PowerShell: DNS Inventory – All records

Here goes the PowerShell script for DNS Inventory for AD Integrated DNS zones. This script needs to be altered to set variable for DC Name and once ran, it would fetch details from each zone and would save it in separate files.

Updated the code to provide option to dynamic selection of DNS Server. Thanks for input from @singhalyogi22

Note: Skipping SOA records etc to avoid complexity

function Show-Menu
param (
[string]$Title = 'My Menu'
Write-Host "================ $Title ================"

Write-Host "1: Press '1' for automatically selecting current primary DNS of this machine."
Write-Host "2: Press '2' for automatically selecting current logon server."
Write-Host "3: Press '3' for manually typing DNS Server Name to work upon."
Write-Host "Q: Press 'Q' to quit."

Show-Menu -Title "Choice for DNS Server"
$selection = Read-Host "Which DNS Server, you want to have inventory from "
switch ($selection)
'1' {
$CurerntSystemIP = (Resolve-DnsName $Env:Computername|?{$_.Type -eq "A"}).IPAddress
$DNSServer = (Resolve-DNSName (gwmi -class win32_Networkadapterconfiguration |?{$_.IPAddress -like $CurerntSystemIP}).DNSServerSearchOrder[0]).NameHost
'2' {
$DNSServer = $env:logonserver.split("\")[2]
'3' {
$DNSServer = Read-Host "Provide the DNS Name "
'Q' {
Write-Host "Collecting DNS Inventory from $($DNSServer) ..." -foregroundcolor GREEN

$Summary = @()
$Zones = @(Get-DnsServerZone -ComputerName $DNSServer)
ForEach ($Zone in $Zones) {
$Zone | Get-DnsServerResourceRecord -ComputerName $DNSServer |Select-Object HostName, RecordType,TimeStamp,TimetoLive, @{Name='PTR Record';Expression={$_.RecordData.PtrDomainName}},@{Name='IPv4Address';Expression={$_.RecordData.IPv4Address}},@{Name='IPv6Address';Expression={$_.RecordData.IPv6Address}},@{Name='CNAME Record';Expression={$_.RecordData.HostNameAlias}},@{Name='TXT Record';Expression={$_.RecordData.DescriptiveText}},@{Name='NS Record';Expression={$_.RecordData.NameServer}},@{Name='MX Record';Expression={$_.RecordData.MailExchange}} |export-csv -Notype "$env:userprofile\desktop\$DNSServer_$($Zone.ZoneName).csv"


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