Layman’s Take on Nokia N9– Music of Beethoven

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Its been enough long since I didn’t came back  about the much awaited Nokia N9 post, the Layman’s Take on Nokia N9, but I wanted to assure you that I wasn’t lost and was exploring the beauty from the most critical angles, so that you can get a view beyond the praises, beyond the technicalities… beyond the background stories … beyond Meego’s Future etc.. just a practical and real life plain view about the device and here I am .. back again..


What will you do if …

  • You know that you are among least wanted out there …
  • You know that nothing matters now, no matter how hard you try …
  • You know that this is actually the last life you are going to live out there …
  • If you have to face the world out there alone as even your own people will back off from you …

Yes! this been exactly the thing with Nokia N9, when it was waiting for its turn to come out in lights.

Odds from whole universe been tiding their hands against this lonely warrior. Big tech blogs were habitual of discarding anything from praises, if a name Nokia attached with it. Think of the adrenal in your veins when you know that people are ready to discard you even before giving you a tiny chance, leave the talk of a fair chance, think of the thoughts going on inside, when you know that even your company don’t want to launch you all over the world and just want to pass it on?

Do you know, what Nokia N9 did?

It did something that only heros do, like Beethoven did, with composing legendary music even when he went medically deaf. Nokia N9 stood tall in front of all the odds and turned around the things single handedly.

Its been long since when we heard literally hundred percent reviews about a Nokia filled with adjectives only and when it happens then if it tempting you to know about it “more and more” then you are perfectly sane. After all, when people like Gizmodo, who even refused to review Nokia N8 (still the best Nokia phone for me till date), feel tempted about it, then why should you hide your lust for it?

I had every reason to  literally beg for this gadget pornography and thank to kind people at Nokia, I wasn’t denied like always. Smile

But who was I?

The one who started his mobile blogging with almighty Nokia N900 and still dreams about that “old” resistive device only, I was obviously not surprised by the praises coming in the way of Nokia N9, knowing that it was successor to Nokia N900 itself with removal of most of its shortcomings (not all).

I was obviously not starting afresh here. I had my own expectations, coming from Nokia N900 and Nokia N8 combined, let’s see what I felt about the device, but I should warn you that once you click the Read More link, you are into a post that is as big as around 11000+ words, more than double larger that any other review I posted till date..

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DA-BANG at Layman’s Take-Yeah it is an Nokia N9

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Finally it is the time to end the suspense and to reveal what I been holding since last few days. Yes! The One is here. The one you waited to hear about from me, the one, over which I was dying to get my hands on. And finally thanks to Tom and Paul, it is here. King of kings, Nokia N9.


Its been 323 days back from here, when I requested the Santa to bring a Nokia N900 for me and while I thought he missed my plea back then in flood of pleas from others, I can hear that he didn’t missed me, but thought to greet me with something even bigger than that. Something that might have removed all the shortcomings of Nokia N900 I once cribbed about and bring this much more than for counting even my fingers could fell short.

It is a dream come true.

I know you wanna hear all about it, I know you wanna see all what you haven’t seen.. in next coming days, I will try that I wont disappoint you all. Now let me go back to the dreamland again.

Nokia N9 Leaked? Is Nokia N9 already in hands of testers?

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Just spotted some last day tweets from a guy on twitter named @SimonLR from Toronto, Ontario, who claims to have visited a friend, who does have almighty Nokia N9, everyone is talking about now days. Though he already have mentioned that he can’t disclose much of the device as his friend must be bound by usual legal rules.

No pictures allowed. No off-device/camera samples. No dissassembly. You guys know the rules. C’mon.

But check out what he says ..

Android and iOS don’t have shit on this. Not even close5:38 AM Dec 10th via N9

The twitter client from which he tweeted takes us to the Nokia NSeries official page, which indicates a brand new twitter client other than Nokia Social. Much needed as the common opinion is “Nokia Social sucks”. And when he says that it’s a brand new experience than iOS and Android then it meant something big… real real big.

    Cool!5:36 AM Dec 10th via N9

    Nokia fans, save your money for the next few months5:33 AM Dec 10th via N9

    This keyboard is spacious4:55 AM Dec 10th via N9

    Some of the impressions as mentioned above shows that there are pretty big reasons to wait for the device itself. Definitely some impressive things are cooking somewhere.

