MeeGo? Symbian^4? Product demo? Fake? Closer look

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Update: The original video was removed after Nokia claimed it. Re-uploaded for people, who might have missed it. Will be removed soon. Meanwhile, a post from AAS also shown Ovi client being built for N8, I think Ovi store here look similar to that one. Isn’t it?

Web and social sites seen lots of vibes coming from one youtube link that was followed by a short blog post by today only. In last 24 hours the video has seen around 44, 000 hits, which clearly shows that how eagerly people might be waiting for Nokia to rule again.

Though already a post from Mark Guim pushed others from writing anything further on the same video (brilliant post mate), but later on raised doubts and speculations (the original poster says its MeeGo), I thought to contribute few of my own words over the same from a Maemo lover’s perspective. Let’s watch the eye candy first …

There been a huge buzz around the new OS followed by this Meego in last two days and sure experts are holding themselves to say anything on this due to obvious reasons (bad experiences with N97), but something could be said for sure about this.

This is only a presentation video of functionality, running on some simulator, so there should be no talk about snappy performances or anything like that, that would be too good to be true.

Let’s dissect it again …


Though video was not HD and pics is blurry, but if you look harder then the bottom left line says …

@Nokia 2009/ 2010 Secret

Now that creates doubts as Secret is sure not an official term to be used, companies usually prefer confidential, but leave that here.

When look at the top, then the video/ presentation clearly aims to demonstrate five chapters in short…

  1. Starting up and signing in
  2. Powerful Multi-Tasking UI
  3. Get Connected
  4. Ovi Store
  5. Music Player

Starting up and signing in:

The music widget been the permanent resident of home screen for many and stock updates might be of worth, when you will looking at your mobile screen more than anything else (sure beauties)

We always heard of Nokia-Facebook deals and Nokia-Twitter deals, but the way the screenshot below shows updates from Ovi and Facebook on homepage, when someone touches that green new updates icon in bottom right corner, shows that Nokia is very much planning to push its own Ovi as somewhat a twitter like service and may be wishing to make it as popular one.

vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h03m26s16 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h07m12s113  

Social Networking widget in green  at bottom right shows number of updates, which look cool in popping up bubble way. There are comments, responses and sure like buttons will be as well. Posting is simple like Android or iOS might be doing, but I will also like to see that if it has got any improvement only touch phones (without qwerty).

As this is just a simulation, the poster taken the liberty of not showing the touch keypad as that wasn’t gonna look cool, if was going to take most of the screen like current touch keypad screens do.


The next cool thing was to see integration of contacts. We already seen the smooth integration of contacts with social services. There were only facebook and ovi updates on home screen, but contacts app shows that twitter integration is there for sure. not only that but it looks too cool (reminds me N900)


If you look closer then there are 4 tabs in bottom of contact. Info, Social History, Extra and history.

Info must be what being shown on screen
Social history should shows recent status updates.
History should show last call details, last message details or chat details for that person
I still wonder that what would be in Extra, GPS? NFC?

No mention of Video Call here like Nokia N900, neither anything like Facetime in pics, really? Hope we gonna see something like that included in contacts. Meanings of Get Connected going to be changed again.

Powerful Multi-Tasking UI

If you have played with Maemo and N900 for once, then whenever someone talks about Multi-Tasking, your mind start comparing the same with Maemo only.


Looks similar? Can’t say that it will be card like as in Symbian^3 or Maemo like, but switching seems to be exactly as was in Nokia N900, pretty good reasons to wait for the next OS.. I wonder if they would provide that left top icon and side click kind of innovations we seen with Maemo on N900.

Though at the end, it will all depend on RAM and Application Memory provided. It was pretty neat with N900, but if they are targeting to be cheaper than others, then ….

Ovi Store

Idea of using get Application button seems to be inspired from Add/Remove control panel applet and sure makes the better sense.


Ovi Store looked neat with surprising entry of Gravity and Acrobat along with Angry Bird. @Janole hasn’t confirmed a Gravity for MeeGo yet and sure the appearance of the same pushed some doubts there, but I think if the apps would be running on Qt runtime, then it will be immaterial that you are on Symbian^3 ^4 or MeeGo.


Ovi store looks neat and no filters like recommended, applications, games etc.

vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h07m52s248 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h07m55s25

Display page for individual apps also look pretty neat, informatory and well navigated.

 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h07m59s66 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h08m01s91 

Cool, when it shows the application being installed with short blue status bar under the app icon. Same with the payment method, where you would be having your credit card registered for payments. Are they thinking of debit cards as well? And what about all applications on trial?

Music Player Strange that why it was not demonstrated like Nokia N8? With cool Album poster display?

vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h08m11s186 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h08m15s227

Seems almost like any of the best music apps out there, if you talk about work.

vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h08m19s11 vlcsnap-2010-08-04-01h08m23s55

They didn’t went for landscape mode, otherwise, we might have seen some more awesomeness, but it wasn’t displayed that where will be the option to send, share or set as ringtone fo the currently playing song? Is it that blue icon on the top right?



Pretty neat and awesome? I warn you that don’t make assumptions and expectations like people started with N97 Classic demo videos. Actual speed varies on the basis of final hardware and such a UI will do wonder when gets at least 512 MB RAM and 1GHz processor.  Statius updates will still not be flashy without a very good internet connection or 3G. So, expect the experience to be awesome, but be realistic in opinions. Its the OS, not some particular device.

What you think?


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