Nokia Care–Teaching lesson to service industry since years

All of us know that what all those customers visiting Care/Service Centers have in common;

They all do visit if the product is not functioning properly, repeat problems or in certain cases they are negative towards the company itself.

When you look at things in this way (specially the last point), then it becomes very important for companies to curate a top class Care/ Service Center experience to tackle the aggressions and disappointments of consumers.

As customer experience and customer service increasingly become a strategic priority for companies looking to differentiate themselves, most of them are realizing that some of their consumer interactions (face to face or contact centers) represent more than just costs; they’re moments of truth for customers, points in time that significantly impact customer loyalty.

If we sit back and recall our last Service Center experiences, then I am sure that we can sure remember one of those worse ones a few years back and we can sure remember that how we talked about those experiences with our friends. It clearly shows that much important Customer Care is. Are companies really doing something about it now in recent years?


Luckily, I got a chance to visit and see the process followed by Nokia Care Centers in general and would like to share the same with you so that you can understand that why Nokia remains consumer’s favourite.

Nokia Care: the process

As about the looks and process inside a Service Center, it changes as per the user base and type of handsets change city by city, area by area, time by time, so its not exactly possible to keep each Service Center in the same way as a metropolitan city would have. Yes! there might be alterations in minute details in comparison but more or less, Nokia Care Centres catch the consumer eye. They are easy to locate & give a comfortable feeling once you enter. The basic amenities like seating space, air-conditioning, cleanliness, decent branding are common to all Nokia Care Canters.

Let me now share the different elements of a Nokia Care Center:

  1. The reception:

    The reception in a traditional Nokia Care Center has been replaced by a Token System that generates token on the basis of task category & also sends this information to Care Center manager. You get a touch based, ATM like looking token machine with different task categories from which customer can select the relevant option.


    As you can see, this system removes the middle man carrying up your tokens and subsequent order no. The new system is very transparent in its functions. While the centralized reporting helps Nokia in further improvements, but it also improves the turnaround time with per call. DSC05199Along with token, you also needed to fill Customer Information Slip for record purpose, so that Nokia may contact you about your experience if required.

  2. Waiting area: Comfortable seating at the Waiting area makes it relaxing. An LCD TV is showing the latest Nokia promotions about products as well as valuable Consumer Information like (Do’s & Don’ts, Consumer Awareness initiatives like Recycle etc.). Another LCD displays token allotment and also the average waiting time.
  3. Monitoring and tracking the tokens: It sounds too good to be true but gone are those days when you were needed to sit for long in Nokia Care Centers to get your number. While efforts are made to attend to customer at the earliest, in case any customer is waiting for long, the Center manager would attend to the customer himself. The company monitors the Average Waiting Time centrally to take corrective actions.
  4. Product & Accessory Display: One thing that has always been part of a Nokia Care Center and that is Accessory Display. It’s still the same though Nokia Care Centers in certain cities might have the latest products on display too.


  5. Service Desks: The number of service desks depends on the location & number of customers visiting the Care Center and the one that I visited was at Delhi, it had larger number of desks.

    DSC05208The Service desks are not only equipped with common accessories like covers, headphones etc. but also keep catalogue of protection plans as well.


    Like the one, you see here, Nokia Care Protect plans extends your warranty for 12 months more (Obviously after inspecting your device once and if found perfectly fine), which will be exactly same as the normal warranty. Unfortunately, only those users that are covered in warranty can enjoy this benefit, not the one who are left with expired warranty.

  6. Technical Desks: Not all the issues are as simple that one expert can solve without doing dirty things like opening your device or opening screws within mins, so all the cases that require further work beyond just an expert inspection, will go into technical section.

    Obviously consumers are not allowed to enter into technical section as it requires some form of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection, though all such technical desks  will always have a transparent glass front. Logic behind the transparent glasses is, people out there can have a view if the technical desk want to show them the exact problem with their handsets.

  7. Feedback Section: I am not sure if I would have come across a cute feedback section like this in some Service Center. It was pleasing to see the openness & transparency at Nokia Care Centers to collect customer feedback.


    And more better is, this is not just namesake. Put a negative feedback and you can be assured that someone will personally meet you or call you about that feedback.

  8. Collection Counter: Obviously not all issues can be resolved within mins or even in hours, many a times, you need to come to Care Center on a later date, just for the collection purpose. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to put a customer coming for collection into the same queue as of people with complaint. Obviously, a separate desk for collection.
  9. Accessory Replacement: Nokia Care Centers maintains a stock of commonly used accessories batteries, headphones etc. Let me remind you, you will never get a repair of headphones and batteries in case of Nokia as such items get instantly replaced with a new one rather than doing some ad-hoc solution (obviously when in warranty).. 

    Nokia ensures adequate stock in all Care Centers to avoid disappointed customers coming for service. The stock in Nokia Care Center varies as per patterns of consumers visited there.

  10. Internal Training & skill enhancements: We were very excited to know if those technical desk people were given chance of having hands on over latest upcoming gadgets before the marketSmile with tongue outNokia keeps on training each one of them about handsets throughout the year.
  11. Outcall to customers about their experiences: This is another feat that Nokia seems to have adopted from the best practices of service industry. Random calls to Customer to know if they have been satisfied with their experience with Nokia Care Center. Also if they have any suggestion in mind for further improvements. All of such calls get well documented and forwarded to concerned authorities for further decisions if required.

So, this pretty much sums up what a Nokia Care look like and functions like. When I was asked, for me it was actually hard to come up with a suggestion to bring further improvement.

