Nokia N900 – Thought to post from MaStory

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Note: This whole review is typed and posted from MaStory app in Nokia N900 (An app to make blog post from your Nokia N900 directly), although later on some adjustments done to modify the same, but originally posted by MaStory with its current formatting.

Anyway, till then I am try to post a short review about MaStory itself. Its a quite capable one with lots of basic options that would come handy, if you are not in position to get some laptop or PC in your hands for posting something. Its keyboard make it really great to type on even longest articles in one go.
Posting images:
Probably the best use of blogging through some mobile device is blogging with photos. Although while writing this, I am trying to figure out if there is some way to post videos through MaStory, but when it comes to post images, then MaStory and N900 provides you excellent options like given below (I am writting live from MaStory and posting images from the same by print screen Ctrl+Shift+P)

You can see that as of now, there are four options about source of image; local (from your device with 5mp or screenshot or just stored ones), from internet (required full path which you will be needed to find from browser, like footer of this post has), from Flicker (I already using flicker with this as its available in sharing default options) and from our beloved picasa.

Not even that, you could edit the images before posting in some ways as well. Cooolll!!!!

Adding link and paragraphs:
The button in the bottom, gives you options to add some link like
My Blog. Its using the things in raw, but still works for even laymans. Similarly the third button provides the option for adding a new paragraph.

Option to save posts in your device for editing later on:
Yes!! While this was kind of obvious feature to have, I found that it also has options for advanced posting methods like scheduled post (the fifth button). Still I wonder, if options for autosave could have been added in it. That was sure a treat as if you might be running low of battery then it would be kind of essential option to have.  I was kind of blind that didn’t got to see that there is already an option for Auto Save. Minimum time for Auto save is one minute and it warns you about battery usages as auto save will take your battery for sure.

All the advanced editing options with the fourth button:
Yup!! Here I got the thing, which I wished. Sorry that I posted that you require to know HTML only then you could post rich contents. With this button, this beast got it all. Check out the screenshot, the button explains themselves

You could do it all like making laters bold, italic, left-right-center or paragraph justification everything.

Preview your post before publishing:
The second last button serves this feature to preview the post. I am just loving it. Nokia rules ….

Note: A few things, which I noticed in my this first post from MaStory, one should keep caution about.

Resize your images for sure as inserting will make them in full size, which might be out of proportion in many cases.

Really so amazing. I guess, I would be posting reviews from my next journey rather than watching movies or surfing internet only.

Nitish Kumar


7 thoughts on “Nokia N900 – Thought to post from MaStory

  1. It’s very good mobile having too good functions.Thanks to Nitish,because of his blog,we can easily come to know about this Nokia N900 device.

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