I’ll Skype you – Gtalk Me

One of my friend Amit Sinha asked me to laid a few words over this and here I am.

“ In those days, when chatting was meant to sending text to others across the globe for free, many of us always imagined that when will the day come, when we will free from the burden of these high charges for voice calling with our online buddies across the globe? “

Time passed and it didn’t took much longer, when we now see Voice/ Video Calling over internet (for free) integrated in almost all leading IMs like Gtalk, MSN or Yahoo. There were days, when we were hooked with our Yahoo Messengers or MSN ones, but due to its light weight communication and its integrity with other already established services from Google (Gmail, Orkut etc), Gtalk moving a step ahead of its competitors.

Sure a question arises that is it worth for new users, who haven’t used Skype yet to go for it, if they are already on Gtalk? I thought to discuss the same. Here is what I found.


Skype; a name which is impossible to be ignored by people using any means of internet communication. Even if you are not using it, then sure would have heard of it, after all more than 20 million people are over skype at the same time. That’s a big thing, a real big thing. The biggest name of VOIP communication has recently been in news for its being sold to EBay, then over conflict about shares and then joining of Co-Author of SIP itself as its Chief Technology Strategist.

Gtalk; Google’s approach to IM adds Internet Calls, File sharing, notifications, voice mailbox, video calls and lots more to make most richest experience of over the internet communication. Gtalk got a good start due to its efficient use of XMPP and then its always growing with addition of Gtalk in Gmail, Orkut etc. The latest addition of Google Voice will make a more interesting package as it would allow users to forward calls to their other numbers and in case of not picking up to voice mailbox.

We know what Gtalk is, lets start with Skype.

What is Skype?

Although known for being giant of Internet Voice Communication, Skype is not just only that. It’s both software and bundle of services (like the way Google talk is having Google sites, Docs etc along with it). What makes it different from other VOIP offerings is its being P2P based like Kazaa means that it runs over a mesh of interconnected PCs spread across the world, which assures that it would never run out of resources.

In recent times, it got a threat from biggest innovative Giant of internet industry; Google. GTalk now features with Video\ Audio calling and sure less bandwidth consuming than the earlier one. Many people say that there is no competition in these two applications and both of them are in their own league, but let me list the features common to both the application:

  1. IM and Group Chat
  2. Knowing online status of other users
  3. PC-to-PC Calls (VOIP)
  4. One-to-One Video Conference
  5. Transferring files
  6. Voice mail

Features exclusive to Skype are:

  1. Search into a Worldwide Skype User Directory
  2. Conference call up to 25 users (Although its not official, but Gtalk also could do it, check the link)
  3. Calling to Landlines and phones worldwide at a cost
  4. Send SMS at a cost
  5. Call Forwarding

Features exclusive to Gtalk are:

  1. Integration with Google Apps like Google Docs, Calender etc.
  2. Consumes less bandwidth
  3. Client is not limited to just an application, but there are many other options like web client, badges, integration in other services

Here is what I think, for a free user, Skype has only a special thing that you can make calls even if you don’t have a PC as this service has number of phones which don’t require a computer, but for all other users, Gtalk is much light weight and consume lesser bandwidth than Skype.

Although one friend of mine Amjad Ali, still assuring me about Call Quality of Skype, due to which, I will give a few days to Skype with my Skype ID mr.nitish.kumar

For downloading any of these application, just click over respective logos and downloading interesting books over Skype, use following links:

Skype For Dummies
Skype Me: Single User to Enterprise and Beyond
Skype Hacks: Tips and Tools (change the extension from pdf to chm)


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