Nokia N82-Still clicks like my heartbeats

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Sometimes, you cherish your decisions, you once made in blink of eye against the verdict of others. Buying Nokia N82 after loosing my Nokia N70 in a theft, was really that sort of decision, I never regretted later on.


Note: Please do not consider this as a review for Nokia N82 as I just thought to share what I think about my this lovely companion. After all, when I already had written about others like Nokia 5800, Nokia N900 and Nokia N97 mini, then why should I leave the one, I always loved most? A tribute to my journey with N82.

Bought two and half years back, somewhere in October 2007, Nokia N82 was not my instant choice, given lots of thoughts to it, due to its price tag and my lack of interest in Smart phone features then. I was already having a decent 4MP digital camera and used Nokia N70 before. Could say, even Nokia N70 was a new world to me and my fun with it was limited to FM and decent 2 MP camera only. Should say with N82, it was for the first time, when I went for buying some smart phone with a keen eye over features.


What was special with Nokia N82 and what was competition?

The other one in my mind was Nokia N73, in price range 13.5k I guess, providing decent photographs, 2GB memory and nice voice quality without headphone. Probably, these were the things an average consumer look for.

N82 and N73

I was looking for something else. Something, which may sustain the requirements for longer run. Something which must be awesome on camera either it be video or stills , must be high on connection side 3G, Wifi, GPS etc., with longer battery life, music side must be core and still with an elegant business look.


Nokia N95 and Nokia N82 were close options to me, but the details favored the later released one more. Nokia N82 was more worth to price. Let’s see why?

  1. More RAM: Though lesser internal memory than Nokia N95, 100 MB in comparison to 160 MB of Nokia N95, but Nokia N82 was with just double amount of RAM, 128 MB, which actually matter, when it comes to performance.
  2. More comfortable: Display size was little less 2.4” in comparison to 2.6”, but still it was with a good build. Less on weight and no sliding (I wasn’t in favor in those days as susceptible to failure in long run). Keypad was something unique about it, which actually raised my typing on cell. Though criticized by people in first look, but once used to, keypad was really sweet heart!!!
  3. Better connectivity: Though it missed Infrared (Outdated), but GPRS was still faster and same with GPS performance. Micro USB was sure better option than Mini USB, though I wished in those days that what if charging through Micro USB was also included.
  4. Better memory support: Nokia N82 was not only providing you 2GB card included in package in similar price, but the support was also up to 16GB in comparison of 8GB limit of Nokia N95. I really didn’t thought till recently (when I got to be with Nokia 5800 and Nokia N900) that one would be wishing for more than it.
  5. Best Camera ever: Though today, I yet to give Nokia N86 a try, but not only specification sheets and reviews, Nokia N82 always got more praises than any other in the league. Xenon flash was way better than LED one with Nokia N95.. perhaps the deal breaking for me. I have tried almost every camera phone from Nokia till now, but even after two and half years none of them came to actually beat Nokia N82. I always wondered that why Nokia didn’t continued with Xenon Flash?
  6. Better battery: I was envy of business phones in those days for their longer running batteries, though they were nowhere near in Multimedia department. Was finding the best within Multimedia phones and a 1050 mAh was sure better than a 950 mAh of Nokia N95.

So, that was easy to make the decision, even if price was high (even then were less than that of Nokia N95), but I was betting for future and it didn’t let me down till now.

How it still holds its relevance?

After two year later, now I understand that the decision for buying Nokia N82 was like hitting the jackpot unknowingly as it holds its relevance even now, even when we are talking about iOS, Android and Symbian^3, ^4. Going behind 3G and Xenon was a such great decision, which kept we N82 users proud till even now.

Though Nokia and most of the Smartphone users seems to be loving touch phones more and more, but for me, touch was meant to drain more battery for sure and for many a times, not that accurate as some keys might be. I was always a keyboard person rather than mouse one :P. So, in this way Nokia N82 was kind of flagship in non-touch phones from Nokia with legendary camera skills. You wont believe it but I have snapped more than 5000 pics through the same and even videos been of DVD quality. I always found myself in love with its camera, which still stands like God.

I have experienced 600 MHz processor with Nokia N900 and went through Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 Mini etc and really know how wonderful it would be being with some snapdragon 1 GHz processor, Still a Dual ARM 11 332 MHz processor with 3D Graphics HW Accelerator was ahead of league that time as rest came later on and even now, it fairs very well. Either it be GPS or be it support with apps like Fring, Nokia Image Exchange, Nokia Messaging and youtube, you never find yourself stuck with something, which is holding you back in advancing technology. It was a privilege to have a Nokia N82.