    There’s home screen widgets4:52 AM Dec 10th via Nokia N9 Widget

    This particular tweet not only shows that widgets do exists in the new Home Screen UI, but if you follow the link of the twitter client source then it indicates that you will be able to tweet directly from the Home Screen Widget itself that will be available from Ovi Store. Cool!!.. interesting to note the fact that the main client and widget have two different sources, which in my opinion says that social services are built in at core levels and available through out the UI by various means. More intuitive, more integrated and more comfortable.

    @davidgilson Handset Ref UX is not what Nokia’s MeeGo iteration is5:39 AM Dec 10th via N9

    As about more on the UI, then he already mentions that its completely different than we might have seen and as many already know, its different from the one MeeGo shows off at least till now.

        Ovi Maps icon does nothing5:29 AM Dec 10th via N9

        WiFi here is real spotty. I wonder if a Skype call will work…5:26 AM Dec 10th via N9

        No carrier branding so far5:12 AM Dec 10th via N9

        I wonder if GPS works5:03 AM Dec 10th via N9

        Ovi Store doesn’t work5:00 AM Dec 10th via N9

          The above tweets also shows that this is in no case a finished product as of now. In earlier tweet, he already did mentioned that its still a far story for some months at least. May be Q3 as many already guessing.

          To know more about him in person, you can check out the official page of him here. As of now, he owns a Nokia N900 and also a blog named We can’t be sure that how authentic he is, but there was a tweet by his one friend @MikeMacias saying below  via MyNokiaBlog

          I don’t know if @SimonLR got his hands on N9 today but don’t think he’d kid. Simon resigned from @mobile_fanatics and TMF doesn’t have it

          Interesting.. isn’t it? What’s say?

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          Nokia S tablet to showcase MeeGo?

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          Continuing from last very calculated guess Nokia E6-00, I am pushing a step more with some words and thoughts over an unannounced Nokia tablet code name S.

          The year started the new era with Apple’s announcement of a complete multi-touch tablet, something which many were gearing for since long, but the credit was to go for the company that really shaped the touch screens in the way they are today and now we are hearing every next company coming up with their own version of ‘iPad’ish tablet. Are we missing anything in all this? Where is Nokia?

          You may call it adding 2 and 2, but there are pretty big reasons that the last quarter of this very year might see the real deal of tablet from Nokia featuring MeeGo OS on it.

          Why Nokia S?

          Remember the second week of June this year and there was a leak all around the web, being discussed among all Nokia lovers ….


          French: La nomenclature des produits Nokia se base sur une repartition par series et par niveaux, generant ainsi 17 categoes de produits differents

          English:The nomenclature of Nokia products based on a breakdown by series and level, thus generating 17 different categories of products

          17 Categories and with Nokia World 2010 closed in now, we are already with C1, C2, C3, C5, C6, C7, E5, E7, X2, X3, X5, X6 and N8. So, it leaves the room for the next announcements scheduled for the last quarter to be Nokia E6-00, Nokia X7-00, much awaited Nokia N9-00 and mysterious S Series. After all now, no one can deny that it was the roadmap of Nokia for year 2010.

          What it says on S?

          French: La serie S est reservee a un nombre limited de mobiles qui ne rentrent dans aucune des autres series de produits

          English: The S series is reserved to a limited number of phones that do not fit into any other series of products.

          The wild guess of calling S Series representing a tablet seems not fit as they called it “limited number of phones”, but as they already have said on their Nokia Conversations post that C, X, E and N complete the circle of phone models, it leaves the bet open for mysterious S being a tablet only. We can’t even remotely assume that in this fight back roadmap, Nokia could have dared to miss tablet phenomenon, when there own words were already speaking of confirmation for a tablet to coming …..

          Due to the spread of cloud computing and new advances in electronics and network technology, mobile devices will increasingly move beyond smart phones to include other computer-like gadgets such as tablets, and the MeeGo platform will be an important asset for Nokia.

