Finally recieved my sweeet heart, Dell XPS, but still :(

I was waiting for the same very egarly and you all could understand the same very well. Got call from Security of my office that Sir! your consignment has arrived. I almost ran to the same. Checked the packet from all the sides to make sure that its in perfect shape and then signed the delivery reciept. Got the import paper, Tax Invoice and BlueDart receipt. Taken the laptop inside the office and then it was the time to open it.

Everything seems to be fine and I was already aware, it was not very pleasant to look at its screen under daylight. But my aim was to check out all the configurations, so I went for that only. All the items seem to be inside the box except the dusting cloth, which I was expecting to be there as I recieved the same with last LattitudeVostro consignment for office, but the same was not there. Don’t know whether they ship it with XPS or not. They should, I guess. In next part, I went for checking the index as my home PC gives a ranking of 4.8 and I was expecting it to produce. I got 5.1, in which lowest score was from memory. I think one somehow should arrange a memory at 800 MHz at least.

Anyway, later the nightmare came in. Don’t know it was from start or just start. I felt the display is too dull, so I taken the laptop inside the room and found that its redish and somewhere look like one might be using 16 bit colours. I double checked but it was not the same case. I called up Service Center obviously. I never thought that I would be doing by very first day, but it was … after diagnosis of one and half hour, me and the executive on other side reached over the conclusion that my LCD panel must be culprit as external display was working just as fine as it should be. So, the conclusion was: one executive will visit my office tommorow with new LCD and connecting cables to diagnose and change accordingly.

I am not happy. I am really really not happy. Being an experiennced user, no complaints from Dell or their service, but they were supposed to double check the build before shipping, at least they themselves claim so, but I found the claim false in my case. Although I am happy over one thing that their promise of delivering the piece in time was right in place. I booked at after noon of 9th December 2008 and got it delivered by 15th December 2008.

Although funny part is that Dell Order Stats is still showing me “In Transit”. Although I will consider it delivered completely, when it will start working perfectly means after the visit of executive tommorow. I hope that there will be no repeated visits as I was to leave the city after next week, so I really pray to god to get this mess over before that


2 thoughts on “Finally recieved my sweeet heart, Dell XPS, but still :(

  1. Hmm. I’d bought the same config in June. Took 2 weeks! Day 2 downgraded to XP. Webcam didn’t work, the touchpad went berserk! Hopeless service, but finally made so much noise that they came and replaced the parts. Very messy replacement! Anyway running absolutely fine now, does get very hot when you play games though.

    Btw google around for LCD problems, apparently they had a range of LCDs that were ‘grainy’. LG ones I think.

  2. Thanks Deepak for commenting.

    Although as you go by my another post, I got the replacement by just another day. LCD was of Samsung and there was some fault with it or with the cables. I got both of them replaced.

    XP is sure a nice idea as Vista single-handedly taking around one and half GB of RAM with default installation+Firefox only. That’s sure a bad news. Although over such a configuration, perform is never an issue

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