaaved Sir said that it made the weakness of non-trend voice to be shown up, Alisha praised her suit and look. Udit Ji praised that he was so relaxed. Anu Ji come up with more praises saying that he is moving up slowly without making some noise and he will be sure in top 3.

Viewer mind it … Anu is saying the same. Worth to keep it in your mind …


Jolly Das: “Bairy Piya” Jolly is starting the race from a different place, which is making her in edge and in loss. Edge because in last one year, she has became a trained one and knows every bit of stage performance and looking so much confident and good looking. But the loos is that like Alisha… some people are not rooting for you and thinking that she is like hindrance to others and also getting wrong good luck chance.

Anyway, even the last performance was outstanding and this time… she raised the expectation even more higher….. people should sure started taking notice of her…. If she come up with the similar performance and more importantly got selected for next rounds, then she might get surprise me. In a way, luck was against her at the moment, when she came back into Indian Idol 3, but she is fighting back…. Heads off to you, Jolly… you must be happy on missing the last series. J Really wonderful and thrilling expressions.

Everyone come to praise her except Alisha and this made another tiff between Alisha and Anu ji and Jaaved Sir again supported Anu Ji completely.


At the end, when each judge was asked about their favourite in this show then Jaaved Sir was right with his words, when he announced the name of Ankita. Alisha made the name of Amit, Udit Ji came up with the name of Prashant and Anu Ji was with the name of Amon. I am not happy as everyone missed Abhishek’s name.

Yeah!! Before leaving.. I must comment that this time the Indian Idol Video is much much nice and much better choreographed .. although last one was sure nice…. But lyrics of the final Album were a huge let down…. Like they were making it without the mood… Anyway.. its worth to keep in…. so sweet.