Layman’s take on possibly Nokia N9

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Whole world seems to discussing whether Nokia N8 is worth waiting for or why not to wait for Nokia N8 or how much true signal problems of iPhone 4 is and if that was not enough then Symbian or MeeGo kind of caused a bit of stir in mobile freak blogger community. In the meanwhile something old surfaces with real wings this time and surprisingly we are not that much discussing about it, coz we don’t even know the name… Is it real? Are they really waiting for Nokia World 2010 or something else might be a possibility?


For me Nokia N82, Nokia E52, Nokia E72 and Nokia N900 been the best shots from Nokia in their respective areas till date and now much of the expectations are being mounted on next coming Nokia N8, a complete touch screen phone with 12 MP Camera, 3.5” Capacitive screen and a brand new sleek look of Nokia for touch devices that were meant to bulky only from Nokia till now. But what happened to the device with 4” Capacitive screen and 4-row keypad that been rumored since long???

After the exclusive leak from Negri Electronics Blog, I am sure that most of the blogging community is waiting for this giant to be announced in Nokia World 2010, but perhaps I have a different opinion here and I think that it might be less likely that it would be announced in Nokia World 2010, at least with this specs. Let’s see why …

It was made to be Nokia N98 not N8-1 as being said: The presence of just 8MP camera without Carl Zeiss, existence of old OS in prototype, name in firmware as N-Series and not being announced even after being rumored since long when no one had even a slightest idea about Nokia N8, sure hints that it started before N8 or even since when the new naming conventions started.

The theory get supported by the fact that whenever a series get elevated in model numbers, then the specs been always upgraded almost without exception.. we got no Xenon in case of Nokia N86 but it was a better 8MP camera with Geo-tagging support, though here in this case, we find a different pattern, which kind of convince me that we are not going to get this beast with current specs displayed.


It has a look like N8, it has a marvelously built keypad, it has bigger 4” screen, it has capacitive touch, it has nHD Display (640 X 360), it has front LEDs, it has HDMI Out.. means everything either equal or better than coming Nokia N8, so qualifies for being Nokia N9… right?? But wait… no signs of Dolby Audio, 8 MP non-Xenon Camera sure hints that it can’t be a Nokia N9 for sure. Then what it is?

Things suggest that it was a successor to Nokia N97 and was expected to be launched just after Nokia N900 with probably Symbian^1 at that time, but continuous and unexpectedly harsh comments over Nokia N97 kept Nokia on back foot and scared about launching this one.

Nokia took its time to find issues with Nokia N97 and figured out that it wont be a good thing to release such a powerful thing (it would have been Nokia’s first capacitive screen otherwise) with a much criticized OS. That explains the surprisingly long delay before launching any actual flagship model after their Nokia N97 Classic. They wanted to launch this, but were forced to take a U-turn as they didn’t expected Nokia N97 to fail this much miserably and that came to disrupt all the plans.

Why I am saying that they can’t release it in current specs?

Reason is the same as I explained in above paras. It doesn’t fit into naming scheme of Nokia. Its not one of the X-series that showing up with frustrate looking bulky model, neither it can be a C-Series that it being expected as Cheap series. Even video in the firmware suggest that it was a N-Series (Don’t go over printed C-0, all protos get mentioned like this), but lack of megapixels in camera mark it as not more than a N7, but then that should not have a 4” Capacitive screen neither a better OS (Nokia already said that next N-Series Symbian might be only Symbian^4 or MeeGo).

So, for sake of consistency, I am expecting them to upgrade the camera, place the Xenon inside and then working over MeeGo inside, only then it makes sense to call it a Nokia N9 as I doubt if the current version with Negri, has Bluetooth 3.0 inside, I say its not there (let Negri confirm that), but before that there seems no chance of this set to see official limelight.

That would be another question that geeks will wish Nokia N8 or this one with a bigger screen and keypad? For me, its awesome and bound to attract more geeks than Nokia N900… sure much of beauty than bulky Nokia N900 with the same amazing keypad. What do you think? Tell me…


16 thoughts on “Layman’s take on possibly Nokia N9

  1. This article glosses over a few details.
    Why was the n97 released with only a 5mp camera while the n86 had 8mp?The reason i believe is that nokia generally place their products along some lines.The n8’s focus is on media creation and consumption while that of the rumoured phone be more on productivity.
    All nokia lettered phones have carl zeiss optics even the ‘cheap’ 5800,5530 et al.
    Are you blind or did you not notice that the rumoured phones resolution exceeds nHD.It is at least 800×480 (i believe 854×480 in keeping with the 16:9 ratio).
    If it was such an early prototype destined to be released just after the n97,why is it just surfacing FOR REAL now?And why did nokia just remotely wipe it?
    I believe it is a real product which will be announced soon (probably earlier than planned due to all the leaks, kinda like the n8).One thing i can’t guess is the name.Traditionally, all nokia variants have had the same specs save a little tweak here and there and i don’t see this fitting into the other classes.If i had to bet my money would be on n8-01, because that fits with the devices rumoured specs and nokia would not have released another n-series symbian device, just a variant of an existing one.