          Overwhelmed by the amazing price point of Nokia N8, people might missing the point that why Nokia seems to be out for kill with Nokia N8 with less margins on their side. Obviously, Its just not about making a best selling phone, but it’s about placing such a huge selling beast that makes developers craving for making a fortune out of it and thus making the way for biggest mobile platform ever (as Qt will be bridging the Gap between always live Linux and biggest mobile platform Symbian).

          Nokia definitely holding the temptation of bringing the tablet game on somehow, because they first want Nokia N8 to embrace the world all over first and then developers will already be developing apps for it, Apps, which will be running on Symbian, MeeGo and all touch range of devices.

          Apple was able to bring iPad in, only when iPhone was getting such a success and developers were making apps for it day and night. HP Slate been hard for HP because of the only fact that WebOS isn’t a big name yet. Definitely Nokia just waiting for some successful device like iPhone to bring its own platform on the top of everything, otherwise making a device like tablet is just a piece of cake for Nokia.

          What the possible specs of Nokia S Tablet might be?price

          Their price roadmap also places a mark on what price one should expect on Nokia N9-00 and Nokia Tablet running MeeGo. Moreover, with Nokia Booklet 3G, we already know that what Nokia already has in its bag.

          There are something that you can expect from a Nokia tablet ..

          • A size of possibly 9” with 10mm thicker build.
          • Scratch-proof Ionised Aluminium build like we seen on Nokia N8, E7 and C7.
          • A fully mature multi-touch capacitive screen (may be even a stylus) protected by Gorilla Glass.
          • ARM Cortex 9 as processor even if Intel might be pushing for its Moorestown.
          • 512 MB RAM, 1GB NAND, 2 GB user storage, 16 GB internal memory and support for 32Gb MicroSD.
          • Full fledge A-GPS making use of Ovi Maps services, 3G and WiFi on it from the very first version.
          • Full fledge Bluetooth 3.0 capable of connecting Keyboard and mouse in it
          • An HDMI port, , USB 3.0, USB on the go and Dolby.. even writing about it is exciting.
          • A 3.5mm jack for media and also two microphones for noise cancellation.
          • Loud enough speakers serving good enough for the Dolby output.
          • An 5MP EDOF camera on the front side with dual LED.

          The last one might seem pushing for a little bit more, but it makes good sense for having better camera and LED on the front aiding the better video calling experience than ever and that too with a night light on (via LED).

          Still have to see that what more Nokia could bring on it, being MeeGo targeted to be a Cloud platform and backing Chrome Browser as of now. Even if such a possible tablet get the always trustable name Nokia on it, it will still be just another tablet in town. So, Nokia has to bring some magic from software side as well.

          Nokia already said that it will be services that will distinguish Nokia E7 from Nokia N8 and so I am already looking for some big services coming from Nokia very soon.

          So, these are my thoughts on something that might make its big appearance once Nokia N8 gets settled and brings developers on the Nokia board, probably after Q4, 2011.  What you think about it?

          MeeGo? Symbian^4? Product demo? Fake? Closer look

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          Update: The original video was removed after Nokia claimed it. Re-uploaded for people, who might have missed it. Will be removed soon. Meanwhile, a post from AAS also shown Ovi client being built for N8, I think Ovi store here look similar to that one. Isn’t it?

          Web and social sites seen lots of vibes coming from one youtube link that was followed by a short blog post by today only. In last 24 hours the video has seen around 44, 000 hits, which clearly shows that how eagerly people might be waiting for Nokia to rule again.

          Though already a post from Mark Guim pushed others from writing anything further on the same video (brilliant post mate), but later on raised doubts and speculations (the original poster says its MeeGo), I thought to contribute few of my own words over the same from a Maemo lover’s perspective. Let’s watch the eye candy first …

          There been a huge buzz around the new OS followed by this Meego in last two days and sure experts are holding themselves to say anything on this due to obvious reasons (bad experiences with N97), but something could be said for sure about this.

          This is only a presentation video of functionality, running on some simulator, so there should be no talk about snappy performances or anything like that, that would be too good to be true.

