Welcome Nokia E52 to the family- The unboxing

As mentioned in last post, today become the day, when I got Nokia E52 in my hands finally. There were fears related to low memory, suspicions over camera performances but that high level of connectivity and battery life, I just experienced few days back with Nokia E72 finally became deal breaking and here am I, welcome Nokia E52 to the family.


I visited shops on last day as well, but got more confused about prices as they offered Nokia E52 in Rs. 11, 950/-, Nokia E71 in Rs. 13, 500/- and Nokia E72 in Rs. 17, 500/-. Definitely Nokia E72 was the best choice and price was at least Rs. 1, 500/- less than expected, same time Nokia E71 had a legendary reputation and also a close price tag with QWERTY. For me, connectivity was deal breaker as bro was to use the same only and so E52 won due to its upto 10 mbps download capability.

Second trouble was related to Navigation Accessories. As per recent announcements, now many navigation devices are coming with Car Holder or Car Charger etc and Nokia E52 was supposed to have Car Holder in package, but what packages all the shop owners shown (including Nokia Priority Dealers) were without the same. I thought to confirm more shops today, but luckily one HotSpot got the Ovi Package by today morning only and saved me from doing a compromise.

Coming back to Un-boxing.. I really think I should have gone for un-boxing all my devices with blog posts in past. I never did one for Nokia N70, Nokia N82, Nokia 5310 XpressMusic and even Nokia 5800. Thanks to my article over Nokia 5800 and later on trial devices from @WomWorldNokia that started this habit in me.


So, as shown the purchase location was local HotSpot and the price was Rs. 11, 905/-


Thought to add more spice in joy of brother with 8 GB Transcend Card.



This was a different blue colour package than the earlier available one for Nokia E52 on the same shop and as clearly mentioned, was going to include lifetime free walk and drive navigation.


While the sales package seems to be ordinary and I missed mention for any carry case, but the most strange thing was absence of any CD/DVD with the same. More strange was absence of any ear buds of the provided excellent quality headphones. I wonder why Nokia did this? Definitely all these things were no where costly.

Anyway, leave the negative things apart, here comes the beauty … the opened package with all accessories inside …


Oh did I mentioned about the shiny Car Holder ..



Next noticeable difference was the charger and adapter ..


Rest are some usual accessories with missing ear buds



Now this is the time to present the pages and manuals with device …






A nice T9 Keypad, dedicated Camera key, hot plug but covered memory card slot, metallic volume keys and power key and no cover MicroUSB port like Nokia N82 that’s what exterior of Nokia E52 showcases for you. The solid feel of body with unique texture on back and near five way scroll key adds in to the quality that an E-Series device should posses.

With any new Nokia Device, the first thing to be done always goes to be updates, got firmware update v34 and also an update for Ovi Suit. Also who was going to miss the famous 3.04 Ovi Maps and other my kind of basic apps (Chat, Fring, Skype, Google maps etc).




Interestingly, the screen size and resolution didn’t bothered me and I felt it like bigger than what I expected. Though technically I know its the same size as my Nokia N82 screen, but I didn’t expected that it will deliver exactly the same experience as I had with Nokia E72. Definitely, camera performed better than I expected, but I found myself complaining about the GPS (though didn’t given a full try under open sky which I will do tomorrow), its sure not like 5800 or N97 Mini or E72. Unhappy a little.

Oh!!! didn’t I mentioned that this handset I bought for my youngest brother not for me, but even then I thought that it deserved my ‘own special test’. Downloading a big file within the Smartphone and as CJ mentioned, its indeed exactly like Nokia E72 in terms of software.


So, first impression of the device are pretty solid and definitely delivered the same experience like I had with Nokia E72. Thumbs up E52, I am sure my bro gonna love it. In all, its an impressive device with a powerful 600 MHz CPU and insane 15 mAH battery in such a little price.

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.


12 thoughts on “Welcome Nokia E52 to the family- The unboxing

  1. hi,
    am planning to buy this phone. Can you please give your inputs about the following….
    1. Signal quality ( i have heard that the antena is at the bottom of the phone and the signal fluctuates when holding the phone and talking)
    2. Voice call quality
    3. Build quality as compared to the e51 ( my current phone)
    4. Any other problem that you/your bro has faced in the last 1 week or so you have been using this phone.
    This will help me in deciding about my next purchase.

    1. Definitely Sunil,
      I will be happy to offer the inputs. I could say without any hesitation that the phone performed like best of the sets I had.

      I didn’t felt bothered about call quality at any point coz that is something you should at first place question about some E-Series device.

      I didn’t find any difference between call quality either it be GSM, 3G, Skype or Video call over Fring. It was just a perfect thing in such a small package. Signal strength would always be dependent on the area you live in, but it makes the most of it and at lease won my Nokia N82 at every point regarding that.

      Though it might not that important to you, but my tweets through gravity were geotagged most of the time and my mails were getting delivered in remote areas of UP. So, I am quite happy in signal department.

      Now, as about the build, I have not exactly taken E51 in my hands, so it would not be honest to tell about, but I have taken my hands on Nokia N900, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia 5800, Nokia 5310, Nokia N82, Nokia E72 etc.. so what could I say that build is solid like Nokia E72 and it might be called only a little bit thicker than my Nokia 5310 thats a huge plus.
      It has a steal finish as was of Nokia E72 and feels amazingly solid in hands and keys have some unique feel.

      All I could say that the two point you asked about this .. probably are the best points about this one. Only thing one could have worried about were camera at some distant point and internal memory.. but for rest all.. no question its the best till date from nokia

  2. hi sunil again
    a bit confused between 52 and 72!!!

    any major features in 72 other than the camera and the qwerty…

    My choice was tilted towards the 52 because of 2yr warranty from nokia but that seems to have been withdrawn from june….

    Which one will you recommend if price was not an issue… In pune i am gettin the 52 for 12k and the 72 for 16.5k

    Planning to buy over the weekend an early reply will be helpful 🙂

    1. Sunil,
      That’s a question that should not have any confusion at all.

        Definitely E72

      as nothing matches the same.

      The keypad of E72 is a dream to type on and screen looks bigger due to portrait orientation even if technically the same as E52. You get a camera of 5MP for which E52’s Camera is sure no match. Moreover, A-GPS also seems to be improved in E72.

      I think you should take a look of my E72 posts.

      Nokia E72 Diary

      Though I am eagerly waiting for Nokia N8, but sure E72 is something that sure gonna be my prime phone in next few weeks

  3. hi again
    typing this from my 72
    got a problem though i can see some light leaking from the sides of the select keys and below the home keys
    is this normal or some issues with my handset
    will be taking it to the dealer tomorrow

      1. I think its a minor one. Cant exactly remember if it was there or not. Didn’t took dark pics of my E72 in review. May be its there.

        By the way, welcome to blogging. You chosen a nice theme. Hoping to see few words from your side in next days.

  4. Do you know how to download and install maps onto the e52? I have tried with the phone (cant install maps to memory card, phone memory insufficient) and onto my computer with ovi suite (cant get maps from server, yes I have a good internet connection) When I go to maps on the phone, I just get a red circle on a white background so maps are not installed. Can you helP? THANK YOU lESLI

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