Love your phone? Its time to speak for it now

He is the one, in the name of whom everyone writes and passes the verdict about something.
He is the one, who might not be making buzz on web, but is exactly something that counts.
He is the one, who puts his hard earned money into something to live with that for years later on.common man

Yes, I am talking about the common man/ the layman /  the nob, who might not be having enough time to write blogs to show their experience about their phones, but when you ask them then speaks the truth, which might not be technically perfect but is the actual perception that counts.

The layman, who is not a fanboy of some product, who doesn’t loves all things about some brand blindly (none of us does, do we?) and who doesn’t make a purchase by what is the best out there, but go by that what is the best for him. The usually unheard common man, whose comments we actually watch out for, when reading someone’s tech review to know that how the real things going on about some device.

Whom you believe more? TV Ads, Buzz, long blog posts or the common people like you, me or similar people around us?

From today, I am starting a series of interviews, in which I will ask some of such people about them, their phones and what they think about them. As of now, the series will include people, who are apart from the usual blogger fellows, we know much about; the unheard common men passionate about their phones. I will ask things about them, their associations with the product they love and own and few tricky and personalized questions about their phones.

The aim is to bring the voice of common man on a public board to get heard in loud with their authentic and non-fabricated views about their beloved phones. I am trying to bring perspective of users from entirely different mobile platforms at one place in unedited raw form to know what they feel about their favourite ones.

In the first round, I will be covering the following names and their opinions ….

1. Naveen, an engineering student from Tamilnadu, India about Android and his SGS
2. Deep Ganatra, founder of Web1 Solutions from Mumbai, India about Apple and iPhone 4
3. Yogesh, computer engineer from Mumbai, India about Nokia N8
4. Pankaj Kapoor, Technical Manager of Cowi India from New Delhi, India about Nokia E72
5. Aarti, working in training and writing from Chennai, India about her Blackberry Curve 8520
6. Mukesh, a computer engineer from New Delhi, India about his HTC Windows Mobile

The next around of interviews will involve more experienced users, which might be having experience over close details of more than one mobile OS’s/ brands. Will not be exactly big tech experts, but better than normal users for sure.

While I am going to post all these interviews very soon on my this blog, I wish to invite all of you readers to be part of these interviews with your favourite device. Its the time to stand tall for your favourite phone, your voice will be all heard in loud.

Please drop a comment here or get connected to me on twitter via @nkumar_ if interested in getting interviewed. Even if not then spread the words in loud, you gonna see some interesting stuffs soon.


3 thoughts on “Love your phone? Its time to speak for it now

  1. looking forward to it, specifically for android & windows phone 7 (if it really makes its way to india..
    go on Nitish

    1. Prajwal,
      I fear, I will not be able to include Windows phone 7 soon as its not available in market as of now. This series is including only the common person, who might have bought some phone and are passionate about that.

      Common man only 🙂 No blogger no expert.

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