          Let’s dissect it again …


          Though video was not HD and pics is blurry, but if you look harder then the bottom left line says …

          @Nokia 2009/ 2010 Secret

          Now that creates doubts as Secret is sure not an official term to be used, companies usually prefer confidential, but leave that here.

          When look at the top, then the video/ presentation clearly aims to demonstrate five chapters in short…

          1. Starting up and signing in
          2. Powerful Multi-Tasking UI
          3. Get Connected
          4. Ovi Store
          5. Music Player

          Starting up and signing in:

          The music widget been the permanent resident of home screen for many and stock updates might be of worth, when you will looking at your mobile screen more than anything else (sure beauties)

          We always heard of Nokia-Facebook deals and Nokia-Twitter deals, but the way the screenshot below shows updates from Ovi and Facebook on homepage, when someone touches that green new updates icon in bottom right corner, shows that Nokia is very much planning to push its own Ovi as somewhat a twitter like service and may be wishing to make it as popular one.

          vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h03m26s16 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h07m12s113  

          Social Networking widget in green  at bottom right shows number of updates, which look cool in popping up bubble way. There are comments, responses and sure like buttons will be as well. Posting is simple like Android or iOS might be doing, but I will also like to see that if it has got any improvement only touch phones (without qwerty).

          As this is just a simulation, the poster taken the liberty of not showing the touch keypad as that wasn’t gonna look cool, if was going to take most of the screen like current touch keypad screens do.


          The next cool thing was to see integration of contacts. We already seen the smooth integration of contacts with social services. There were only facebook and ovi updates on home screen, but contacts app shows that twitter integration is there for sure. not only that but it looks too cool (reminds me N900)


          If you look closer then there are 4 tabs in bottom of contact. Info, Social History, Extra and history.

          Info must be what being shown on screen
          Social history should shows recent status updates.
          History should show last call details, last message details or chat details for that person
          I still wonder that what would be in Extra, GPS? NFC?

          No mention of Video Call here like Nokia N900, neither anything like Facetime in pics, really? Hope we gonna see something like that included in contacts. Meanings of Get Connected going to be changed again.

          Powerful Multi-Tasking UI

          If you have played with Maemo and N900 for once, then whenever someone talks about Multi-Tasking, your mind start comparing the same with Maemo only.


          Looks similar? Can’t say that it will be card like as in Symbian^3 or Maemo like, but switching seems to be exactly as was in Nokia N900, pretty good reasons to wait for the next OS.. I wonder if they would provide that left top icon and side click kind of innovations we seen with Maemo on N900.

          Though at the end, it will all depend on RAM and Application Memory provided. It was pretty neat with N900, but if they are targeting to be cheaper than others, then ….

          Ovi Store

          Idea of using get Application button seems to be inspired from Add/Remove control panel applet and sure makes the better sense.


          Ovi Store looked neat with surprising entry of Gravity and Acrobat along with Angry Bird. @Janole hasn’t confirmed a Gravity for MeeGo yet and sure the appearance of the same pushed some doubts there, but I think if the apps would be running on Qt runtime, then it will be immaterial that you are on Symbian^3 ^4 or MeeGo.


          Ovi store looks neat and no filters like recommended, applications, games etc.

          vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h07m52s248 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h07m55s25

          Display page for individual apps also look pretty neat, informatory and well navigated.

           vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h07m59s66 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h08m01s91 

          Cool, when it shows the application being installed with short blue status bar under the app icon. Same with the payment method, where you would be having your credit card registered for payments. Are they thinking of debit cards as well? And what about all applications on trial?

          Music Player Strange that why it was not demonstrated like Nokia N8? With cool Album poster display?

          vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h08m11s186 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h08m15s227

          Seems almost like any of the best music apps out there, if you talk about work.

          vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h08m19s11 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h08m23s55

          They didn’t went for landscape mode, otherwise, we might have seen some more awesomeness, but it wasn’t displayed that where will be the option to send, share or set as ringtone fo the currently playing song? Is it that blue icon on the top right?



          Pretty neat and awesome? I warn you that don’t make assumptions and expectations like people started with N97 Classic demo videos. Actual speed varies on the basis of final hardware and such a UI will do wonder when gets at least 512 MB RAM and 1GHz processor.  Statius updates will still not be flashy without a very good internet connection or 3G. So, expect the experience to be awesome, but be realistic in opinions. Its the OS, not some particular device.