Do you find the process good enough or do you have some of your own suggestions? Do you have any good or bad experiences with Nokia Care recently? Please share them with me, I hope you will be listened by right ears.


14 thoughts on “Nokia Care–Teaching lesson to service industry since years

  1. Good post – One suggestion , They should have experts or facilities to take care of more issues. Many Nokia care centers have become kind of collection points which send phones to some Head office.

    1. Suyog,
      I actually had more pointers related to your this particular question but some of the data been Internal so couldn’t write in public domain. We can discuss it separate though.

      As about experts, then believe me, if you visit Nokia Care Center today then you would find a big change in that in comparison to two years back

  2. Wow , you people in other countries are sooo lucky Mr . Kumar ! Here in the USA , there`s only one Care Center for the entire country ! So we must send our phones away , makes it a bit impersonal …
    Overall , I`ve been pleased by the service this Care Center has rendered me , except for the last time , when I had to send my 701 in due to a bad app . don`t get me wrong , I`m pleased they accepted it for service ( I bought it via a USA seller , they have to service even non USA phones , as long as u buy them from an American retailer ) , but the problem came when my 701 was deemed non repairable . Since Nokia doesn`t sell 701s in the USA , they replaced it with a C6-01 , a steep downgrade . Tried to get them to replace it with an E7 or an E6 , but no luck . Otherwise , I`m pleased ..

  3. Well Nitish .. I have got something to write since you mentioned “Please share them with me, I hope you will be listened by right ears.”

    Its not about Nokia Care Centers as I kind of do most of the things by myself & for others over the web like software update etc.

    Now the real thing.

    1) Visit Croma (Oberoi Mall, Mumbai) – Its a good store. You will see most of the phones there. And there you will see Nokia phones scattered all over. Why can’t they be at the same place ? (Just like the Lumia’s .. The 2 Lumia’s I have seen at most of the Outlets deserve a special place).

    –> Nokia, please keep your Nokia Belle & Nokia Lumia phones at one place. This is very important till Windows gain traction.
    –> Please take some pains & either remove the old S^3 phones or upgrade them to Nokia Belle – I think you can do this. The old phones are serious hurting your brand.
    –> Please make sure that the home screens of Nokia Belle Phones have some preloaded widgets like Weather, My Location, Mail Widget etc .. make your phones look awesome.
    –> How will it be if some of your Nokia representatives give demo of the amazing ‘Nokia City Lens’ App ? Is it so much hard ? or say the ‘Maps Navigation’ ?
    –> Where is the road side Marketing .. I want to see Nokia on roads on Saturday & Sunday promoting the Lumia’s, the PureView 808 & the other Belle Phones (Belle FP1 is too good).
    –> Make 603 cheaper .. make it hit the Rs 10k price. Well i work in a company & we sell one of the most demanding vehicle at almost exactly the cost price .. kind of zero profit because the competition is too stiff & we want our customers to remember us. This gives us the mindshare. Nokia 603 with Belle FP1 can do exactly the same for you.
    –> If 603 hits the Rs 10k mark & Nokia 500 the Rs 8k mark .. remove the S60 V5 phones from your portfolio. After using them people think Nokia touch is so pathetic.
    –> Why cant the chassis of phones like N8 & C6-01 be upgraded ? Upgrade the Ram, CPU & re-release them with Belle FP1 with a different name. N8 Refresh will place itself above 701 in price. Point is to do the juggling & make sure you have Belle FP1 phones starting Rs 8k till Rs 20k.
    –> Clearly differentiate your phones as Smartphones, Smart Feature Phones & Feature Phones.
    –> You can do all these until Windows strategy starts paying off.

    There is so much to write…..

  4. It’s Obvious that nokia and their any kinda service that has ever been launched is better than anyone…and you know i’m the Biggest fan of nokia…and proud to say that i have got 5 nokia handsets.
    As far as experience is concerned…i had that only for one time in nokia care center.i went there to update my phone’s sw version and they downgraded it:(
    and i don’t think that’s pretty bad…it’s Ok!

  5. Nokia India: Nokia service is too bad..A Second Bad Experience..
    NOKIA CARE’s New Slogan “WE DON’T CARE”

    Just Got my C2 Replaced from Nokia Care, Dadar-East. But the New Phone is Already a Faulty Piece.. Gets Hang every now and then.
    They Charged me Rs. 160 for some repairing in my Previous Piece, But didn’t give me any refund when the phone was to be Replaced.. They said that they have extended the WARRANTY..
    Why the Warranty is Extended?? Did i ask for it?? What should i do now?? They are not even ready to give me any proof of my extended WARRANTY..They are saying “TRUST US SIR” But Why should i trust them..And Nokia Phones are not that long lasting than before, so i didn’t even needed any EXTENDED WARRANTY..
    Reply Nokia India, or else i have to look after what step to take ahead.

    1. I don’t see any issues here. Hanging of phone is perception which depends on user and the apps he is running. A low end phone won’t perform like some galaxy s3 or iPhone. One has to admit that

      As about warranty, then if the device is out of warranty then they extend the warranty for a nominal price so that repair won’t be charged over you. It shouldn’t be an issue as its good for you only.

      I really don’t know what you will feel if you visit Samsung Center etc.

  6. Hello sir,
    Greetings of the day
    I want to ask 1 question regarding Nokia care. I want to open the service centre in my city as there is no service centre. So could you plz guide me , from where I have to start to open a service centre.

    Sonu bamba

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  9. Hello sir,
    I want to open the service centre in my city as there is no service centre. So could you plz guide me the procedure how i can start service centre in my city ? thank u
    with best regards

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