Breakups: Just the same story

Breakups: Just the same story

Modifications, justifications, sacrifices, offering everything you have, but perhaps relations ask for something else. Each time you think that now you have learned from all your old mistakes but each time, the things bounce back in new shapes. Perhaps this is the life, this is how people learn to be just like everyone and making them busy all over without any taste in life, just like everyone else, loosing all ambitions and emotions of ensureing their individuality.

Yes!! I am talking about breakups, why we loose people, we loved and cared from the innermost of our heart? Why they started to ignore or miss our feelings, when in a time, those were the prime importance for them? Why suddenly your all expectations started to be overambitious for them and became ruined, when one time they were ones to surprise you by their capability to catch up the things from between the lines? Why suddenly you come to feel yourself much emotional (even if you don’t want to show up) and they manage to be least emotional, while few days ago, things were on contrary? Lots of why’s na …..

We ask questions to ourselves and mind gave a lot bounced back to us with number of new questions that what I did wrong? When I managed to stay with all the time then what wrong if I expect the same? Questions are the same and tears are the same. We come to think that what we are doing, we come to hear people, who were already trying to suggest us a lot but we were ignoring. We try to make us busy; we try to make us alone and close shell and sometimes become vulnerable to others to grab the opportunity to get close to us, if we manage to be away then mind says that we are being scared and if just let it be as it comes then heart says that we are opportunistic.

Whatever …. A lot of suggestions to hold up the relations, a lot of suggestions to keep a balance between emotions and feasibility, but are they really work?

Some of you will complain that this time I am going through only one side of the conversation and some will come to say that I always do the same, but I just want to answer that I know who the audiences are and who want to read this all bullshit ….. so want to say things only for them.

If you are with my words even now then it does means that you have found yourself somewhere in these words. I know that everyone have a variety of definition about what is love and what one expect from a relation? Perhaps I want to remember the lines ….

“Tere dil mein meri sanso ko panaah mil jaye,

Tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaye”

We just ask for this much only; our breaths may pass through the heart of our loved ones, so that he/she could feel us even when we don’t bother to make vibrations in the air by our words. We just ask for a shade to make ourselves melt down, when we get tired off only caring others and being the careless and rough dudes or babes with attitude. Does our eagerness to get this “panaah” supersede our ability to think and our key to win the toughest situations? We talk about even sacrificing our whole life over them but forgot that is really this one the all we could offer or our egos and expectations sometimes come to be even bigger than our lives?

Holding relations without any formal bonding in between, is something like drawing a more bigger line each day or after each week and once you failed to do so, you are not going to get more chances. Lots of movies, lots of daily soaps, lots of stories …. Whenever you will wish to say something very own, you found it already said. Its nothing like that your true words are unable to touch someone but probably people became practical for such things and call you stupid on expressing them. Then what to do …. ….. …

A lot of questions and confusing things but still not offering any solution, but really could you offer or could anyone else by just few words? Yes!! I am not offering any solution, but I wish that I was having one …… …….. ……..

Ban on Orkut?? Are you insane?

Yes! Some bad elements are popping in Orkut too now and definitely it is likely to be increased more and more as now News Channels and Fundamentalist have moved in the way to publicize the few bad spots only on the almost perfectly clear white wall. But as like the real world, we have weapons against such things (like reporting them as bogus) and till yet, we have been using our rights in right ways.

In now days, Blogs and Orkut like sites came as the most prominent medium for highly qualified, undoubtedly talented and very judgmental youth of nation, so I request from Orkut Supporters to much much more active to avoid and restrict such activities and from Fundamentalist to keep their eyes away from us.

Again something moving completely against and out of logic and even then the one side is not getting proper attention, which made me back to write something again.

