Layman’s take on Nokia X7-00-Definitely fancy looks but …

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It should come as an odd to people who know me as the review coming a “little bit” late than usual. I am finishing off the post, when the review unit has gone back. But credit of the same goes to kind of maniac office life. I hope I will be forgiven for the same.

After Nokia E6, I was definitely looking for Nokia X7-00 desperately for the two reasons, first was obviously Symbian Anna on a full touch device and second was the 4" screen that I enjoyed a lot with Nokia E7-00 in a bit thicker format.. and finally Womworld guys heard me. Paul must have got bored reading thanks from my side to him, but I still wanna say… thanks … thanks again mate 😉


So, How Nokia X7 is? Is it really worth it? Without wasting more time, let’s start the Layman’s take.

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Nokia X7-00, Full QWERY coming?

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So my laziness took the crown of talking about Nokia X7-00 first and MobileGeekInc spotted the same in Ovi Store today. So, like I was already talking about rest of the devices coming from Nokia this year, after Nokia E6-00 and Tablet S, now I am back again to talk over Nokia X7-00.

X-Series was dedicated to Music as per new naming convention by Nokia but you must have spotted something else as well…. Sharp edges and rectangular builds, while C-Series seems to has curves on border, that’s a signature for X-Series.

Nokia XSeries 

So, that’s the start to build up the profile that what we have in our hands for certain, when we talk about Nokia X7-00. Oh Yes! like the last two posts, its again a calculated guess on what Nokia X7-00 would be rather than what it is or some leak… no its not a leak or insider info.

If you check the link, then you see that Angry Bird Lite is available for Nokia X7-00 that confirms Symbian^3 as operating system, means almost certain 3.5” multi-touch capacitive and may be CBD display (if we believe the pattern).

And by the way, before you get started on me, let me tell you.. the pics shown is actually Sony Xperia X1 and I have placed that here only for the purpose to show that how it would look like.

Why a Keypad?

Because, X-Series has not any till now and sure with touch-n-type devices, they know that people still shout for keypad. While looking at XPERIA X1, I really thought that if something has to become X7-00, then that would be like that. It makes perfect sense.

So, as a list, following are the things that one should expect from Nokia X7-00

  • 3.5” (may be 4”) Capacitive with CBD Display packed into rectangular build like other X-Series

  • 4 row QWERTY Sliding keypad without hinge like Nokia N97 mini .. flat only

  • Symbian^3 OS packed with some standard goodies

  • An 8MP EDOF camera with HD Recording support

  • Scratch-proof ionized Aluminum build like we seen on Nokia N8, E7 and C7.

  • A fully mature multi-touch capacitive screen (may be even a stylus) protected by Gorilla Glass.

  • ARM 11 600 MHz (Nokia getting generous, but not that to provide Cortex). No GPU

  • 256 MB RAM, 512 MB NAND, 350 MB user storage, 8 GB internal memory and support for 32Gb MicroSD.

  • Full fledge A-GPS making use of Ovi Maps services, 3G and WiFi on it from the very first version.

  • Full fledge Bluetooth 3.0 capable of connecting Keyboard and mouse in it

  • No HDMI, though Dolby sound still on board

Just this? Then why didn’t they released this till now?

Good point!!

At least three or four devices pending and as per the tradition and the bulk launches always had some common connection between them. Like launch of C3, C6 and E5 had new Nokia Messaging solutions as theme, while Symbian^3 was the theme, when they announced N8, C7, E7, C6-01 (Early N8 launch was mistimed due to provoke).

So, there must be some common connection between all the upcoming devices. MeeGo?? Might be, but Angry Bird is available for Symbian^3 only and its open for X7-00, so that shouldn’t be the possibility. Then what it would be?

If you ask me, then as their tag line saying now days, “Its not the technology, but its what we do with it”, very likely it has to do something with the services offering. Might be, we haven’t seen some bigger fruit of Yahoo-Nokia partnership yet and it has to do something with that. Yahoo coming with some Music Service? May be. That indoor navigation? No!! that was a experiment stuff, not very practical to arrive soon..

But it has to be bigger than this… something such bigger that Nokia is thinking of tuning all the tables. You should have reasons to get excited.

Once we get to know that common link, many things will be revealed about upcoming Nokia E6-00 and Nokia N9-00. So, offer me your best guesses please.

What you say? …..