PR2.0 teaser-Browser, Split Portrait QWERTY-Challenges

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While I always try to hold myself from echoing some news, this time it was hard enough for me to hold myself for not posting the recently leaked screenshots about upcoming PR2.0 browser and portrait split qwerty. Though we have already seen some leaks via Alex08 on MNB but screenshots always more precise than videos.

Some thoughts on new browser in PR2.0


What we see here in browser screenshot is a simple interface rather than going through a rather different approach than Desktop ones, who always had an address bar on top, while Nokia decided to go on own by keeping the same at below. Didn’t work well.

But just a top address bar is not all here. This is supposed to be a Omnibar combining search and address bar at one place like Chrome/ Opera/ Firefox doing on Desktop. Rather than a design shift, it was a necessary move with split QWERTY that will take the lower part of the screen.

The second design shift here is removal of Two Buttons at bottom approach, which was lifted from non-touch phones and never left Symbian interfaces. Yes! we all hated them when they always took precious screen real estate shamelessly. Auto full screen was a work around for the same, but still not the final solution. Hope to see this extending to whole UI.

But is interface overhauling enough? Many will say No.. will say that Symbian browser is miles behind than others, but I will say not exactly. Gravity browser via @Janole has shown that what effect a little bit of interface tweaking can bring with same native browser. What’s missing here is some clever design decisions and some higher tech like HTML 5 etc. We seen that Nokia can make browsers like one on Maemo. That kind of thing may push the people design sites specially for suiting that browser like people doing same for iPhone now days. Is Nokia coming with something like that?

Some thoughts on new split portrait qwerty in PR2.0

pr_2_potrait pr_2_portrait_kbf

As you can see, the person who given the same tip to Mark, was clever enough to show off the theme-ability of new split portrait qwerty interface. Its still not at par with large and thicker buttons on iPhone or SGS, but considering the form factor of nHD screens on Nokia devices, I knew that there wont be many options.

Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of these 3D looking buttons on Symbian. May be they give a haptic feel, but still I feel them bulky. But as themes designers could modify them, we can leave the same worry too.

The most important question is of copy/ paste. Early iOS devices were plagued by the same trouble for a long while. Its good to see that auto correction is happening over the written text only and not on the top of the keyboard. Somehow indicates that at least in native apps like messaging and mailing, we must be able to do copy/ paste too like as of now, but I am little worried about alien places like comment box of some site.

But like there been indications that Nokia NOT implemented multi-touch here and even @janole like developers didn’t got hold on APIs that could implement copy/ paste with split qwerty, this is an area that’s still scaring me as once we switched to split keyboard, we will loose all those copy/ paste features that we enjoyed since long. Is Nokia coming with something like that? Or they implemented something much better?

What you think? What you know? What you wanted to ask? Whatever you want to share, you can always write to me on and be assure that I read and reply each one of you.

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17 thoughts on “PR2.0 teaser-Browser, Split Portrait QWERTY-Challenges

  1. split screen keyboard on msging shld have an option of drop down field for contacts at TO field so tht one can select contact without goin to next screen 😀

  2. Rrecently theres been news about Nokia Microsoft deal.
    Could plz explain, in simple terms 🙂 what that would mean for future Nokia smart phones? Is future of Meego bleak

    1. Mate. I am much tied up in some works though a very lengthy post already in draft to explain some of the points.

      Have to check the same and format in some place. Will be in air soon.

    2. From Intel’s MeeGo-pavilion at Mobile World Congress is the message clear clock; MeeGo is going to be a strong operating system on multiple platforms, and the first MeeGo products are on the way out in the market now.

      – We have several major partners on their way. We still hope that Nokia will focus on MeeGo, but we are in no way dependent on it, “said a spokesman for Intel to

      MeeGo is still in rapid development, and currently there are no functional smart mobile version of the OS. It will come, but if we are to believe Intel’s spokesman is now more uncertain about the Nokia comes with it first.

      The only thing that is certain is that MeeGo development, which was slow before, is going to go even slower without Nokia’s gravity on their side.

    3. The “strategic partnership” means that Microsoft will be the main supplier of software for Nokia handsets. Nokia will now shift its focus from Symbian and MeeGo to WP7. When that said, neither Symbian or MeeGo will die on one day 🙂

      Microsoft will deliver the operating system, but also search the engine Bing, entertainment platform, Xbox Live and Office office suite. Microsoft will also deliver advertising platform to mobile phones via the adCenter. When it comes to mapping, Nokia Maps is to continue.

      Not only should the software giant to deliver the operating system, but also search engine Bing, entertainment platform, Xbox Live and Office office suite.

      Stephen Elop said that they don’t want to make the developers uncertain and thus slow down the platform by introducing the Qt development tools for Windows 7 Phone.

      Still the Nokia chief dont want to go along with the initiatives to shelve the focus of Symbian, Qt MeeGo. They will use large amounts of money on both Symbian and Qt in the future.

      Among other things, the processing of over 1 GHz, and powerful graphics processors being on the menu for the Symbian platform in the near future.
      For MeeGo comes a unit this year, but the further future remains to be elucidated….

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