  2. My point still stands that a device other than the flagship could trump it in a (particular) spec. It’s not only specs that determine a flagship; build quality,component quality,support duration (think ubuntu lts) etc all play a role in it.
    I’ll reiterate this, if that is a 4″ screen, then the resolution CANNOT be 640×360.I’m typing this on a 5800 and the pic of the screen showing the os version etc (*#0000#) has more on it.With the resolution the same as mine(5800), the useable screen realestate should be the same regardless of screen size (even a 10″ screen on 640×360 running symbian would display the same as an n97 mini albeit larger and blurry) but it is not.
    640×360 is ok for screens up to 3.5″, 3.7″ would be intolerable but 4″ is madness.Even nokia wouldn’t dare that.

  3. Dear,

    I understand your point and that’s why saying that it was successor to N97 and now Nokia will modify it keeping resolution of iPhone4 in mind.

    I have not reported the specs and resolution, its the same as being reported, I am just commenting over the same that Nokia can’t do it with those specs and need to hold the release as of now. The design and looks better suits to Nokia N9 (specially 4″ screen and front LED).

    As you said, Nokia wouldn’t dare it, I am saying the same, they wouldn’t and that’s why its not being released in exact shape as being shown.

  4. They don’t need to keep the iphone4’s resolution in mind.Nothing (and i mean NOTHING) both iritates and disgusts me as the resolution peddling that is the norm after the iphone4 announcement.
    The preceeding iphones all had the LOWEST resolution of any touch os out there, yet not 1 site ever harped about it.It was consistently ignored or glossed over.Yet, from the moment steve announced the new resolution, the blogs have been awash with it.It is now the yardstick with which every other mobile os must match, if not they’re inferior.
    I could go on all day about this so i’ll stop there.Don’t make this about the iphone4.Nokia need to do what is best for their own sake not solely because of what a competitor has done.Yes, they need to innovate and follow (if not beat) market trends but blatant copying will spell their doom.This is why i’m keeping a very close eye on wp7.The concept is unique and refreshing which is what is needed in this monotonous market.

  5. Nitish, the res on the N900 is 800×480. The one on this leaked image is also pretty much the same… it’s evident that it is not nHD by looking at how broad the screen is.

    As for the front LED, look carefully it’s the sensors and not the LED.

    This is at best an early prototype of a device or a canceled one, though the latter seems a bit hard to believe given that remote wiping incident. An Eseries seems to make more sense IMO, though the design seems to suggest otherwise.

    1. Oops.. it was 800×480. Wrote wrong in last reply.

      I guess they said in video that these are LEDs for Video Calling.

      As about remote wiping, then its available for most of the phones via F-Secure, so its possible for any.. doesn’t suggest much. Design and looks suggest that it’s in same league as N8 and if specs get tweaked then sure a contender for N9

  6. Ditto on the E-series.Probably no other explanation.
    About the iphone’s screen resolution, i didn’t single you out.What i meant was that the blogosphere (engadget,cnet,gizmodo etc) never focussed on that particular shortcoming but now that its a strong-point, i can’t get it off my screen.iphone4 screen this, iphone4 screen that.I give up.All hail the great Steve, he’s truly something.

    1. Yup!! Steave really knows how to attract people. Got the right energy and been an icon since his youth. But biggest factor in iPhone success was its form factor as well. It looked totally different and off the league that pulled some people.

      Even then its disappointing to see that how blogs follow Apple’s minor news only even if they don’t sell outside subsidized market that well. I will go for kill if someone says that Apple is giving a great camera.. 5 MP..?? bullshit.. they just keeping the same form factor and PR buzz

  7. Actually,i’m part of the engadget hoarde.Comment sparsely.The apple coverage there and clear editorial bias is getting on my nerues.Symbian is questioned as a smartphone os,yet ios was defended when it lacked basic features.Now the iphone4 is hailed as the best smartphone.
    Welcome to 2003.

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