I am commenting on the newly started debates over the wrong message giving communities, especially through Orkut and not only debates and talk shows but even cases are started to be filed. The fundamentalist are with the arguments over communities like “We hate India”, “Call Girls from Mumbai” and so and so. There are also communities offending Indian holy God and Goddesses and yes, it is justified when you say that something should be done in regards to this, but A Ban???? No way ……

First let me present some facts about Orkut. Before Orkut and other such sites, the way to talk to people; whom you really never going to meet usually as they are very much away from you in distance or they are from very much different backgrounds or they belong to some other class of society or they might be belonging to some other country; was through messengers and chat rooms. But it was something very unstable; it was much easy to create a fake ID in minute and then login into some chat room to meet a new world, completely hiding your identity. It was never easy to trace someone, if offending or abusing in some public room. Ofcourse, the option to report someone abuse was there but practically that was not that effective. Moreover, at each login the crowd and the names in chat rooms were different, so people were tending to move into in initial days and then out with some IDs and then constrained within only those persons. It was sure spoiling the concept of an open world and was not enough to create a more reliable, stable world, in which you could meet some real persons, who might think about you selflessly and could provide a real positive and third person perspective about your problems.

So, websites like Orkut and Hi!! came in existence as answers to the loopholes in chat rooms and messenger services. Don’t compare it with dating sites like AdultFriendFinder as the motive and categories of both the sites are completely different from each other.

Orkut!! First of all, for moving into Orkut, you need a valid invitation from someone else and it will be kept in the database of Orkut and also the person, who has given you the invitation to join the community will be joined in you friend list. So, it was the initial phase. Now, let me tell you the things more categorically. The template of Orkut for presenting someone’s profile was much easier and also easy to maintain and day by day, it was changing for better and better and also with continuous removal of drawbacks. First of all, to get attention, one needs to make a profile, which will be having three sections; General information, professional information and then personal information. Although user is free to put only that information as he/she wishes, but even then it imposes a restriction as then your profile will not seem much attractive to others. Next phase is pictures, which is actually creating a problem for management purposes as well as creating problems like nude pics here too. But this (snaps) is sure one of the most prominent and honest way to attract people to you and also it is scientific fact that people remember faces more than names. So, definitely keeping pics in profile was justified, although it is sure a burden to web-space management of Google, who now owns this community.

The best feature of Orkut is its open scrapbook and completely accessible friend network, which guarantees that it is not that easy to create a fake identity and then being suddenly disappeared without leaving a trace behind you, as definitely, one’s friend network is likely to contain many real friends because as far as being friend is concerned then it is completely up to you. Watch someone’s acts and collect information about him/her from his/her social circle and then you could formally ask for friendship. Now as about open and accessible by anyone Scrap Book also presents a third person perspective of any user means a close view of the way of talking of some person and also a picture of that what other people think about the one as writing scraps to someone is like speaking in public and all this even before actually talking/chatting to the person. Definitely, it is much more reliable than ever.

Now, coming to more issues, Orkut is one site which is not supporting any kind of advertisements and also users are not allowed to post picture messages in open scrap books, they could only put pictures as display pics of their own identity or their community display pics.

As was the main issue of offending communities, then I think it is easier to encounter with nude pics and offers while surfing even Government and New sites, because of Spywares and Non-existence of any policy to stop such advertisements. Most of the time, Spywares sets cookies for them in your PC and then they will continue to come again and again, without you actually ask for them.

Anyway, I was moving to technical side, let me keep it simple. Like the real world, where it is always possible to get magazines and a lot of other adult material, how was it possible to keep it completely away from Net world and even from Orkut world.

Orkut has become such a large network, which contains students from each and every big institution and professionals from each and every big or small company (even if Orkut is banned in that company). If you are looking for some odd names as community then you should also check that there are communities from names almost all the big companies and institution, who are really providing the way to communicate between alumnae, batchmates and juniors. When in this world getting jobs and motivations for right side is getting rare and rarer, and then being at a place, where you could really come to meet much experienced and co-operating persons to consult about anything even before doing anything. Getting links in the industry was always a problem for everyone even if they were having one, then sometimes the changing contacts and fields were creating problems. Definitely traditional flaws like immature affections, addiction and habitual ignorance to the real world are here too but this could be said to be much mature form of conversation at the global level. I have found a lot of my seniors from very old batches working for big companies and many of them have provided my friends even shelters and supports in their cities and even in countries even on meeting for the very first time. In now days, when someone from professional courses got selected into Infosys then he/she first check for the profile in the Infosys community, so that could get in touch with some of them before actually joining or not joining them. Can’t people look at this positive side? As about bad things then really there are very few as the members of Orkut mostly are from educated youth from all over the world, so are much active in offending such nasty attempts and offending communities as soon as they got to know about them.

