Dell XPS: The wait continues

Poor me!! My wait for my Laptop still continued. I guess, I am being impatient as the big date is expected to be 15th December 2008 and today is 12th, but… the status on site is still “Ship from Factory”. I guess tomorrow, it must be changed to “With Local Carrier”, if it’s not then I will be worried as 14th is Sunday and I don’t know that BlueDart works on Sunday or not.

Am I going to get it on Monday as expected?

Lots of questions running in my mind like what to check into it for the first time before signing the delivery? Then which software will do benchmark testing and in which manner have to verify all the configurations… and all and all… etc… Lets see… will update


One thought on “Dell XPS: The wait continues

  1. alireza می‌گه app yek az app haye top hast ama benazare man hanuz nim buzz btreahe ama in app ham vizhegihaye khodesho dare ke nim buzz nadare .tnx[]

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