Indian Idol II :A shocking news – Amay was in Semifinals of SRGMP

This is really really exclusive that found by searching on Internet,

Check out the link

Check out to see that he was the winner of Semifinals at the link given below:

Could you believe that Amey Date was in SRGMP semifinals 1999 with Shreya Ghosal. It is a kind of shock to me, I did not believe it at first as he was looking just not like today with frenchy, but there are a lot of videos of him and they are to make you sure that it is Amey. I just do not know how to comment on it. I do not know why he didn’t get the sucess while Shreya Ghosal is on the top now. I am really feeling sad that this time, he got much fame, hope that he did not go in darks as he moved into last time from SRGMP.

Although I am still in support with Sandeep Acharya and the above news has nothing to do with my faith in Sandeep Acharya, but I really really praise Sonu Nigam as he was host like Shan in that SRGMP programs where Amey was performing, but he never shows it that he knows Amey from earliar.

Definately, now it is clear Amey was senior of all and he did it as he should. All the best for him.

As I just got the news some minutes ago, so I am not able to place my thought in the manner I usually do, I need some time and I will be back with a new Article or will modify the present one, watch out for that one.

From Nitish Kumar I have found this message on sify’s own message board and in one mroe forum posted by name of Amey Fan!! in Sify’s forum and Sanjay in that I think TV forum.


16 thoughts on “Indian Idol II :A shocking news – Amay was in Semifinals of SRGMP

  1. hi!
    Nitish husband n I wanna thank you.. We had been looking for some recent episodes of II-2 which were not uploaded on the site. We could view it thro’ the website you’ve mentioned wrt your message posted on We also went thro some of ur blog articles… Keep the good work going on..
    All the best to you in your future..
    Deep and Chandra..

  2. Hello! Nitishkumarji
    I’m from Chicago. We all know, we loose good singers like Amey, Panna, Minal, Antara. Now we dont want to loose Karunya. We NRI did not have chance to vote Indian Idol. So i found the website so we can vote by the internet. but i dont know this website is working or not. Here is the link.

  3. dear nitish how are you? yaar i like your work one thing i want to say that i am big fan of AMEY DATE and i never ever forget him bcoz in my point of view he is idol of hearts but this is a matter of oppinion no one will force any body to like some one or dislike. i had try to find out some links mentioned in your articles related with the AMEY in sa re ga ma pa semifinals but cant found please help me bcoz i am not good in computers as a brother i request you to please if you had these videos of sa re ga ma pa please send me on my E-mail address.otherwise help me in check out. through my email address.
    your loving brother
    Timoor Hussain

  4. It is really strange that Shreya Ghosal got to the top while Amey Date never got anywhere. Once Shammi kapoor said “In film industry 90% is hard work but 10% is luck. If you do not have that 10% then you are nowhere.”

    Amazingly true statement.

  5. Well,

    Just now I came to know this fact.
    well, even Udit narayan once told to Shreya that you have both Talent as well as noone can stop you…

    Regarding II2 I still feel that Karunya was the best…but coz of belonging to southern India he lost…

  6. Hi.Amey date was da 2nd confirmed indian idol.i dnt know y judges chose contestents from audience votin.they r mature enough 2 chose da rite person

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