As about offending communities, then I, myself have seen even the honest attempt was getting tempered in these way, when some people started to use the popularity and coverage of Orkut as a medium to spread their products and thoughts means purely for business purposes. But it was really not that easy as Orkut provides you the way to make someone spam by just clicking a button. As about community, then I think for the first time, I encounter with a bad community three months ago, which was seriously offending “Goddess Durga”. As legal ways exists in the real world, there were ways too, I made the request spreading out to report this community and its owner as bogus and it worked. According to rules of Orkut, if more than 100 different users reports someone or some community bogus, then Orkut automatically removes that and this is really quick. After that I got similar message back to me about the community named “We Hate India”, whose most of the members were from Pakistan and one Hindu girl and a few Muslim boys from
India too. Definitely, it was an offending material and got the same fate means got deleted by Orkut, because of active participation of Orkut users to keep the place neat and clean.

I am afraid that because of popularity of Orkut, now Politicians and News Personals are pointing their guns to Orkut as they done in case of blogs few months ago. It is something like keeping females under curtains to keep them away from bad eyes or campaigning for banning Co-Education Institutions as they leads to love affairs. But it is not funny anymore.

The concept of banning blogs came from such a part of society, who was standing in favour of paintings of “Maqbool Fida Hussain” in the name of “Right to speak”. Definitely, blogs were a strong enough medium for professionals and intelligent students to express, when even Political Parties and TV-Channel were being suppressed from speaking anything against the issue, which was clearly looking to be completely out of logic but we were not having any power to do something as we have chosen the Government for five years and when after fighting to each other in most intense way in West Bengal, they come to join their hands to form the Government, then they are really not responsible or answerable to anyone. What a helpless crowd of much qualified students could do about it? Not all of them are in journalism and not all of them could take parts in ‘Dharanas’ and ‘Stirrs’, ofcourse, blogs are only medium to such crowd, who even on being right side and doing all hard works, feel helpless. What you could expect from News Channels and New Papers, when they are in either direct or indirect control of Government, because their dependency about license renewals and paper permits?

Anyway, I am again moving away from the main topic. Yes! Some bad elements are popping in Orkut too now and definitely it is likely to be increased more and more as now News Channels and Fundamentalist have moved in the way to publicize the few bad spots only on the almost perfectly clear white wall. But as like the real world, we have weapons against such things (like reporting them as bogus) and till yet, we have been using our rights in right ways.

In now days, Blogs and Orkut like sites came as the most prominent medium for highly qualified, undoubtedly talented and very judgmental youth of nation, so I request from Orkut Supporters to much much more active to avoid and restrict such activities and from Fundamentalist to keep their eyes away from us.

Definitely, there are a lot of things to speak but I know this is your time to speak, so I will wait for comments from reader’s side.

-:Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna; Is this not with you? :-

Maya; A girl who likes that someone make her feel that she has something, who likes that there should be someone, who may make her laugh without feeling embraced that what people will say. A girl, who used to be quiet all over and only thinking and thinking, but wont be like that all over. She just wants to live her own life as she watches in movies and novels. A girl who want to live with all the beauty of nature, want to feel each and everything that might be coming in a relationship. She is just tired of being cared and really wanted to make her life moving on her own ways. A girl, who lost her parent in her childhood and then were living with the help of Rishi and his father, started to teach little children as was thinking to be independent and as was not from any technical backgrounds because of money problems I think, so there was no other option than teaching. But she was always feeling that something is missing and she is not living a life as someone happy should live.

Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna

-:Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna; Is it not with you? :- Re-Modified again on 5th September 2006

A lot of hip-hop and blah blah, that’s why I am forced to write again after many days. Interestingly this time, it is not an issue like reservation or lowering value of parliamentary sessions, it is just a movie named Kabhi Alvida Na Kahana.