          What you think?

          Symbian or MeeGo? What’s been wrong with Nokia and what should be done?

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          Even after shaky start and complaints about reception issues (even admittance now), big figures from Apple were already a pinch, then rise of Android backed by today’s God Google, Bada from Samsung riding up on some really beautiful pieces like Galaxy-S, had really got us thinking, if Nokia and Symbian lost the battle of making a truly amazingly Advanced OS and attracting developers around. Many hopes are on next coming Symbian^3, MeeGo, Nokia N8 and Nokia N9, E7 etc .. but will Nokia really be able to match the needs this time?

          The question I have asked in first para of this post, Ricky Cadden sure thought the answer in negative and decided to express disappointment with Nokia rather than Symbain itself. We should say that besides the bashing from Edlar when we weren’t expecting this (?). Is Over … that really has came up as a big blow to many of us, who strongly wish to stand on the side of Nokia. I am really left with thinking that …

          Are late releases and escalated expectations over Symbian^3, MeeGo, Nokia N8, Nokia N9, E7 etc gonna be fatal for Nokia?

          First of all, why there is this much frustration about Symbian and Nokia, when they seems to doing every best thing for consumers? Are you really given up over Nokia or wishing to bargain more?

          Let me count a few  issues …

          What’s been the biggest damage to Nokia and Symbian? N97?

          Not only Symbian-Guru, but there will be thousands around, which will come up with only one name… Nokia N97 Classic. The most infamous part of Nokia legacy perhaps destroyed the years goodwill for Nokia and as much they tried to cover it up, things went worse and its getting worsen now due to only the fact that even today, Nokia N97 making the top of the shelf for Nokia. It might be harsh to say, but somewhere everyone of even Nokia fan now understand that each sold piece of Nokia N97 becoming a nail to coffin for Nokia-Symbian.

          The much over priced phone (even now) was seriously underpowered and frustrated hell out of users. Consumers kept on crying for some firmware update to fix the issues, while Nokia’s probably worse understanding of RAM requirements, had already insured that it will never be repaired. 

          If Nokia really survived the blow of Nokia N97, then it was Nokia N900… only that bring back the hopes that Nokia could do anything right. Nokia N900 still stands as the best resistive screen of whole planet and it does each and everything right… either it be experience, which was unbelievably natural out of the box, either it be integration with existing services like flicker, skype, Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN etc. or it be hardware design and support. Some think that best choice for Nokia was to exchange all Nokia N97 out there for Nokia N900 in free.

          What’s kept developers disappointed with Nokia? Nokia knew that they been terribly late in touch phone segment (that’s being touted as Smartphone segment now days) and Symbian was only trying to adopt the touch, never seemed really built for the same. Some think that best choice would have been for Nokia, if they could have joined hands with Google (they couldn’t as both of them are of Giant and dominating nature) rather than joining hands with Intel, but that’s business and you can’t really blame them for that.

          But what about Developers? Aren’t you making them nuts? For what they should program? Symbian? In a mid level language C/C++? Are you real? Symbian^3, Symbian^4, Maemo, MeeGo? Should they get back to college to learn all these?

          I really can’t blame them much, Nokia probably got impression from Microsoft vs Apple Vs Linux that its hard to remove impression of something that you been grown up with. They thought if they leave Symbian from here, then they would be needed to start-a-fresh and the fight would be on turf of their opponents and they know that would not be something easy. To complicate things more, there been strong supporters for Symbian itself and legacy of Symbian was kind of unforgettable for even worst rivals, how could Nokia had think of leaving Symbian so easily?

          If we talk about reasons, then Nokia was a manufacturer first and still they provide the best of hardware in best of price (leave alone Nokia N97 and Booklet 3G). They were making Good OS for non-touch phones (nothing could be more productive than a Nokia E72 or Nokia E52) and they were adding super excellent things like Ovi Maps and all. They were in a league of their own and been the best for “Phone” market and they are even now.

