Layman guide for setting up Google Apps on blog with registered domain name

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The best blogging platform on the planet and the best of services suit Google Apps, do you know bloggers can send and receive email from their mapped domains using Google Apps for Domains? A few simple steps and you can have your WordPress blog and your email addresses on your own domain means several gigabytes of space, the ability to set up multiple mailboxes and much much more.

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Let’s see how it works.

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The web got a new name

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Have you noticed that is now landing on Yes!! I got the domain name registered under my name. No more a sub-domain on and no more the need to remembering the long name.

Yes! I  understand the consequences that Google Page Ranks etc will drop down on this step for the new address and I need to start-a-fresh to earn, what I got in last years, but still I don’t mind. The fact is, I started regular blogging only by September 2009 and since then in every month, I raised the traffic more than the last month. So, its kind of new and I could do better for sure.

my website

It was a simple process of buying the domain, took only a few mins and I spent around Rs. 700/- only for an year. For more details, you may  go through the helpful post here by sparklestarr. Though I am still suspicious about the situation, if I wish to use a web hosting sometimes later on, so that I could get FTP Access or power to change the themes etc (CSS upgrades are costly and still will limit scripts etc), but as much  I read there, it’s an option that I could take after 60 days, of course, if I wish so.

Google‘s offering was cheaper I guess, but I thought to give as there were other small issues and complications. Definitely, nothing could have been simpler than this.

I am always suspicious about web purchases , where they ask your credit card number and CVV? Can’t be there some other way?

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.

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