A lot of my friends have discussed about this movie and most of them were not satisfied with this movie, although at the same time, most of them were satisfied with Krrish, as after watching this movie you need not to think about the movie and there was no message with it, but with KANK they have the problem, because it has something, which makes them think, which makes them scared a bit.a

The allegations were like this; after introducing Valentine Day and Friendship Bands, now the party is coming to break the relations. Firstly, they were targeting youth and now they are targeting the marriages, Indian Culture and faith in personal relations. And most unfortunate is that they have a large audience and even if we condemned them very hard, they are going to make there destructive ideas to public in their ways and we are unable to anything.

Not only India but outside India, in Asia and Overseas, the comments are coming in the similar ways. In fact, I was a little scared about writing on the same as even my best friend was very angry on it although she was the greatest fan of SRK movies usually. Anyway, coming to the point, the movie, its feel and character.

The question is that what message this movie is giving to public? Is it to break their traditional relations just for the sake of their some fantasies created by such movies and literatures? Or to cheat the persons, who are very much devoted to you, and might be finding the ways to please you and you are finding the ways to come out of relations? Are they trying to give the bad image of Indian community and the new generations?

My answer is something different as usual. According to me, there was really no direct message for the mass, there was no solution but it was the presentation of situations and a raised question. Is this really far from our life? Is this really a movie for overseas mass and has no touch to our traditions? Why people are so scared that they are refusing that they even have watched the movie or watched only the first part? Why are they scaring others not to dare to watch the movie? A movie with Shahrukh, Abhishek, Priti and Rani; and ofcourse with their best acting performances and you say that the movie is the worst ever. Definitely there is something.

In almost each serial being telecasted on small screen, there are more than enough extra-marital affairs, but we knew that they have not that large audience, so we were ignoring till yet, but this time thing was scaring us.

Personally I found the movie excellent and giving the right kind of message with perfect presentation. A lot of movies have been on the same topic but in their presentations, there were some common points. They were showing the relations, in which one sides were a little wrong or just ignorant and the other side people getting into in these extra-martial affairs were feeling guilty and finally the story was ending with making them back to their original relations.

But this time, there was neither guilt feeling nor the happy (?) ending in traditional style. What the hell they are thinking to define? I am not coming to the conclusion that I have planned to write in the last part of the Article.

Ok! I am starting from the positive points of movie. It presents the best situations that you may loose your partner, even if you are always enough flexible to be changed to hold your partner tide up with you. How it could happen and why? We are watching movie and feeling that there were mistakes by Dev and Maya most of the time; they were looking out of their marriages not Rishi and Riya. But if we really think so then we will not be able to stop the things like this. It is reality and ignoring problems do not solve them. Find the solutions and think that could we do something more than that what Rishi or Riya did to save their marriages, to make their marriages succeed. Do we have no solutions really?

Dev; a person, who is highly emotional and want to be the best to help and care others and trying to spread joy and happiness all over, always smiling and making people smile, caring people even if they are just strangers. Do you know no one wants to care about others from inside; they do care for others because from somewhere inside, they need the same thing back to them. We try to be ideal to others so that may find someone, who may care for us and could feel us, when we are not saying anything and just smiling. Problem is that they attract people like Dev might have made Riya attracted towards him in his college life, which were impressed by their ways thinking that the person will take care of them. But answer me; was he looking for a person whom he could care of? There might be already many friend with whose problems he was already messing up not expecting anything back to him. Doesn’t he has the right to expect someone more caring for him, something rewarding his attitude towards life till yet?

The story started when Dev was already married from last five years. A final football match of Dev and a turning point of career for Riya. Dev missing her Riya, who I am sure was an active one in his matches in old days but not getting time now for the only visible thing that Dev likes. Riya missing her best friend, who was sure caring and encouraging in her old days for her career. Tell me who was mistaking? From these all things, most of us missed one thing, which was being felt by Dev, it was their wedding anniversary and what he got from Riya, just a last line of conversation saying “Anyway, Happy Anniversary, Dev” and then the phone was disconnected without hearing that what Dev might have planned for the day. A lot of people are making just another means of his shit. But just think that how come that man could miss the day, because when someone becomes happy then he relates it with all the good things happened at the same day. For him the moment was most precious and what he got just a casual wishing, even if she was not working just was coming after an interview and now was free and was going to pick her boy from school but the wish came in with an “Anyway” and that too was not expecting anything back to her. Was not that enough to make someone feel that she was trying to make him feel that only she cares and he forgot everything.

