Apps update 1.0 for Nokia N8 – Change log

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After long wait without much awaited firmware update PR1.1, finally mid-January actually seen an update for Symbian^3 phones, though it happened to only a small Apps update 1.0 like earlier phone apps update been here.

Scr000525 Scr000533

As you can see that the update is only around 1 mb and after installing, it promises the similar things as was in case of phone apps update. Improvement in applications stability.

Followings are the changes that been noticed till now:

  • Faster Camera startup, specially the part where it was taking a second before showing the display has been disappeared now.
  • Faster Messages start like overall feel of all phone apps
  • Animations seems to be smoother or it might be the case of perception
  • Lock button locking the phone screen instantly

Is it a preparation for the bigger update or that’s it for that mid-January thing? We will see in next week.

Moreover, I noticed some strange things that application manager was reporting but was not matching with things in place.

  • New Search Widget 1.01 (1) included as per application manager though search application is shown as 5.00.132
  • Internet Search 2.00 (1) included included as per application manager though in search settings it showing as Search V 1.00.1050

To get this update just fire up the ‘SW Update’ application on your Symbian^3 device. Will try to find out more on it and will update soon.


We already have hints about Firmware update PR 1.1 that already released on January 07, 2011 internally.

Pr1.1So, sure the Apps Update 1.0 might be to bridge something internally, though still want to repeat it again, Do Not Expect Anything Big from PR 1.1 other than the usual bug fixes and performance update.

via @javiercitoch (Interesting is to reading this on his profile Product Specialist & Team Leader @ Nokia FlagShip S)

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6 thoughts on “Apps update 1.0 for Nokia N8 – Change log

  1. Hi Nitish,

    where are the “search settings” located? Want to check if my version is 1.00.1050 too, since there is no “Internet Search 2.00” listed in my application manager protocol

  2. In my N8, all updates install(ed) correctly, but only 2: Phone Apps Update and Apps Update 1.0. fail to install. Just this message: Failed. Now even they’ve stopped appearing in the list of ‘Available Updates’ (though they do show in ‘Update History list’.

    How to solve this problem. Even checked/tried thru OVI suite. But ovi is only offering to install “Galaxy on Fire, Need for Speed, Real Golf”.

  3. Sanjeev,
    I noticed this too. You can try switching the date back at the day of my post and then try again. May be …. Otherwise it means that they pulled the update back.

    Anyway, PR1.1 already within a day or two and will be inclusive of old updates

  4. can u give me Update for N8 Profile?

    Server Name:
    Server ID:
    Server password:
    Access point:
    Host address:
    User name:
    DM password:
    Allow configuration:
    Auto accept all requests:

    my device need to fill this..

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