Gravity again goes the first, Build 6816 adds spam detection

Update: Gravity has updated to build 6821 now to resolve the FourSquare API issue. Download link

Update: Gravity updated again to resolve the issue I mentioned in the last para of the post. The latest build is Build 6816 and this time, its pushed into Info and Updates section as well.

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Download Link:

I might have written it again and again, but still even you don’t get bored when I say that Gravity did it again. My words from past still have their validity, when I called Gravity as the biggest twitter client. We have all the reasons to say so because of continuous innovation @janole brings in it.

The latest is the spam detection that was kind of biggest need of the moment and in my knowledge not implemented yet by any twitter client on any platform.


Screenshot credit to  and post credit to @hardiklive

The update is live since a few days now, but for the moment, I was pretty engaged in many activities and also my Nokia N8 was away from me so it was hard to post about it. Thanks for @hardiklive to push me to write and helping out with pics.

The download link of the new build is as usual http:\\\6815ALL or and for the change log….here goes the list of changes in the Gravity Build 6815 …

1. Spam detection in Gravity way: All of us who are active users of twitter must be going through it nowadays that once you discussed a line about iPad or iPhone and in next 10 seconds, you receive three four tweets from bots with a random spam link in them.

Some of us dealt with such kind of spamming in our own way like typing iPad as "I p a d" or "!pad" but neither that’s a standard solution nor all the spammers are iPad or iPhone kind of.. many bots are active and attacking on different keywords.

How to know that one is spammer?

If we note the pattern, then till now its been relatively simple. Need to check for some obvious clues

  1. The spam account will be created recently (as they get phased out when people mark them spam)
  2. There will be very few or no followers of the same account (why would one follow a spammer)
  3. The tweet that mentions you will be having a link for sure, either without text or with a stupid one.
  4. If you check the timeline of the same account then you will find similar tweets as repeated.

So what’s the solution?

While twitter is already trying to solve the same on their own, we users can help out the community by keep on marking such creeps by using the spam or block options. A bit of extra burden over you but it prevents you and others getting more spams from same.

How Gravity build 6815 helps in it?

We all seen that the name of Gravity been synonym to innovation and @janole proves it yet again with introduction of spam detection feature it his own way.

dj4dy q8glu

Screenshot credits: @SAMDlaw

The logic behind it works on the same basics like I stated in the first section. Gravity logic uses three of the four mentioned points and also checks in the tweep who mentioned you is in your friendlist or some outsider (unlikely a spammer if you following him/her).

The end result is not only you can see yourself that which one is the possibly spam tweet and also can mark the same user as spam in just two steps. Isn’t this much cooler than earlier situation, when you were needed to go into profile of the same user and then mark it as spam? Should help many of the users as they wont be needed to go through all those steps uselessly.

Though one should note that still this is only spam detection not the spam blocking/ auto-blocking as there is still a possibility of some genuine tweets coming to you this way. Also it’s not gonna detect spams like the below one

no spam

Pics credit: @Shikarkachi

Reason, there  is enough long text in the tweet and not only the link.

2. Geo-Tag sign changed: I think this change should not come as a surprise as once the spam icon took the place of Geo icon, the geo icon was needed to take some place elsewhere and what would have been better than the official way.


Screenshot credit: @hardiklive

Yes! as you can see Geo-tagged tweets will have an icons in right top side of the tweets than the red geo word in the start of the tweet like earlier.

It takes a little time to get used of white icon on dark background though I think red or green icon would have been better.

3. Minor changes in the keyboard layout: I know many are already aware of it, though for people who are not aware, Gravity keyboard been a kind of good replica of iOS keyboard though the two icons for Back key and shift key been the different. But now, it’s exactly the same.


Screenshot credit to @hardiklive

The one in the left side is iOS layout while the right one is Gravity new keyboard.

4. Minor layout fixes: As per @janole ‘s tweet as given below, there is a minor change related to fonts.


Honestly I didn’t felt much of a difference about it.

5. A few bug fixes and improved OAuth login: Like most of the time, its not easy to spot that what are exactly the bugs that got fixed, but as per statement from @janole himself…


6. Tap on top to scroll to top in Gravity browser as well: This been a feature of Gravity since long for the timeline, mentions etc but from this version, the same feature is being extended for the Gravity Browser as well.

So in all, these were the changes that new Gravity build 6815 got over the last build… there are still a few bugs like the below one, so its likely that you will see another build coming out like very soon.. New update Build 6816 resolves this issue


Will request you all to inform me if any additional change you noted in new Gravity and also report to @janole or me (@nkumar_) on twitter, if any bug you come across.


5 thoughts on “Gravity again goes the first, Build 6816 adds spam detection

  1. Just a little suggestion, please configure all links in the post to open in a new tab. it is quite annoying when I click on a reference link the original post is gone
    And yes Gravity rocks

  2. some suggestions:
    1. Put an option to use the built in web browser and be able to use it just like normal web browsers only using one app.

    2. Upgrade the facebook, put mentions/tags automatically like twitter, check-in or share location.

    3. Put logout in option menu or in account settings.

    4. Be able to tweet longer automatically.

    5. Put emoticons.

    That’s all for now! Hope to see some or all of it next build of gravity.

  3. Hi Nitish
    Does demo version allow users to upgrade to the paid one? Unfortunately I cannot find a way other than installing the paid one from Nokia ovi store…


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