Indian Idol 3, 6th July 2007: So finally Anu x Alisha started …

Why the same title, you will come to know later.

The show started with news that was flashed in the last episode about a bunch of boys, who eloped from home to Mumbai for watching Indian Idol from closely. Indian Idol Team invited one of those boy named Milan in the show. Although they seemed to be confused as they were not sure that the bunch was eloped for taking part in Indian Idol or that was to watch the show only. So, it seemed that the same was prepared in last moment. Anyway, it was really amazing that boys were in Mumbai for 35 (or 25) days.

Jaaved Sir did right thing by telling him that he did very wrong thing with your parents and Anu, when got nothing to speak then come to make people confused that if someone want to become singer then should take the right route. I don’t think that those kids were there for singing, they were there for watching… but that’s our Anu Malik.


Anyway, where I am? This time, it was announced that all the contestants will sing those songs, which might be describing their personalities. Nice Idea …. The ball was rolled to Judges’ court at very first.

Jaaved Sir: Main Jindagi Ka Sath Nibhata Chala Gaya (मै जिन्दगी का साथ निभाता चला गया)
Alisha: Made in India (Of course synonymous with her name). Her ever best performance.
Udit Ji: Although Minni and Hussain suggested “Lekin, Kintu, Parantu”, but he was with his trade mark Jaanam Dekh Lo (
जानम देख लो)

Anu Malik: Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho (One of my favourite because of Salmaan ;))


Contestant: Meiyang Chang
Song: Banda Ye Bindas Hai

Comments: Although I can’t say that it was a perfect pick for describing him, but sure was a nice tune and it was pleasant to see Chang with that. According to me, he made it perfectly. Only problem is his expressions, which might not be showing enough excitement to Hindi-speaking crowd that’s why sometime people might be missing the same thrill in his performances. He seemed to have full support from his mates.

Udit Ji commented that he was nice but the Gala needs more. Alisha commented that he is not that Bindas but is very compassionate. Anu Malik said probably Chang won’t be knowing that its an Anu Malik song (Why? Wasn’t he confident about his credential?), but he was outstanding and with the feel. Jaaved Sir commented exactly what I felt that he was thinking that Chang could do only soft numbers but he did really well with a rather different song. There were a lot of funny Lekin’s in the same speech.


Contestant: Charu Semwal
Song: Pari Hoon Main

Comments: The song reminded me of the music video of the same. It was originally sang by Sunita Rao. In that Music video, if I remember right, then the lead actress was in school girl’s uniforms. I hope, it was more wonderful, if Charu was confident enough to over the same. Although the same song was suiting her well. She missed a few lines twice in song and even me surprised that how Jaaved Sir said that she missed only once… Look like he was thinking about something else. Probably about Anu Ji’s comment of last time. She was very fine with the voice quality and in the same side, she almost matched Sunita Rao.

There were a little dull faces while the performance from the contestant’s side and Judges’ side (including Alisha), but later it resolved to be nice for her till Anu came in action again. Jaaved and Alisha gave her fine marks and Alisha said that the song was made for her. Udit accepted that she goes off key often and then it was Anu. He said she started Off key, then was coming on track, but against lost and then it was like the same till the end. He said you were better from last time, but not like that I could go for claps. Charu seemed to be arrogant over the same and it was obvious in a way. Could Charu make it for last four in such circumstances?


Contestant: Amit Paul
Song: Main Hoon Jhum Jhum Jhumaroo

Comments: Although I was not thinking about the same song about him, but the same performance made me think something. My guts feeling is telling me that last two might be from the four “Amit, Abhishek, Deepali and Ankita”. He was fine, fine and fine. Perfect… bravo… you are getting your place in hearts.

Jaaved Sir said, An Indian Idol might be there. Although he complained that he misses words very often, which he must not do. Alisha was very happy over yoddling at least. Udit was about to say that sweetness of voice was missing, but Anu Ji interrupted and till the end, he was desperate to not let Udit say something 😉 Anyway, he commented one line,

“Charu Tujhe Dil De Ya Na De Amit Paul, Kahin Na Kahin Taiyar Ho Rahi Hai Teri Doll”


Contestant: Ankita Mishra
Song: Yai Re

Comments: I was really surprised that why not the contestants were ready to take chance with choreography? I thought it was better, if it was Red-n-White combination rather than Red-n-Black combination. But anyway, this girl really has made a sound fan following, in spite of the fact that almost all other contestants are against her, including the lady boys. Pooja was most depressed and annoyed over her praises.

Everyone praised her like always except Alisha, who was like you missed a few things, but your performance was so awesome that we forgot everything in that. Probably the same given fire to Anu Malik and he came up with the finest praise, he has ever done in this show. Taking account of little things, he made almost everyone convinced with his words. Whatever the reasons might be, but he did the right thing. She deserved the same.

In fact, she is the only contestant, whose name I heard in my office. As one was my colleague Arun was mentioning her name. Definitely, she is going to be more tougher with this like performances. Although I must say that with Ankita, I was expecting a bit more in this song.


