Indian Idol 3, 7th July 2007: Jolly left us in tears ..

Hussain started the show with the note that most of the last night performances were thrilling, I don’t agree. Anyway ….

A Pakistani family got introduced in the start of the show and it was really fine to acclaim their affection towards the show as I have always experienced that people outside India find the same affection or even more than us 😉 It reminded me of my best friend. Just wishing that somehow she was here in the same way J Dreaming, Dreaming and Dreaming … its me always.

I also haven’t mentioned about the title song Roobaroo.. it’s the same way cute like the last one and I should say.. much, much beautifully picturised and choreographed. I am impressed.

Then it was to make over of Smita, one thing that was expected, but was sure tough. People will remember Anu for his bold comment, when for the first time, he got to see Smita. Yeah!!! She was different this time …. But can’t say that the make up did that wonder, as it was with Antara Mishra.

Judges were agreed on the same view that Jolly should be out today. Contestants were of mixed opinions, but more votes were against Smita. Now, it was to bottoms…. Smita was the first one declared to be in bottom. The most happy one on being declared safe was Chaaru.

I felt shocked, when got the next three names at a sudden: Deepali, Emon, Jolly and Smita. I was like what?????? How it could happen? I was thinking like judges that she must be getting much votes to be in top three, but the pattern seemed to be different. Am I going to get the same shock as I felt on getting Ayesha and Sifa out?

Thanks God Deepali was sent back to safe seats. Anu Malik was shocked on Emon’s name. He mentioned that look like people are voting on basis of looks only. Udit Ji also expressed his disregards over Deepali and Emon coming in bottom.

So, now the last note was with two names Smita and Jolly…. After a bitter silence, the name was Jolly Das… no matter that how badly she sang last time … but when she was there with her silent eyes… the same come to remind me all the days from the past. Somehow even I wished that she was able to get one more chance. She was only bad in last round only, but look like people were waiting for excuses to put her out from fight.

So, Jolly’s ways got an end here in this show. I saw tears in Chaaru’s eyes. Jolly is much senior and experience and it reflected when even in that tensed mood, she sang…. Gajab Ka Hai Din … in that jolly and smiling mood… the same made others crying even when Jolly herself was smiling…. Abhishek was crying a lot and finally Deepali also broke in. Jolly was not able to hold her tears, when she got to see everyone around her in tears…

So, the tears started rolling out … even if there were not that much on Richa’s exist.



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