Indian Nokia E52 got a firmware update v052.003

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Nokia Ovi people on a roll now days, while other companies and bloggers seem to not letting any stone unturned over them, they seems to be working silently and steadily over a number of projects at the same time. While we just received an update for Ovi Suit Beta few hours back, now here is another update from Nokia that is a firmware update for Nokia E52. (This one is the same one that was released on November 28, 2010)

e52 update

The mentioned changes are as given below

  1. Improved features and performance
  2. Updated applications
  3. Better stability


Some other changes include

  1. OMA Device Management is working
  2. Some usability improvements
  3. Changing the default system start up date (11/10/2010)
  4. Keypad Autolock changed to work only from home screen

Happy time for my younger brother with Nokia E52.

e52 firmware

The older update been here since a while

old firmware updateingnew update

 Thanks to @mobileyog for the heads and screenshots

photo of Nitish KumarNitish Kumar

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15 thoughts on “Indian Nokia E52 got a firmware update v052.003

  1. Hello….i am planning to buy this mobile(E 52)….pls. tell me wat is ur recommendation for me in buying this model…?I am asking this as i had seen so many negative feedbacks(on the net) about this mobile….

    1. The build quality and features are superb when you talk about Nokia E52. Everything feel premium except one thing, the internal memory. I gifted one to my younger brother itself.

      But I think that E5 should be your choice in a bit lesser price (11.2k), if you are not thinking about looks only. Rest features are same.

      1. Thanks for the reply….checked the E5 now….it is a gud phone,but i am actually not much interested in touch and qwerty phones….thats one of the key reasons on why i had planned to buy E52….

        1. I will say that is personal choice, but I could assure you that if you use qwerty like E71/72/5 for a while, then you will crave for the same over T9. Best for messaging and twitter etc.

          I will say try to take a demo of E5 from some friend. It takes around a day to get used of qwerty, but later on and its like natural.

  2. hi nitish, raj here, having trouble updating my e52 to the latest firmware OTA. my phone keeps telling me that i need a PC and i have no access to one. Please help.

  3. hi nitish
    i am planning to get new phone with all the features like E52 . But i’m little afraid about its review which i read from many website.
    some says it shutdown itself some say date does not change some says about firmware etc. Will you please suggest me which phone should i buy i dont like qwerty keypad or touch screen. And will you tel of what is this firmware .

    1. E52 is not good for many apps but if you are a man of SMS, battery life and calls then build wise it’s a rock solid phone. But pricing wise, I will still suggest you to go for E5 in 9k. QWERTY phones are nothing to be afraid from and in few days you will love them more than T9.

  4. hi
    as you suggested about nokia e5. I checked it even liked it also but front camera is missing .
    i need a phone from nokia having 3G 10.2Mbps . Wifi. Front camera. Dont like touch screen and i’m a guy who spent full day on net so bar phone is better for me. Will you please suggest me a phone

  5. yeah my brother have that one really awesome but it takes me time to adjust with qwerty keypad i’m trying to minimize keypad as now i’m typing this mail with one hand for that i’ve to use both hand. That is0making me hesitat about qwerty keypad

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