Taare Zameen Par; Could you get the means …..

Some people were even more sure than me that I’ll come up with my take over this and here I am, proving them very right. Sure it was like master piece that I started typing these words just after watching the first 20 mins of movie. I think its going to be kind of encyclopedia for kid’s world in Hindi Cinema. I really could guess that what it takes to create a concept into a movie and the perfectionist is no where lesser than the punch, he was with in RDB.

The very first question was that how could such a movie carry people’s interests without any lead actress or so called filmy formulas? Here the credits of the perfectionist Amir Khan came into play and he was really an enigma, who taken this project and matured it at a level that now touching the wont be ever easy. A simple concept, a boy who was careless about reading/writing and hearing his parents, gets boarding in punishment and magical teacher does the magic to get him back in rights ways. Was all this much simple? Do you think that you understand it? Think again.

I was moved with the work of Deepa Bhatia as she has taken care of almost all sensitive sides of a silent thinking mind. I started writing this review after first 20 mins and like his mother, I was in tears, when she turns the pages of his drawing book after putting him in boarding and see his picture moving away from his parents. Minute by minute, I was feeling the silent emotions and moreover was much impressed by the way of rendering the same. I was in pain and really moved, when Ishan takes rounds of sport field on arrival of his parents in boarding school.

Second half started with entry of Amir as temporary teacher in boarding school and I was conscious that if after the light entry of himself in dressing of joker, the same is going to loose momentum? But ….. but think you are trying to write your opinions over this movie….. I could bet you will get a full stop …. A complete full stop, when Amir says, he will be lost. I just felt the same, I just felt and my hands trembled that if I could do justice with my writing over this movie. I really was able to feel the emotions of Ram Shankar Nikumb (Amir Khan) that could he do justice with the boy and could stop him from getting lost?

Amir heads of to you and your crew that you never let it down as after starting it in sensitive ways, it grows like more and more touching. As Amir says “Patri se hat kar bahut kam log soch pate hain” and this movie just does it precisely. Don’t know, we should give the credits to whom, but this was a movie for a message not for just entertainment and now I know why Amir was so confident about this movie. You will feel the reason of his confidence, when will see Ishan’s father leaving the boarding school without metting Ishan with tears in his eyes.

Title: Taare Zameen Par; Stars came to earth …
Directed & Produced by: Amir Khan
Creative Director & writer: Amol Gupte
Production banner : Amir Khan Productions
Music Directors: Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mandonca, Shailendra Barve
Concept, Research and Editing: Deepa Bhatia
Prasoon Joshi
Playback: Shankar Mahaevan, Bugs Bhargava,Vivinenne Pocha, Raman Mahadevan, Shaan, Aamir Khan, Vishal Dadlani, Adnan Sami, Auriel Cordo, Ananya Wadkar, Shankar Sachdev, Raaj Gopal Iyer, Ravi Khanwilkar,Loy Mendonca.
Cinematographer: Setu
Coreographer: Shyamak Dawar
Cost: Darsheel Safary, , Amir Khan, Tisca Chopra, Vipin Sharma.

You will miss your childhood, your children, yourself and something as you have never seen, neither going to see very soon. Watch it and recommend it to others as well, otherwise you will be regretting of what you missed. Not putting my recommendation in words and want to keep it in ways Ishan puts it. You will feel goose pimples at many moments during this movie. Ishan … Inu … was not lost as Nikumb was there.

Amir!!! you were right, this movie will come to change the perception of everyone to look over their childern.


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