          Then it came the competition with HTC and Apple, when they entered the market with touch phones and same time with RIM, when they grabbed Business with their QWERTY. Note that Nokia didn’t lead, they adopted and reacted. They reacted to RIM with their E-Series/ Nokia Messaging and to Apple with N97, 5800 and all… Like my Boss often said, proactive work make you win and reactive work will only keep you on toe. Nokia seems to be on toe.

          You already doing a lot, releasing new handsets back to back, coping up with new technologies being introduced each day and entering new fields every next month, then it happens sometimes that you can’t come up with the tag of being best for everything you do. Nokia winning over RIM in many senses, but touch seems to be sloppy turf to them since start (Nokia N900 is exception) and Apple a hard contender than others.

          Its not that Apple is doing great .. high figures of sold iPhone4 handsets involve mostly earlier iPhone3GS users, who are just upgrading their phones for a nominal cost from their provider, obviously in hope that it would get something better than earlier. They obviously have no other choice after living up with Apple till now. The part to worry about is, number of developers being attracted and number of apps being made for them.

          Developers making apps for Apple are on smooth turf as even if thing evolve then they have to update themselves in minor ways like VB people evolved for VB .Net, more over, they have to keep only two or at most three devices in mind but with Nokia.. its been complicated due to its wide catalogue and rather tougher development with Symbian and now its seems to be a real nightmare after ‘debacle’ of Symbian.

          Is Nokia not aware of this OS dilemma?”

          Its not that Nokia has gone under panic completely and just trying out here and there. Its just…  not easy to leave the things which kept you on top over the years and even now. It was hard for them to realize that Symbian might be efficient, could be improved and polished well, but it wont be able lure developers due to its inherent difficulties in developing apps with it, specially due to a larger range of products people expect a Symbian App to support.

          The announcement that Nokia N8 is last Symbian based N-Series had its strong reasons and indications, which if would have taken in right sense, then there were not that disappointment all around that someone would be needing to say that they lost hopes with Nokia. Why Nokia?? Your disappointment been with Symbian, isn’t it?

          Symbian^3 was announced to be based upon Qt and reasons behind the same were to provide a smooth transfer of existing Symbian developers over Qt, which will be compatible with MeeGo and all…they engineered a brilliant hardware in superb cost (in fact a bit cheaper than they could have afforded), so that more and more people could be attracted to the same and so developers might have their reasons for developing on Symbian^3 due to popularity of N8. That was better to them in longer sense even if they get much lesser margin on Nokia N8 handsets. Later on Nokia N9 and E7 like devices were aligned to be launched with MeeGo, which will already be having as many apps as people might have developed for Nokia N8 already.

          You can understand that a Smartphone with superb hardware is of no use till you don’t get developers from all the globe giving nights over developing apps for the same. It really frustrates when now days, we see every second big app saying its available for Android and iOS only (not symbian) take even basic WordPress app for example.

          If Nokia haven’t sensed the disappointment about Symbian, then they were not doing it  this way that release Nokia N8 with Symbian^3, advertise it big, create sensations all around and then switch all other high end Smartphones over MeeGo all of sudden. They are not that big fools if you think of it in their shoes. Unfortunately, this was only way to do what we wanted them to do.

          What frustrates? Why some of us thought that no hopes left?

          Definitely many questions will be raised after closing of Symbian-Guru and World of Nokia as these two been staying on top for long and also were among the few fans in subsidized markets like UK/ USA. Closing of these two really shakes your faith that if really something left here with Nokia.

          When someone releases and handles these many products as Nokia does, then you are bound to frustrate if starts making mistakes with even one or two. There is a rule that “Your two good things could be never heard, but one mistake will be known by whole world”. Same with Nokia.. but there are not just a few mistakes.. in fact kind of many..

          Just for example, You got overwhelming response on Nokia N82 camera and performance of Nokia E72, but you never thought to make a device with a camera like N82 on E72 with Xenon of course.

          I should say, we have seen best of Nokia in pieces. Their catalogue is full of efficient and effectively priced devices. Nothing on this planet could beat a E52 in T9 and same with Nokia E72 in QWERTY.. if you are giving up over Nokia, then either you haven’t seen these two devices or just wish to have fancy things rather than real.