People may be lured by a similar looking recently released Nokia N79, which is available in 13k now days and offers same 5MP camera with slight better processor and 4GB card included in package. Lighter in weight and price, but people miss the fact that its a compromise version without Xenon Flash, without 3D accelerator Hardware and lesser memory support. The same reasons Nokia N82 faired much better than Nokia N95 in past.


I am adding a few screenshots to show how it holds after latest firmware’s




Scr000020Scr000022Scr000023Scr000024 Scr000025Scr000026Scr000013Scr000027

Whom I find beating Nokia N82?

For people preferring non-touch phones, I think Nokia N82 been a winner from a longer while and will be loveable till Nokia doesn’t come up with another 5MP Camera with Xenon again. Though I should say E72 seems to have shaken my thoughts. Internal memory, Processor, Connectivity, GPS and Battery life.. it seems to be winning in all departments except the led flash, which sure not Xenon, but fair better than others.

e72_black_01_lowres1Though Nokia N900, Nokia N97 Mini and Nokia 5800 have made me addicted to big screens but still who could manage without touch screen or that bigger screen, Nokia E72 does the job much better than anything else around. I really wanna check out one. Probably the only one, I find could replace my Nokia N82 otherwise, even with Nokia N900, I would like to keep my Nokia N82 as backup phone for sure.

Even if I leave excellent connectivity options and power within this legend a side, its camera alone worth of keeping it with you forever.

Update: Something I recently discovered. Good News Farmville fans out there, you can play Farmville on Nokia N82 with Skyfire Browser now (Available in Ovi Store).

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331 thoughts on “Nokia N82-Still clicks like my heartbeats

  1. I should have my n900 any day now and its going to replace my still rock solid N82. The only thing wrong with my unit is that the paint has worn off the select button and the battery life isn’t what it once was, but like yours, after 2.5 years of hard use I’m impressed. Its been in half a dozen countries, from diving under underwater to mountaintops its seen it all and taken its licking but never stopped ticking.

    People are still amazed by the pictures I take with it. Xenon flash in a smartphone was genius. When you need it, you need it and unlike a regular point and shoot, my phone was always with me.

    I very much feel the same way as you do in your post. In many ways I’m afraid my N900 won’t live up to the stability and dependability I’ve had with the N82.

    1. Dear Dave,
      I kept Nokia N900 with me for two weeks on trial and could sure that its something uncomparable. But would like to mention that while N900 sure snap good decent ones, but Nokia N82 is in its own league. You should keep the same along with you.

      As about Battery, then it was around INR 900 here, so must not be very costly there. Change the battery, upgrade firmware and enjoy good battery life again.

  2. This just felt like reading my mind with English subtitles 🙂 Well said Nitish Kumar, there aren’t any points I wouldn’t agree as an another N82 and E72 owner, though I’d add one or two additional ones.

    1. Will really love, if you will add some points. Till now, I didn’t bought E72, so sure missing the experience, you could add into as I might be just guessing or counting on my short experiences with E72.

      I really wanted to know, if you could tell that is one can go full fledge with E72 only and without N82?

      Putting the same in turkish too (as your blog is)
      gerçekten sevecek, bazı noktaları eklemek göreceksiniz. Bugüne kadar, ben, bu yüzden tecrübesi eksik emin E72 satın etmedi, sana belki yalnızca tahmin veya E72 ile benim kısa deneyimlerini sayma içine ekleyebilirsiniz.

      söyleyebilirdim eğer gerçekten bilmek istiyordu, bu bir E72 ile tam tüylenmek gidebilirsiniz sadece ve N82 olmadan?

      1. I bought N82 @ 2007Q4 without hesitating even a second because it was jack-of-all-trades and master-of-all at the same time. E72 is just the same (excluding great Xenon flash) but with great improvements both hardware and software wise.

        – You’ll definitely feel the speed while using E72, any CPU-intensive application will load faster than N82. But available free RAM after boot on E72 is lower than N82, though thanks to demand paging I didn’t experience any memory related problems while using E72 yet

        – Being used to T9 keyboard slows you down when typing in first weeks but if you’re used to N82’s tiny keys, you’ll adjust to E72 quickly. It also has word suggestion and auto completion but I couldn’t get used to them because included Turkish dictionary was really small.