He gave her the biggest gift as much he was best capable to give, a five million contract, his dream, which was known by Riya too but there was no one to celebrate with him one of the best moment of his life, his anniversary and his dream day. But even this was not enough to make his feelings be cared by his love, if it was really love.

Just think about the man, who lost his leg and so career, when he was at the biggest turn of his career, a five millions contract. Do you know what that was meant to him? After that he was the leading one in his family and then he was for the first time about get the thing after which he was able to answer everyone about him and his career. Moreover after that there was a possibility to get his love back to him as probably then she will get time for him and his only child on whose birth, he was the happiest an on the earth. He was just wishing rights without caring the others as was knowing that he was already much caring. He just smiled with tears when Riya said that he hates his failure in life and almost explained everything what was in his mind with the thanks for letting him stay in her house. When he was saying that the biggest failure in that house was their own relation then it was not meant to say that this was due to Riya. When we say something with a smile on face and with only few not coming out tears in eyes, then it does mean that we are loosing hopes for anything. At that time no one could expect anything positive from that person as the one is unable to give anything to even himself. Dev was in same state, thinking a lot and reviewing a lot of things, loosing himself for making everything right according to Riya even if was at the cost of his own character which was the only ideal for him as he was even wishing to see the same character in her own son. Right then there was the last string of hope.

But ………

Maya; A girl who likes that someone make her feel that she has something, who likes that there should be someone, who may make her laugh without feeling embraced that what people will say. A girl, who used to be quiet all over and only thinking and thinking, but wont be like that all over. She just wants to live her own life as she watches in movies and novels. A girl who want to live with all the beauty of nature, want to feel each and everything that might be coming in a relationship. She is just tired of being cared and really wanted to make her life moving on her own ways. A girl, who lost her parent in her childhood and then were living with the help of Rishi and his father, started to teach little children as was thinking to be independent and as was not from any technical backgrounds because of money problems I think, so there was no other option than teaching. But she was always feeling that something is missing and she is not living a life as someone happy should live.

Three year; a total of three years were taken by her to say yes to marry Rishi. In which way she grown up, things are getting so obvious for her. Like it was looking obvious to everyone that she will marry Rishi and Rishi will propose her some day. She just hated to be so obvious but what option she was having? To refuse Rishi? Why? There was not any fault of him. Why she was not feeling that special thing for him? Everything was just like 2+2=4. She was asking for her own life, but it continued in the same way as her childhood was. She was not expected to be that much quiet; she wants to talk but feels her so constrained in everything. In straight way, she was never wishing that Rishi may fall in love with her, she was thinking to go much much away from Rishi and her father, not because she don’t like them but because she was thinking to live on her own. But she was not thinking to hurt them. It was a kind of Ehsaan feeling that was making herself away from her and she was getting inside and away from whole world, parties and friends, that’s why never tried to make friends from her side.

The best bad thing with her happened that she was not able to have child of her own. As much you will try to do not make her realize, she will find ways to feel the pain. She was wishing to be with someone, who has his own life and nature and who don’t really show her that he cares for her, just care from his inside and rest all the time, he might be behaving unserious and making her too. She just wanted to live life for world and without caring anyone. She did not like only cleaning as even Dev said her Wafadar Jamadar. But it was a way to make her busy and away of thoughts as she was always saying to herself that everything is fine. You are having a perfect loving husband, what else you need more?

Just think about the statement when she said that “Tum meri kis duniya ka hissa ho, Rishi” and he answered “Tum ghar saaf karma chahati thi”. Just think how disappointed she was as a clean house in not her priority at all, she was expecting something else which her partner may figure out on his own. Just think what she said to Dev at that raining day “Jo mujhe samajh sake, samajha sake, mere halaat pahchan sake”, everything of her was in those words. She was wishing to live an informal life, in which her partner might use abusive words about others means totally careless about her female existence and the best if he really care for her feelings from inside without expressing and always knowing when she is needing something. There was something, which was not even known to Maya herself that somehow she was now a teacher from her inside means one habitual of caring others not being cared. She was needed a careless partner not the one who care for her as according to her, she was just the perfect one to care someone, if given the chance. She was wishing to change her personality completely means wishing to be a part of the crowd but there was no way till she was with persons between whom she has grown up. I don’t know that she was right or not.