          Nokia N900 was something that was exactly the right thing to bet on and it is even now and will be even after release of Nokia N8, but that thing was never backed up by Nokia in the way, they foolishly kept on nailing themselves with promotions of Nokia N97.

          N900 reached India by now with a price that would stand higher than upcoming Nokia N8 (without HDMI, without 12 MP, without Xenon, without Capacitive, without Bluetooth 3.0, without that sleek looks). Just thing like this frustrates and made us think if Nokia really understand what a consumer might want. 

          Highly frustrating release schedules

          No one in the world make as many handsets as Nokia make, but at the same time, no one make people wait for the right things as much long as Nokia does. Either it be N97 or N900 or N8, its always been the same story. We understand that its not Apple that you could keep on hiding something this much long, when your people inside are much excited about their new venture and accomplishments, but still it was better if the time difference announcement and release would have been at most 2 or 3 months.

          I don’t accept the pressure due to a biased review, because its the same story with C3, C6 and E5 as well. We are still waiting for an E5 even if they aren’t from some another planet. They are made of just a bit polished things and for no reasons need to be kept away for this much long.

          Moreover, what are you trying to achieve by confusing people? India gets an N900 when Nokia N8 around the corner in less price, then it will possibly Nokia N9 with MeeGo, 4” screen and HW keypad (already stunned us by design, check the video)


          Now, you tell yourself that what one should buy? Its not a soap that you have to wash away in weeks, its hard earned money and though its true like chicks that there would always one more beautiful around, Nokia could have managed a better time schedule about their devices.

          Somewhere I think Nokia being let down by its developers as Hardware of every Nokia either N8 or N9 or E7 seems to be right and perfectly in place, but wait is for developers and developers. Does this really take that long even after years of experience with hundreds of devices and many fan blogs showering opinions on good and bad?

          What Nokia still holds as their best?

          1. Best of Hardware: Being technology leader since long, Nokia keeps the advantage of technology for best of the signals, best of the battery and best of the camera.
          2. Best of experience to fit things into pocket of common man: Probably this been their biggest asset and biggest loosing side. Except N97, they never tried hard over big bucks and always kept their prices reasonable. They didn’t made products for people having big money and bashing from top over things that didn’t matter for common man, Layman.
          3. Wide range of products: Either its be cellfone or smartphones, Nokia been synonym for them. Whatever your needs might been, you always looked for one name and it rarely disappointed.
          4. Best of PR: Perhaps even after long trust over Nokia devices, I wasn’t into that much writing over Nokia products, if Womworld/Nokia wasn’t here. They know to engage people, they know to interact, they know to adopt and they know to serve what people ask for. But they do it for mass, not for self acclaimed people asking for things for sake of a cream breed.

          What could bring Nokia back again?

          The biggest and most important question… and no one could answer exactly …. we just could give our views. Whatever others might be saying, but Nokia seems to be right on path now with N8 and later aligned sets like N9, C7 and E7, but they seriously needs the positive waves from our sides.

          1. The confidence of developers: They seriously need the confidence of developers back and needs to assure them that the market share of Nokia will be unrivaled.
          2. Disciplined releases even if few: Many times some of Nokia device just don’t make any sense like last two designs we seen with Nokia C7 probably and that X5 competing Samsung Corby in looks. I don’t even that much favor devices like X6.. they could have done better. And please either deliver products in short time or don’t let them out in wild for making videos of them.
          3. Choose a proper shape for a series: If designs of Nokia N8 and Nokia N9 are some patterns, then this makes a lot sense. Trying too many designs doesn’t show that you are catering all kind of audiences, but it shows that you lack in confidence to sweep people’s opinion your way. It would be great, if resemblance of Nokia N8 and Nokia N9 may really establish a pattern and I wont mind, if they keep the same looks for all touch devices. Nothing bulkier like X6 please.

          Sure, there are personal views and could be added with your comments and conversations as even we don’t exactly know that what would be best for larger audience with contrast tastes.

          Thinking to close the post here, but I really want Nokia to surprise us by releasing Nokia N8 with a Keypad variant on the same day .. may be that could make up for the delay and could save people like me from being frustrated.