        – I was amazed with E72’s keyboard shortcuts, Bluetooth and flashlight keys are very useful and you can even use CTRL+X/C/V as you’re using a PC 🙂

        – You can feel the absence of 3D accelerometer in photo gallery, browsing animation is not as smooth as N82. I also felt it’s absence in Carousel application (the key above C @ N82) while using a N79, I guess these two applications were the only hardware accelerated parts of S60v3FP1+

        – Photo processing algorithms are noticably enchanced in E72, daylight pictures taken with E72 are equal or better to pics taken with N82; but absence of a shutter key forces to you leave optical navi key function enabled if you want to use autofocus effectively since if it’s disabled there’s no way to use it two way, (first focus-then shot), E72 shots immediately after it focuses.

        – Absence of Xenon flash produces predictably bad night shots when compared to N82. Video is shot @15 FPS, so you’ll feel a bit choppiness when watching them on PC but quality is great. Also absence of a lens cover forces to to carry a clean cloth to wipe lens glass before every shot.

        – E72 has a single but loud enough speaker, you probably won’t miss a call if you don’t miss with N82 but I’d prefer N82 over E72 to listen anything from IHS because sound quality is noticably better than E72. But with headphones, E72 is better than N82.

        – Dynamic noise canceling function of E72 just left me speechless when I first used it; you hear nothing but only the voice of the person you’re talking to from the ear you’re using. Also, the person you’re talking to doesn’t hear much background noise from your side. It’s superb!

        – Battery life is uncomparable to N82’s, I could use E72 for over two extremely busy working days while I could use N82 for 8-10 hours under same circumstances. I also finished a week with normal use without charging E72 and I still had one battery bar on monday morning!

        As a summary, E72 is an excellent device for communication oriented usage but can’t beat N82 for media consumption oriented usage, so I use N82 for my personal life and E72 for business life. It’s a matter of priorities, though.

        I can’t think of any other stuff to compare, so if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask, you’ve got my email anyway 🙂

        1. GeceBekcisi,
          So wonderful of you, you just made my day and that of reader here by presenting your valuable thoughts. I am really thinking about having an E72 now, which shows how pin pointed your thoughts were.

          Still you left me about doubt over two things, 3D and Video recording.. E72 seems to be lower than N82 in these era… means still N82 would be prime for video shoots…

          1. Nevermind about 3D accelerometer since there’re not many applications taking advantage of it (Also, I guess that if you were an eye-candy requiring guy you wouldn’t look for a Symbian handset, would you? :D)

            As I said, E72 is only inferior to N82 about media (photo, video) creation & media (video, sound) consumption. I’d strictly recommend you to spend at least half an hour playing with E72 and comparing it to N82 before buying it.

            In fact, I couldn’t find much that I strongly missed from E72 after I gave it to my girlfriend so I didn’t bother to buy another one for myself. Now, I’m waiting for a QWERTTY + Xenon equipped MeeGo device and I believe my N82 will go on serving my every need until one is announced 😉

            1. Oh shit, I just realised that I used “accelerometer” instead of “accelerator” for two times, I absolutely need to stop commenting while sleepy 😀

            2. For me, strong battery life, superb connectivity and processing power are best pros for E72.

              Cons are RAM size, not that good video recording and may be smaller screens for watching movies.. though last noe is acceptable.

  3. I agree with you, noothing out now beats my trusty n82 in terms of functionality and that damn good camera! I swear, no phone camera out since has beaten it!

  4. N8 (or N8-00) will be announced in a week or so. Google it. It will be a worthy successor to the N82 (I agree with your article), with Xenon flash, HD video, touch, etc.

  5. Nice article, Exactly same experience as me. I also just couldn’t find any worthy upgrade to my N82. Nokia just lost focus in trying to copy touchy phones. I still want real successor without “Touch”. 🙂

  6. I’m still using my N82 as well, the battery life is really good after all these years – only needs a charge every 5 days. Pity they haven’t released the free Ovi Maps Navigation on it and it doesn’t like like they ever will :(. And it is finally dying – if I ever switch it off it forgets the date and time. Still, nice to see others still love it as much as me 🙂

  7. Hi Nitish. I had bought my N82 in May 2008 and since then it has been a wondeful journey. I had switched from SE W800i (which too was a wondeful phone BTW and is still going strong in my cousin’s hands).Where do I upgrade my firmware?

