Nokia S tablet to showcase MeeGo?

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Continuing from last very calculated guess Nokia E6-00, I am pushing a step more with some words and thoughts over an unannounced Nokia tablet code name S.

The year started the new era with Apple’s announcement of a complete multi-touch tablet, something which many were gearing for since long, but the credit was to go for the company that really shaped the touch screens in the way they are today and now we are hearing every next company coming up with their own version of ‘iPad’ish tablet. Are we missing anything in all this? Where is Nokia?

You may call it adding 2 and 2, but there are pretty big reasons that the last quarter of this very year might see the real deal of tablet from Nokia featuring MeeGo OS on it.

Why Nokia S?

Remember the second week of June this year and there was a leak all around the web, being discussed among all Nokia lovers ….


French: La nomenclature des produits Nokia se base sur une repartition par series et par niveaux, generant ainsi 17 categoes de produits differents

English:The nomenclature of Nokia products based on a breakdown by series and level, thus generating 17 different categories of products

17 Categories and with Nokia World 2010 closed in now, we are already with C1, C2, C3, C5, C6, C7, E5, E7, X2, X3, X5, X6 and N8. So, it leaves the room for the next announcements scheduled for the last quarter to be Nokia E6-00, Nokia X7-00, much awaited Nokia N9-00 and mysterious S Series. After all now, no one can deny that it was the roadmap of Nokia for year 2010.

What it says on S?

French: La serie S est reservee a un nombre limited de mobiles qui ne rentrent dans aucune des autres series de produits

English: The S series is reserved to a limited number of phones that do not fit into any other series of products.

The wild guess of calling S Series representing a tablet seems not fit as they called it “limited number of phones”, but as they already have said on their Nokia Conversations post that C, X, E and N complete the circle of phone models, it leaves the bet open for mysterious S being a tablet only. We can’t even remotely assume that in this fight back roadmap, Nokia could have dared to miss tablet phenomenon, when there own words were already speaking of confirmation for a tablet to coming …..

Due to the spread of cloud computing and new advances in electronics and network technology, mobile devices will increasingly move beyond smart phones to include other computer-like gadgets such as tablets, and the MeeGo platform will be an important asset for Nokia.

Overwhelmed by the amazing price point of Nokia N8, people might missing the point that why Nokia seems to be out for kill with Nokia N8 with less margins on their side. Obviously, Its just not about making a best selling phone, but it’s about placing such a huge selling beast that makes developers craving for making a fortune out of it and thus making the way for biggest mobile platform ever (as Qt will be bridging the Gap between always live Linux and biggest mobile platform Symbian).

Nokia definitely holding the temptation of bringing the tablet game on somehow, because they first want Nokia N8 to embrace the world all over first and then developers will already be developing apps for it, Apps, which will be running on Symbian, MeeGo and all touch range of devices.

Apple was able to bring iPad in, only when iPhone was getting such a success and developers were making apps for it day and night. HP Slate been hard for HP because of the only fact that WebOS isn’t a big name yet. Definitely Nokia just waiting for some successful device like iPhone to bring its own platform on the top of everything, otherwise making a device like tablet is just a piece of cake for Nokia.

What the possible specs of Nokia S Tablet might be?price

Their price roadmap also places a mark on what price one should expect on Nokia N9-00 and Nokia Tablet running MeeGo. Moreover, with Nokia Booklet 3G, we already know that what Nokia already has in its bag.

There are something that you can expect from a Nokia tablet ..

  • A size of possibly 9” with 10mm thicker build.
  • Scratch-proof Ionised Aluminium build like we seen on Nokia N8, E7 and C7.
  • A fully mature multi-touch capacitive screen (may be even a stylus) protected by Gorilla Glass.
  • ARM Cortex 9 as processor even if Intel might be pushing for its Moorestown.
  • 512 MB RAM, 1GB NAND, 2 GB user storage, 16 GB internal memory and support for 32Gb MicroSD.
  • Full fledge A-GPS making use of Ovi Maps services, 3G and WiFi on it from the very first version.
  • Full fledge Bluetooth 3.0 capable of connecting Keyboard and mouse in it
  • An HDMI port, , USB 3.0, USB on the go and Dolby.. even writing about it is exciting.
  • A 3.5mm jack for media and also two microphones for noise cancellation.
  • Loud enough speakers serving good enough for the Dolby output.
  • An 5MP EDOF camera on the front side with dual LED.

The last one might seem pushing for a little bit more, but it makes good sense for having better camera and LED on the front aiding the better video calling experience than ever and that too with a night light on (via LED).

Still have to see that what more Nokia could bring on it, being MeeGo targeted to be a Cloud platform and backing Chrome Browser as of now. Even if such a possible tablet get the always trustable name Nokia on it, it will still be just another tablet in town. So, Nokia has to bring some magic from software side as well.

Nokia already said that it will be services that will distinguish Nokia E7 from Nokia N8 and so I am already looking for some big services coming from Nokia very soon.

So, these are my thoughts on something that might make its big appearance once Nokia N8 gets settled and brings developers on the Nokia board, probably after Q4, 2011.  What you think about it?


5 thoughts on “Nokia S tablet to showcase MeeGo?

  1. I just wish I had more money to buy all these juicy, sexy Nokia devices 🙂 The most I can afford is an N8 and I will stick to that!

    1. @Simon @Dave

      Every good thing needs money for it mates.

      When the world is not asking anything that why Apple is costing them big bucks and making much more margins than their investments, then why its for Nokia people who (along with their more than two hundred patents in GSM technology) have bring the technology in place, where it is today?

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