Reservation Protest: Could we really make it???


No, nothing, no crowd, silence …. the same bloody silence again and again.

We are dead, really we are dead, the same practical and smart peoples. No, I don’t hate, I just don’t … infact, I can’t. I feel pity, but on whom, I do not know.

Is it for me for just being a mere part of a helpless generation?

Is it on the people who are going for hunger strikes?

Is it for the people who are going on hunger/work strike and violence not knowing that they are not helping but spooling the whole sensation?

Is it for the people who are quiet because it does not affect them or even profit them.

We read books on revolutions, we read Bhagat singh, we watch Rang De Basnti and forget all. A sensation of moments and then after few minutes, we again became involved in our messengers, outlook, emails, orkut and blogs. We watch Rang De Basnti and discuss that the way in which people only find solutions in killing people is wrong. We discuss that in our lunches and after that we forgot that even today MIGs are continuously being crashed and no big enquiry or stir in media. What kind of sensation it is?

We just forgot that what was the purpose?Whispering in front of some friends do not make the campaigns, crying over a few persons never going to make any change. We just think that some people have moved in the ways to make the same issue alive and they will come in, if the things will knock their doors or someone will come to them to call them fro doing something. We feel foolish, if someone will see us being the part of some crowd. Our parents will think what? For what reason, we have came out of our homes, for studying na …., then let the students making protests, who are interested in politics, who are going to be affected. Just calculating that how much seats are remained for competition and think that we could make it even now. Keep thinking that we are OBC, so it is in our profit then why to go for the support of that irritating Brahmin crowd, again crying on some just another issue. No, nothing, no feeling, nothing will touch our hearts …….

Who are we? what could we do, if the whole media attentions, if all the violent and silent campaigns just making nothing? We keep on hoping and at the next day, someone gave a comment like he has the right to define our destiny. Five years!! he know it and also know that we think of nothing so longer. Analysis of words, 24 hours channels predicting the statements and options and we got the same rubbish on each issue and noting really make us feel.Shame on us, we may go for forwards, might only be mailing for the whole day, we have the time to read stupid SMSs, going for discussion on girlfriends/boyfriends, but have not time to read something because everything look like the same and we feel no solutions. Yes! really there is not one, there is nothing, all over dark, if we don’t have the time to only write some lines of support on a few attempts, articles then we think we could make a change coming to us?

Keep forgetting things, keep moroning, keep voting for the same morons who do not even get one from the whole country to lead them and forcing us top accept the same, keep thinking the same moron as our future leader, whose all statements are calculated and he talks in predefined ways. Just keep guessing that they will say something against the things, they themselves have planned. Just joking …. one goes to Haward and came back without a single degree and enjoy his right from his birth to lead the youth and things just pose them as …….. we could do nothing, not even reading an article in once, in whole.

I do not claim that I am something or not a part of the same crowd. Same deadlines of work, projects,assignments, OTs, ENTs, same changing of proxies because messenger is not working, same searches on Google, have not someone done something on the same projects? I am no more special, really no one, who could be really affected. One, who has a brother in HAL and other one UP topper and he, himself working very well. Really nothing could affect, nothing should. Do not even have few minutes more to read that what someone give as answer even if someone do.

Hating myself like those boys which are even protesting at this moment and feeling ourselves alone and helpless. I will scream at top of my throats and will go to sleep just after coming back from office, every morning will be the same, every paper and channel will say the same, nothing will change here, nothing ……

I hate myself in so much helpless pose, just only thing I could do, as the protests are dying, is ……………

Will you not even comment on?



8 thoughts on “Reservation Protest: Could we really make it???

  1. Resevation is not neccessary to develop the underdevelops. Rather than reservation there should be enough facilities so that the person for whom we think is in need of reservation could get the success and obtain whatever he wants without any reservation.


  2. I cud undrstnd tht wht u mght b feelin whn wrt d artcle n seem 2 be disappointd but don loose heart. althugh i do nt knw abt u bt u hav d fire tht we peotestors require.

    rt nw i m in hurry but will sure comment on it. grt job dude, sure a new percpective n smart sense of writin. urs other articles r interestin too although i was an amey fan bt i think i shuld give you like ppl crdt of makng sandeep d crwn.

    I think ths time u r more better than indian idol time, which shuld be a complmnt fr u.

  3. If Government really wants 2 give reservation 2 OBC’s then ask them 2 give it in ARMY. Why they don’t give reservation in ARMY bcoz Govt. knows it very well that next day after giving reservation in ARMY,our enemies will capture INDIA.I salute General Class(Pandits,Thakurs & others) who r really fighting 4 INDIA.Why can’t we the son of those brave General Class fight against Reservation.We will fight against Reservation.Only Talent will be saluted not a reserved candidate………..we will n we can change this world, Beleive in yourself.

  4. Alok!!

    Do not took it personal but I am really really disappointed. Do you really know that I myself an OBC and was qualified for the CDS, SSB in the very first attempt. Do you really know how many OBCs are serving the nation. Do not took the conversation in that way.

    My dear!! why do not you all want to understand, we could make a change to world by self determination and talent not by mere origins and costs. Only General class have not fought nor will fought. This is only thing I am fearing, if you took the things in this way then we will see OBCs as a cohesive vote bank for Politician as they were never even then when Generals were a side and Scs were a side. It is really going to change the history of India. We have seen one party ruling from 50 years and now they came back again wth dividde and rule

  5. Nitish Brother
    My intention was not to say that only General Class are really the son of this great nation, we all are the son and daughters of this great nation and Mother INDIA always love its all sons and daughters(of any caste and colour).My intention was just to say that Government is giving reservation just for its VoteBank and i am very ashamed to say that our government is diving mother INDIA’s son and daughters just for its benefits.
    I respect ur feelings , somehow because of me if ur feelings get hurt i feel really very very sorry for it.
    u r right Only talent should be saluted.

  6. No Yaar!! there is not a problem at all. I am not that much ironic and know that what you intended to say but it was neccessary to make a remark because such things are being used against the protests.

    In fact, a lot of OBCs are with you but who want to move on roads against their own profits. We need to just call them for justice and the Goverment will be back. We are looking like this fight as losted and that is the main reason, sometimes thing are looking out of grip. Turning the wind is just simple as taking a breath, but we need to release our breath at the same time together in numbers of carores.

  7. Hi nitish!

    it was a great read, and an inspiring one 2…just hope the message gets across and more and more OBCs realise that taking the support of reservation to progress would actually be a mockery of their talents. When that widespread dawns, maybe the vote bank won’t any longer respond to this kind of dirty quota politics. That should stop the politicians 4m proposing any more rubbish of this sort. Hopefully then just to please the secular majority,the politicians will turn into anti-reservation activists 2, hoping that atleast that would impress the majority!!

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