But ………

Rishi; He is really a character from every one of us, most of the viewers were having sympathy for him and sometime even I thought that one should. A boy, grown up with very much emotional, sentimental and understanding father. Someone who really know about the things and feelings. From the start of the life, he learned to take the responsibility and caring others as even having enough feeling and sense of responsibility towards him, his father was a bit away from traditional father. Rishi has seen a girl from his childhood and was always curious to know about her as much as possible but she was a mystery for him from all those years. Whenever he might have thought about love, only one name was coming in his eyes. He finally named his curiosity as the traditional one. He was thinking to care for her wife as much he could. But from the first day, she was abnormal for him, sometime he thought that he understand her, sometime, he thought he not.

When we like someone then sometime we talk with her that much which even she might not be knowing, as everything might be happening in our thoughts. We smile, laugh and cry in that world and pose our loved one as the best one doing everything, which we wish, he/ she actually should do. He was trying hard to get her and even then he was not getting her. Really, it is a troubling situation for me or anyone else, that what to do in this stage? One way is never talking to her on the same issue and always talking to her on various issues other than likeness of her and another way was to be away from her with happy smile without making her feel that she is doing something wrong to him.

But right now, even I am not sure that what was the right solution? The only mistake done by Rishi was that he was looking for the things which were just visible to him; perhaps he was not capable for looking the things in a complete perspective. He never come to understand that what exactly Maya was wishing for. He tried almost all the ways to show that he loves her but when the same words, even if they are much much true and sincere, come to someone’s way almost everyday, then they come to loose their feel and touch. There were the words, the touch but nothing was touching Maya’s heart. Although he was knowing that too and at his side, he tried his best to touch

But ………

Riya; I don’t know while presenting career oriented girls/boys, why the story writers come to be a bit rude. She started with her introduction with the words that “Meri personal life aur professional life dono alag alag hai”. Many smart and practical people will come to angry with me, if I comment something bad on her attitude. Perhaps I have something to say or I haven’t anything. She was sexy, confident and smartest or almost the best for her career. In fact, while making our career and professional works, it is obvious that we come to miss some responsibilities but there is blade edge balance between the things, don’t forget. She was just perfect for everyone except the one whom she loved most and because of her busy schedules, she never come to find the actual reasons but was just being irritated. Even if she was trying her hard but her smiles and nature which was outside was not inside her home. Yes! Dev was much more rude and irritating with her but was there no way else?

There are always two ways; one easy and one which may seem impossibly hard. Obviously, we come to choose the easy way most of the time, after failing many times from passing through the difficult way and this makes the difference between normal and great people. For her there were two ways, one way was to make her busy in a life where everyone was admiring her and the another way was trying to change the attitude of her partner, who was looking like a kind of being away from her.

She was just given up because she was not finding anything wrong from her side. She was thinking that her all best efforts are never going to make her husband realize that how much hard wok, she do to take care of the family and him, how much care she is showing to him in that way. She was thinking that when she is not only just more than average but almost the best for each one outside her home, then why everything was wrong, when she was coming back to home in every eve.. And when Dev needed her besides his all irritations, she was just giving up and was happy in making herself busy. Sure, people will have sympathy towards her and I am too.

She was even much much more reliable and honest towards the relations than all the three other characters but she was not wishful to express the same as was thinking that other side should understand, because that was the reason for which she loved Dev in the beginning as he was understanding without even hearing any words from her side. She just thought that his husband is jealous and is in complex. Yes! He was feeling complex, but she never got an effective way to remove that and even I am not sure that I could give any solution.

