Moving to Windows Live Editor

Although I have been through the importance of simple HTML formats in Blogging, but still I was sticking to Microsoft Office Word 2007, due to laziness only, you could say. But finally a mail into my mailbox from Devils Workshop, introduced me to the post Blogger of the month, which warned me with words

“We recommend using online wordpress post editor or windows live editor. Never use Microsoft word!”

Really I didn’t thought that someone will be this much seriously asking for not using Word. As earlier I already wrote in my article about Blogging, that Windows Live Editor was a better option because of one reason that its free. Microsoft sure had adhered user’s requirement that Blogger will require a minimal yet sophisticated platform with the core necessity that it must be free for sure 🙂 When it was released, I tried it right then and liked its interface and all those things, but one basic thing was missing and that was justification of text (although now I was not sure that it was really not there then or I missed something), but now I am happy to see that its right there and working perfectly as I got the latest build 14.0.8089.726.

The magic didn’t ended here. There was a link for adding plugins. I thought that there was no option for adding plugins to Blog, so this must be something to do with Live Editor itself and after going through, I really got some cool plugins like attach file, Code Snipset, Contact (hCard), Google Maps, I’m Feeling Lucky, IMDB Info, Polaroid Picture and WikiPedia Link.

Also, I got to see easy options for embedding videos like from YouTube. I really feel that I should have started using Windows Live Editor sometimes earlier.

The current post is going to be the first official post from Windows Live Editor on My Blog. So, I suggest to other bloggers like me, who might be still sticking to Microsoft Word! (or may be I am was the only dumb out there)