Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Smart phones: I gonna love it

Today when I was Googling about 3G capabilities of Nokia N82 and meanwhile checked the same over GSMArena, then I came across the article over Opera Mobile 10 Beta.

As I was using Opera Mini earlier and also Earlier Beta Versions since I owned Nokia N82, so it was definitely going to interest me. It really surprised me when I got to know about the download size of the same. Can you believe? Mobile download of 4 Mb? Insane …

But after installing it, I got to know that it really worth it (provided you got a good mobile like N82 or some other higher end one). Its really snappy, its really smooth and its really really rich.

Extracts from the press release:

“Opera Software today unveiled the beta of Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian/S60 handsets. Most notable in the new Opera Mobile 10 beta is a sleek design, which Opera first introduced to the world in the recent release of Opera Mini 5 beta. The crisp, new look introduces the Speed Dial, tabbed browsing and the always convenient password manager to Opera Mobile. Opera Mobile 10 beta is optimized for both touchscreen and keypad-style navigation.”

Performance was prioritized in this beta. It is twice as fast as the previous Opera Mobile released for Symbian/S60, and users will discover significant speed improvement when downloading pages, zooming and panning. Opera Turbo is also integrated, saving end users both time and money with its server-side compression technology. 

Opera Mobile 10 beta is available for Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung smartphones running Symbian/S60, 3rd and 5th editions.

The beta is free to download to your computer from http://www.opera.com/mobile/next/ or directly to your mobile phone from http://m.opera.com/mobile. 

gsmarena_006 gsmarena_007gsmarena_001gsmarena_005

gsmarena_008 gsmarena_009

gsmarena_004 gsmarena_003

I was really wishing some browser with which I could totally enjoy all features of Orkut or could check my wordpress blog admin pages or could look for many more other exciting things and I guess I got it with Opera Mobile Beta 10.

“The next thing, I am looking for is a new MTNL SIM with 3G for browsing experience over more than 500 kbps at least (as I heard 3G means sharing of whole 2.4 Mbps bandwidth over a cell).“


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