Be connected with Layman’s Take via SMS Notifications

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I know like me, even you would be excited, when you will come to know that now there is one more way to  be connected with Layman’s Take: SMS Notifications. (Thanks to Google, who made this possible)


Click on the above image to subscribe or following the link. Be assured that this will never get involved in any kind of spamming as even I feel annoyed with any kind of useless SMSs, so I know how readers will feel, if happened so after the subscription. It will just ask for your Gmail login and mobile number and will make use of generic Google Labs service.

Take a look over the Google Labs SMS services, worth checking out. You can find many blogs there.

Note: I have chosen maximum one SMS a day policy that too for the morning time (as I write posts in night usually) as I have got mails from readers that the email notifications right at the moment, I publish the post might be annoying.

Important: Also note that this service take OAuth of Google itself like other Google services such as Maps, Search etc. no login data etc will be passed to anyone else than Google’s own servers. OAuth also ensures that no harm to security of your mails etc.

Get connected

So, now there are multiple ways to get connected with Layman’s Take as per your preference …

1. Via Emails which you can do via Email Subscription text box on the right side of blog.

2. Via RSS which you can do by adding the link in your favourite RSS reader.

3. Via Ovi App which you can find in Ovi Store if you search by keyword “nitish” or go to the direct link

4. Via daily free SMS Subscription which you can do by the link as mentioned in current post.


If you wanna connect to me directly

talk please

You can always write to me freely on or find me on twitter as @nkumar_ , I always love queries, suggestions, tips. I hope you wont be disappointed …

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2 thoughts on “Be connected with Layman’s Take via SMS Notifications

  1. Looks good but isn’t it a bit dangerous to give out your Gmail login even to someone you have all reasons to trust.I wouldn’t even give it to my wife 🙂

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