Contestant: Emon Chaterjee
Song: Chand Taare Tod Laaoo

Comments: He was well confident and although was doing mistakes, but was not letting the same effecting his expressions. Means a kind of professionalism rather than being natural or like some contestant. Udit Ji commented that he was not natural at few places and even Emon in a way, argued a little. Alisha was like praising him as always. Jaaved Sir was to comment over his higher nodes and then again it was turn of Anu Ji. He said that Emon got the feeling that he is better than others and it’s going to be dangerous for him. Right comment at the right moment. Anu Ji is really good today.

After his performance, it was told that Emon’s birthday was in the same week and Abhishek’s birthday is on the way and it was belated birthday to both of them. A Guitar shaped Cake was also there for both of them and Jaaved Ji made a serious humor saying that after cutting the first piece must be sent to Judges to get their opinion first. Although the first pieces were give to Emon and then Abhishek by Deepali, so Jaaved Sir’s words …..


Contestant: Smita Adhikari
Song: Main Hoon Khush Rang Hina

Comments: Started nicely and was going well except loosing key at a few high nodes. The song was of relaxed mood and so was unable to give people a sense of thrill. But for me, she was not a kind of bad as Anu Ji commented. Anu said it was most flat singing ever. Alisha said she thought she is improving a lot and she was nice. Over the same Anu criticized her a lot and the clash from behind the screen was clearly visible on screen too. Udit Ji admitted that she was not in sur and in a way, Jaaved Sir also given green light to the same comment. Although he said that it’s not like that she was not in sur completely, but could say that she was not in that mood.

For me, she was not that bad… just the song was not enough.


Contestant: Prashant Tamang
Song: Main Hoon Na

Comments: I don’t know why Jaaved Sir praised him once over pronunciation as it was like blunder today, so exposing his limitation very well. Voice was nice and he got Once More, Once More from crowd, but for me, I think it was prepared crowd as he was not that good. Although other said him well, but Anu Malik spoke of his heart again and said in start it was not good and with the song, it was not going good and he got the keys only in the end.

He was not well and the problem was specially with pronunciation.


Contestant: Abhishek Kumar
Song: Bachana Aai Hasino

Comments: Really the choreographer and dress designer of the show was in a great mess. Now, when with the same rocking song, it was required to have darker and sparkling colours, it was really dull. He was like singing nice, but the passion and excitement was missing, which makes immature singers sometime more exciting to watch than the professionals. Sometime being calm, don’t make you rocking.

Judges’ comments were like up and down… but over all, there were with a few words of caution and advices, means he was off the mark. Although I am not going to admit the same as like Deepali and Ankita, he is my personal favourite.


Contestant: Deepali
Song: Jab Chhaye Mera Jaado

Comments: The most strategic, mature and charismatic girl… I wont say that it was great as there were a little trembling in mood, but it was sure better than the rest. At least, she was in a nice outfit suiting the song. Everyone come to praise, although Anu Malik was with a few words of caution, but others ranked her material of Top Three and she is the same in deed. She knows what is the right moment, she knows that when which emotion will suit and when the performance needs passion and when it needs a throw. She is the perfect performer, even if others are praising only Ankita and Parleen. For me, she is the best of the rest. MY HOT FAVOURITE, THE REAL ROCKER.

Nothing more to say. She is my personal favourite and if I come to say more then it will brought up only praises for her and she was not that well according to my expectations from her, so …


Contestant: Jolly Das
Song: Main Albeli

Comments: What a colourless singing? Although was trying to maintain, but was never succeeding. I never heard this much bad singing from anyone in this part of show and I am really surprised that how she was like this as she was really nice in last rounds.

Everyone come to criticize in their ways and when Alisha came to rescue her, then she faced open criticism from Anu, who was saying like Alisha is hearing some Aathawan Sur .. Hoping that now people could guess that why I given the same title to my this article.


Contestant: Parleen Singh Gill
Song: I am the best.

Comments: Best outfit suiting to the mood of the song. At least one contestant was with right cloths. I was missing the right throw in the song. He was going dull. Although his mom was also there. For me, he was not there, where he was able to be.

Three judges said him the best. But Anu Ji said that he don’t prefer to say in front of her mom, so called him near himself and at the end said that he is the best and he is angry that why not he wants to get a hug from him. I thought Judges’ comments were of some other tune, if his mom was not there. For me, Parleen and Pooja are like now gone or will go soon.


Contestant: Puja Chatterjee
Song: Hawa Hawai

Comments: What a perfect and comic entry, really felt nice. Forget my comment that she is like now gone or will go soon. Her start was the best, but she was not that well throughout the song and I completely disagree with Anu Ji’s comment that she was outstanding with the song. She might be technically perfect, but somewhere she was not connecting well. All other judges praises her and she was deserving for the same as she was sure better than the earlier performances.


If someone is asking me that who should go in next round, then my clear words are speaking the names Jolly Das or Smita Adhikari and more clearly, I would feel disappointed, if Jolly don’t get voted out in next and I am saying the same even feeling too bad about her as she was really crossing over all the others in her two performances.





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