    1. Sameer,
      It should not be harder thing to do and you could do on your own. What you need is Nokia PC Suit or Ovi Suit and then a working good internet connection. The download size would go around 100-150 mb I guess…

      Take backup and remember that installed apps will be no more means only data. Remove memory card. Check for updates and then when get downloaded press for install.. it will be rebooted once and here you go…

      Have a stable connection and power supply for avoiding any complications…

  8. Nostalgia..
    i bought the N82 but after 3 months the blue tooth started giving errors, i was told that it was water problem, but i was offered a replacement, I searched the net and found people facing similar problems, so i got it replaced with the N95, (by paying the balance). and yes, N95 had a super camera , but cuz of the xenon flash cdnt campare with the N82. as we say in gaming “GG” phone

  9. Everything in your article was absolutely correct – up until one year ago when Nokia released the N86 🙂

    1. Mark,

      That’s true that N86 is successor to N82, but still many times you may find people unhappy with Dual LED in comparison to Xenon Flash of N82.

      Still many crave for same Xenon in next

  10. I have owned n82, presently ave an e72 and a 5800 xp, totally agree with your views. Just one thing i want to say that you can use the auto focus function of e72, even with optical navikey disabled, just press and hold the d-pad until the camera locks the focus, it will capture the image only when you release it. If the focus does not lock, it will not capture the image even if you release the d pad.
    I want to replace my 5800 xpmusic, inclined towards Samsung wave, should i go with it, or wait for the n8, or any other suggestions.

    1. Sam,
      Well! as an owner of Nokia N82, you already know that Nokia N8 is sure worth wait and price. just a little bit too much of wait, but still that would be something ground breaking. Should wait if you can. I think if you already have a E72, then you can hold yourself for a few month and till november, we are expected to get not only N8 but one more exciting device from Nokia.

      I have used Nokia E72 and yes, the focus is there in the same way you telling, but sensitivity of D-Pad is kind of much more than a separate button would have. D-Pad takes time to get used of snapping and also changes the posture of taking snaps, while N82 was keeping the same feel as we using some camera.

      That’s why I prefer separate camera button.

      As about Samsung, I have been burned twice with the same name and its a personal “NO”. But yes.. heard of many good sets from their side now days. Have to check how they fare.

  11. i own a nokia n79 phone…doh i wz lukin 4a n82 …bt stil i find da n79 q8 promising…a nic 1 al2gedr…jus get a thot dat n79 n n82 r almost at par wid each oda.

    1. Yup! being a later released device, N79 matches most of the things, but misses the camera part mostly and second thing that spoils N79 is only 50 mb phone memory, while 100 mb of N82 never runs out.

  12. Another couple of years on, is there a worthy successor to the N82? I’ve been forced to step “back” because my N8 had to go to Nokia for repair and didn’t come back in time before I took off for three months so I’ve been on my old N82 for six weeks now and I’m actually pretty damn happy with it. It feels like a phone in the hand and it slips very nicely in my pocket and I don’t worry about the touchscreen or the camera lens. I also don’t feel like anyone’s going to mug me for it, and if they did it wouldn’t matter $0 much. Of course I do miss the better camera on the N8 but the N82 takes some fine pics too and most of the time they really are good enough for my use. I find the music player is better than the one on the N8 and most 3rd party software that I really need is available for S60v3. The N82 runs noticeably slower and it doesn’t charge via the USB port but I use it less as a smartphone (rarely video/limited internet access) and so the speed and consumption are less of an issue. I’m very torn about the return of the N8 into my possession. The N8 still is a great all-in-one, particularly for camera lovers but since its arrival I’ve actually been dreaming of “de-convergence”! The N8’s screen is too small to comfortably navigate the web, edit office documents or read ebooks so I tend not to. Movies and TV shows are watchable but it’s not that enjoyable and I think I have actually used it much more as a digital media playback device via HDMI and a TV. The dilemma for me is this: in my mind, a simpler but capable phone like the N82 coupled with a tablet for the stuff that needs a screen should do me just fine – a Galaxy Tab 7.7 is my current tablet of interest. Why do I ask about replacing a classic phone like the N82? It will get lost or broken eventually and a replacement will become harder to find. Besides, I’d like a tad more oomph, a friendlier keypad, HDMI-out and USB charging all in a similar form-factor. Is there anything? I’d love to hear suggestions.

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