Twitter down for big fat five hours

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I don’t know when was the last time, when you seen some of your favorite service go down for big fat five hours. Imagine if some day Google went down for five hours or WikiPedia? We all love twitter, we really do and somehow know that whatever they might be doing, must be doing for some cause, for making the service more better… but five hours.. they must come up with something really superb.


Yes!! Twitter is down again with different image to show off like above. They have made their status clear on Friday itself. Right now, their blog doesn’t say anything on it yet, but their status blog says this ….



I really don’t know if any other service in the world needs to maintain the status blog in this kind of ways. They talked about reliability issues many times like this, but really is the load on them is this much huge that might be impossible to maintain?

In geeky terms, it is in some ways. Yes! there are other services like Google, Gmail, Microsoft updates, Facebook, WordPress that get many requests, but sure there is nothing in the world compared to twitter that might be getting these many requests per second. Could understand that what they might be going through.

What we all could do, is to chill and wish them all the best to come back soon and well,


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