Nokia Bots are back and this time for Symbian^3 too

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I remember those days, when after returning Nokia N97 mini trial unit to @womworldnokia, I was having only Nokia N82 and Nokia 5130 XpressMusic and Nokia Beta Labs released their Nokia Bots. I was like thinking that why such updates and cool applications don’t come to the devices I am using, why I am late in the glory all the time (like I am feeling with Nokia N900 updates sometimes)? But all the grief was just needed a top device from Nokia like the one I bought, Nokia N8 and since then updates and applications aren’t seemed to be ending very soon.

After Swype, Ovi Maps and Soundtrckr, now its turn for Nokia Bots to come back again. Nokia beta labs just updated their blog to bring back the Nokia Bots and greatest part of news is this time Nokia bots are available for Symbian^3 devices like Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 as well.

Not only they have updated it to bring support for Symbian^3 devices but also there are performance improvements for old Symbian^1 devices like the Nokia N97, N97 mini, and C6-00.

The complete change log is as follows

Added 14.12.2010 (v.1.8.1)

  • Compatible with Symbian^3 devices
  • FIXED: Alarm bot alarm does not wake up the phone if it is powered down
  • FIXED: Alarm icon (indicator) does not appear into the status pane when alarm is activated
  • FIXED: Changing back to user defined profile after meeting or night profile does not work
  • Shortcut bot image handling improved
  • Contact bot image handling improved
  • Contact info changes are tracked and shown on the widget if necessary

Manual download links

Symbian^3 version , Symbian^1 version

Note: Ovi Beta login might be required to download the files

How to get started with the Nokia Bots?

Nokia already has provided an extensive tutorial on this here. Basically its an intelligent application that learns habits of the user and then once ready starts doing required customizations automatically or giving suggestions about them like setting alarms automatically, putting frequently used contacts into contact bar (configuring default contacts bar might be a pain for some). So, its exactly not like you have to do something special with it, but just install it and let it work out its way on its own. Sounds high tech?? Its cool.

For knowing more on it, you could check out the FAQ as well

There are some known issues that are related to habits, but as an application, this time it sounds so solid version that we should expect it coming out of beta anytime soon.

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