NGPay for mobiles-Redefining the way you live your life

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Note: This is for Indian readers as I am not aware if NGPay is available in overseas

Mid of the night, you are talking with a friend that suddenly find that you are about to go down on balance. Bye dear!! will talk you in morning? why? You cant recharge at this time?

A happy weekend, you decide to go movie with a friend. Which movie? What are show timings? What are rates? How to book them fast? Lucky if you are at home and could surf sites over Laptop or computer, but what if you are in a restaurant with friends? There are so many malls, how many numbers you could remember for booking through SMS?

Got a few days off from office. Thought to visit your native place. Booked train/ flight ticket somehow, but didn’t got a return ticket, thought will buy from home side (In Tatkal may be). But there you find that only Internet Cafe is half a kilometer and that too suffered with full of virus infected computers and also power cut most of the time. What now? Will you join the queue on Railway station?


Yes!! you guessed right from the title, I am about to talk on NGPay; also known as India’s Largest Mall on Mobile. For people already knowing a little about it, its a confirmation post that it works flawlessly and for people new to this, here comes something to redefine the meaning of your Smartphone. Its mCommerce.

ngpay is India’s largest mall on your mobile, end-to-end mCommerce service. It is a convenient solution interface between the consumers and merchants. You can shop, bank, buy tickets, pay bills and more easily and securely from your mobile handset. A solution for all situations like I mentioned in start and much more to it.

How to start with: The service is not SMS based, it requires just basic GPRS functionality enabled on your Handset. You thus need to subscribe to basic GPRS plan from your Mobile operator (a rent free plan is available with most operators). And since it is a Java based application, it would work on most handsets (Sorry about Nokia N900 though). Just a 63 kb download from (from your mobile) and you are ready to go, alternatively you can SMS “ngpay” to 56767 to get the link.

Open on mobileDownload and install NGPaySecurity warning, but don't be afraid

Its version 4.08 as of May 16, 2010Size is just 63 KBDoesn't take long to install

What you can do with NGPay? Not only the above three situations mentioned, you can go for more and more and the comfort will go on as the other services keep on adding into the catelouge. So its your one stop solution for all.

Small orrange icon in your applicationsJust needs working GPRS connectionI mean any working connection including Wi-Fi

Every communication with server is encryptedYou need to register your number and detailsAlso address details

There will be a 6 dgiit numeric passwordWelcome to NGPayCurrently supporting 115 services

I hope you will find yourself using first two a lotRecharge adn Topup will come always handyMay be your cinema not listed here but all leading one like PVR, Big and Fun Cinemas are here

Travel and accomodationYou can book train tickets through IRCTC hereI guess it was gift category

Yes!! you can book snacks from hereTill now only Domino is big name hereFrom Aircel to BSNL all could be recharged from here


Recharge typeCircle, supoprts all indiaRecharge any mobile directly not only yours

I have posted just a few screenshots to show that you can not only book move tickets, buy pizza, buy recharge PINs or Book railways/ flight tickets but can do much more than it. Sure amazing that how many services it covers. Personally it’s been lovely for me for recharging at odd timings and once life saviour for booking a train and a flight ticket.

How do you pay for your transactions here: ngpay is absolutely safe and has certified financial grade security. You can pay using a variety of payment instruments. Currently your regular MasterCard / Visa credit cards, HDFC Bank Account, and ItzCash cards are supported (yeah!! still not all debit cards, but I hope soon it will). For your convenience and quicker check-out, you can store your payment details in secure ngpay wallet.

I am using my credit card for the payment as currently it doesn’t support my IDBI Bank Account.

So, what are you thinking? Give it a try and tell me back, if its cool.

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.


15 thoughts on “NGPay for mobiles-Redefining the way you live your life

  1. I really like ngpay as an application, it would really make the lives of people very simple and hastlefree. But I have a complaint, it is not available for Iphone users. And this has been a complaint for a very long time.

  2. how can i install on my mobile.
    model: sony ericsson xperia mini pro.

    please send me a mail.

    i have used it before, really its very useful.

    1. You need an application called JEME runner from Android Store for that. And then install NGPAY through that.

      You can also ask help from NGPAY team at twitter by following @ngpay

  3. i want to install ngpay on my nokia n900 tell how its possible because i am unable to do so

  4. suppose,i purchased a pizza or a movie tickets,then as said by u,transaction will be done from my credit card,but let me know,how can i get that movie ticket or pizza??

    1. You will get the number that will be needed to show on the counter. Tried movie tickets , didn’t tried Pizza but that also should work fine in same way.

  5. Hello, i am looking forward to buy samsung galaxy s2 from ngpay (mrp 27900).. on which im getting a flat 10% discount using the promo code .. which will be returned via cashback to my bank account. Is it reliable believing in the promo code offer .. waiting for your reply

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