Thanks @Nokia, never imagined that I would be part of world’s biggest #FF ever

In last few years, we seen the internet world moving from IM/Chat rooms to blogs, then to social networks and finally micro-blogging world like twitter. We seen the rise and fall of many brands and also the growing fanboyism from loyalists toward them. We seen brands going for their audiences via print media, TV media, digital media and via words of mouth.

Lots of things got changed in these years and we seen lots of changes in the way, brands interact with their loyalists. But last Friday, July 01, 2011, something happened, something such big that no one would have ever imagined. At least, I never imagined anything like that will ever happen to me.


I was in a running train at mid of night for a journey of 850 km when the above tweet appeared in my timeline (@nkumar_). While since last few days, I was already in those lucky 164 people, whom @Nokia was following on twitter, the above tweet caught me by a surprise even before opening the link. And when I opened the link then …..


Do you know what is this? This been indeed the world’s biggest Follow Friday ever done by anyone for anyone (leave the possibility of such a gesture by any big brand). While the moment was maddening for me and other two share holders of same honour, I kept on thinking that what worth I was to get such a big gesture from @Nokia itself?

None of we three had thousands of followers, none of us had backing of some big media group, none of us had some thousands or lacs of page views for daily basis. None of we three were anything that worth that a brand could have been benefited by such a big gesture. It was just an emotional bonding away from all the practical or business logics. It was something that makes you devoting yourself for any brand for rest of your life.


If I wasn’t in train then would have tried filming myself in those moments, as those were really emotional moments for me. I was just a casual inactive blogger, who started writing mobile reviews, when Paul from Womworld picked me for sending my first review unit ever (a Nokia N900) back in February 2010 only.

Since then more than 16 months now and I did reviewed almost same number of devices from them even when I was visibly ignored by the local PR @NokiaIndia in all this while and even today, even after this #FF from @Nokia itself.

You can certainly feel that how big it was for me and how much it touched me from inside. Hats off to Nokia people, who really have written their own golden names on the wall of social media that will be engraved into the hearts of the fans like me.

Note: Thanks to Paul for notifying me that these were Nokia People themselves who painted the wall than PR people. The same fact makes it more bigger to me. Thanks Nokia .. thanks again.

There been many questions that why I written about Nokia majorly and today I can answer all of those questions. I can answer all of them with Goosebumps from the feeling that this big wall in Helsinki was painted by guys at Nokia themselves rather than some computer trick or by hiring some painters. Can you beat it?


11 thoughts on “Thanks @Nokia, never imagined that I would be part of world’s biggest #FF ever

  1. Congratulations Nitesh,

    It is great to be recognized by an recognized by a company like Nokia. I have a blog called e71bynokia. I wanted to discuss something about WOMWORLD. May I have your contact information.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Pali Madra

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