Her husband was just needing that sometime she may give time to him and family on the cost of career sometime. He was just some selfish for a while. He always knew that she is doing all the good things for him, but when he never expresses his other feelings, then why come he will express his admirations for her? His way was different to show his care and one of which was that five millions contract, which he come to loose unfortunately. Riya really tried hard but she was just loosing the end of string. She was a perfect one to be wife of almost anyone.

But ………

Do you know overall what the problem with everyone was? Everyone was trying to be the perfect and in relations, sometimes and in fact not sometimes, but every time, it is necessary to make the other side feel that he/she is perfect. And we do not need to show this by saying to them or caring to them but in a way, they could not realize that we were praising and admiring them. Winning someone’s heart is not so difficult and does not need a lot of literature kind of words nor the big and romantic surprises, it just need little things, which may make your breaths stopped for a while and heart beating. Understanding someone every time is never easy as human kind is always the lazy and no one wants to put his/her professional time into thinking, but do you think that it is really impossible to understand people?

Yes!! You loose yourself so many times in this battle to know someone but if you give up then you will never ever get the same thing back to you.

Above all the allegations against this movie, this is a best presentation of thoughts and situations and moreover with the best selection of culture and nature of characters. It was the first attempt to show that you may loose even if you are the best. It is the ground reality of breaking marriages in now days; never think that it is not with you.

A lot of questions and a lot of things, but note that I am not giving up. Really have a lot to say but all that will be only one side. So, need to hear from other people that where I am missing the things. See, I admit that even I could not live all the four characters, so can’t explain them completely, so yours comments are invited to make this discussion complete.

Reservation Protest: Could we really make it???


No, nothing, no crowd, silence …. the same bloody silence again and again.

We are dead, really we are dead, the same practical and smart peoples. No, I don’t hate, I just don’t … infact, I can’t. I feel pity, but on whom, I do not know.

Is it for me for just being a mere part of a helpless generation?

Is it on the people who are going for hunger strikes?

Is it for the people who are going on hunger/work strike and violence not knowing that they are not helping but spooling the whole sensation?

Is it for the people who are quiet because it does not affect them or even profit them.

We read books on revolutions, we read Bhagat singh, we watch Rang De Basnti and forget all. A sensation of moments and then after few minutes, we again became involved in our messengers, outlook, emails, orkut and blogs. We watch Rang De Basnti and discuss that the way in which people only find solutions in killing people is wrong. We discuss that in our lunches and after that we forgot that even today MIGs are continuously being crashed and no big enquiry or stir in media. What kind of sensation it is?

We just forgot that what was the purpose?Whispering in front of some friends do not make the campaigns, crying over a few persons never going to make any change. We just think that some people have moved in the ways to make the same issue alive and they will come in, if the things will knock their doors or someone will come to them to call them fro doing something. We feel foolish, if someone will see us being the part of some crowd. Our parents will think what? For what reason, we have came out of our homes, for studying na …., then let the students making protests, who are interested in politics, who are going to be affected. Just calculating that how much seats are remained for competition and think that we could make it even now. Keep thinking that we are OBC, so it is in our profit then why to go for the support of that irritating Brahmin crowd, again crying on some just another issue. No, nothing, no feeling, nothing will touch our hearts …….

Who are we? what could we do, if the whole media attentions, if all the violent and silent campaigns just making nothing? We keep on hoping and at the next day, someone gave a comment like he has the right to define our destiny. Five years!! he know it and also know that we think of nothing so longer. Analysis of words, 24 hours channels predicting the statements and options and we got the same rubbish on each issue and noting really make us feel.Shame on us, we may go for forwards, might only be mailing for the whole day, we have the time to read stupid SMSs, going for discussion on girlfriends/boyfriends, but have not time to read something because everything look like the same and we feel no solutions. Yes! really there is not one, there is nothing, all over dark, if we don’t have the time to only write some lines of support on a few attempts, articles then we think we could make a change coming to us?

Keep forgetting things, keep moroning, keep voting for the same morons who do not even get one from the whole country to lead them and forcing us top accept the same, keep thinking the same moron as our future leader, whose all statements are calculated and he talks in predefined ways. Just keep guessing that they will say something against the things, they themselves have planned. Just joking …. one goes to Haward and came back without a single degree and enjoy his right from his birth to lead the youth and things just pose them as …….. we could do nothing, not even reading an article in once, in whole.

