Nokia N97 Mini- Unboxing and first impressions

The starving without a capable smart phone for a while, memories of my dates with N900 and my escalated expectations from a smart phone. Really, I find myself way too demanding than ever because of level of comfort I had with Nokia N900.


In absence of N900, the next gem of Nokia catalogue was Nokia N97 Mini (N97 being overpriced and less policed), so I was trying to settle my mind on the same. Where I got stuck, was the question that how much more its offering than Nokia 5800 as both share same processor, same screen size and similar dimensions. My mind was saying, so what if N97 Mini has few improvements, but price difference is too high. I really wanted to have a look myself for the worthy differences on additional price.

Finally, WomWorld came to be my saviour again by sending me the trial device straight at the same day, they received N900 back to them. And here I am …

I will try to add captions in un-boxing video attached later on, but mentioning a few things I noticed.

  1. The Box: Though I am not sure that its slimmest packaging in whole smart phone world, but its the most slim package I ever seen. Clever design. Though I didn’t found the same black box as Nokia started to produce from recycled materials, but I think this must be with the trial device only. I think I have seen N97 Mini in similar package made of recycled materials on Nokia Shop. Not sure though!!!!

    I think Nokia and others are bound to take such moves due to Apple’s strategy to put “Environmental Status Report” in promotions of iPhone, but if something calling for Good, then its always welcome. Make all devices from recycled materials and think new ways.

  2. Micro USB Charger again: It didn’t surprised me as I was aware of the news from Jan 2009 that Micro USB Charger would be a standard soon. This will not only accomplish the target of forming universal charger for all kind of devices, but also works in the same direction of minimalistic design (as the same port will serve the data transfer and connectivity purpose as well). But for my surprise, there was no connector available in the box for making use of older version chargers.

    No complaints!!! thanks .. it make me handling only one cable inserted into it, when I am sharing my 3G connection with my PC through it. 🙂

  3. Keypad: More space means more convenience and I already loved keypad of N900, which is sure taken inspiration from this one. Removal of D pad is sure good enough. I love typing from cell.

  4. Surprisingly slim:  It looks slimmer than Nokia 5800 in thickness and rest of the dimension already same. So, that’s impressive that they retained the size, even reduced and then dare to incorporate the sliding qwerty keypad into it as well. If not curious, then many might keep on using the device without knowing existence of qwerty keypad into it that’s a compliment for its slim design.

  5. Tough build like a rock: Out of the other features, it’s Nokia N97 Mini’s looks and build that gonna to attract specially class customer like business persons with heavy use of cells. A real solid body made of metal most of the places, specially battery cover and rest places where plastic is, I find even that of high quality repellent of finger prints and most kind of scratches. That’s for sure is something that gonna stay long. I wish to have more devices build like this from Nokia.

    But there are few horrible thing about the build as well (may be only I am scared). I am scared of sliding mechanism, don’t know why, but  I feel its sliding is not safe for rough usage. Opening the keypad requires a particular pattern and if some unknown usages some force then …. moreover, don’t know this was with only my device, but I noticed some loose part in screen just above the logo, hope its not with all devices.

    Even then its somewhat best build so far and I know they already had invented better sliding mechanisms (like N900) that will follow later on (process of learning from feedbacks you say). I hope that keep on making such solid bodies (it feels solid than N900 too).

  6. Internal layout: Most of the time, we concentrate over exteriors only, but Nokia took great care about internal side as well. While the layout is minimalistic and solid enough, I found the way of inserting SIM cool!! Though I struggled to find the same in first place, but I find it safer for SIM even if we might be used to changing SIM again and again. SIM protected with little mettle plate.. good idea.. note that.. don’t loose the metal plate otherwise … 😉 I am stuck after loosing the hook of my Nokia BH-212 😥

    Good move, I feel the same will be standard soon.

The live un-boxing is in video given above, though it was a trial device, so was already opened, but even then you could get a view of what’s inside and how to start with.

Sure, a big review is coming about the features and differences with other devices like Nokia 5800 in similar league.


5 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Mini- Unboxing and first impressions

  1. Metallic case or brushed metal case is something I always wanted for my Nokia phone. My sony ericsson T700 had it. I am also happy with my Nokia 5800(the semi-rubber casing on the back). I haven’t experienced or touched a Nokia N97 mini yet. Reading your blog gives me a simulation experience..

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