I do not claim that I am something or not a part of the same crowd. Same deadlines of work, projects,assignments, OTs, ENTs, same changing of proxies because messenger is not working, same searches on Google, have not someone done something on the same projects? I am no more special, really no one, who could be really affected. One, who has a brother in HAL and other one UP topper and he, himself working very well. Really nothing could affect, nothing should. Do not even have few minutes more to read that what someone give as answer even if someone do.

Hating myself like those boys which are even protesting at this moment and feeling ourselves alone and helpless. I will scream at top of my throats and will go to sleep just after coming back from office, every morning will be the same, every paper and channel will say the same, nothing will change here, nothing ……

I hate myself in so much helpless pose, just only thing I could do, as the protests are dying, is ……………

Will you not even comment on?


Reservation protests: Is it enough?



Justification of fault or justice, crime or crisis, a mere perception or well placed exception.

It is neither easy nor justified to talk about an issue just blindly by going through emotions only. No I will not start by saying that I am a General Candidate or an OBC. But there are many many things that are beyond than only this mere tag, which existed in almost all Government employement forms ….

Cry on talent, cry on social injustice, some political plans, some well hyped histeria?

One issue which is deliberatly much hyped this time because of the media support, although this was a move that was badly needed some years before. That's clear I am not hyper about giving more chances to OBC's or not but I need to say that there is not a clear demarcation line that whether I or any one should go for a blind support of Arjun Singh or the so called talented boys who are protesting this all.

I know some people want to blow my head, if I am saying something against the activists and for those who are losing temper even before I actually said anything, I want to say overall I am in support of those activists and even ready to be with them if they go for rallies, hunger strikes, campaign, but note one thing how much, you are trying to make it touching and emotional, is moving into trash because of not that much inner and systematic attempts. No need of cracking voices, no need of media managers, no need of false spamming; try to blow the things by your Creative ideas and justified ways and everyone will be with you, prove that you are talented and know how to do the things in innovative ways. I have really seen some of them and really impressed by those way, because this is our character, talent's character.
Someone should have noticed why only Medicos went first for the issue not engineers? Unfortunately, I feel a bad patch for this generation of doctors, who like to be called as angels for saving lives and even then feel proud to go for strikes on every second issue. Have anyone seen Engineers going for strikes? If you are not getting support then the reason behind it is that you are loosing by this way. Media snapped you in the poses like Rang De Basanti but forgot to snap the patients crying and calling for help. Everyone asking that "Who the hell politicians are to decide the fate of talent?" but no one is asking that "What the patients have done wrong to them? Have all of them supported for Congress? Why to leave all of them for dying, only to show you are so powerful?". You are really not confident if you feel yourself so weak and not so intelligent, if you could not figure out some new ways, if you think that you are out of competition by having lesser number of seats to fight for.

In fact, the obvious reason for Doctors to come out for all this is so simple. When it comes to Engineers then they know how to find their ways and there are many competitions and ways for surviving but as for Doctors, I feel pity as they have lesser options and most of the times, they need their private clinics for practic and they even then they go for that, when they got pretisigious Government jobs. Obviously, one need money for that with the talent and that's why boys with strong economical backgrounds are heading to this way. Sorry for offence boys, but I got some sort of angry on you guys because I have seen the problems of patient and their helplessness. But I really know that it is a crisis for you if in this kind of problematic environment, you got lesser number of seats to competitte for, when these are already very few. In case of Engineer there are chances to revise the things and sometimes the mistakes could be forgiven but in case of Doctors, one mistake and you will never forgive yourself. Really, no one could call for reservation for such a field. Shame on people, who are supporting the idea.

Anyway, I know it was a really bad start to support some issue but its me, you need some of such strange styles. I just wanted to remind you guys that you are not completely unbeatable on moral grounds, so be prepared to be even more harder on the same issue as even I, if try to oppose then I have many things in support of OBC's. You are paying well for beleiving on Sonia' dramas of resignations and for the belief that Congress has got something new.

Ok! no problem guys, only two words make a WE, three words make an OUR, four words make the FIRE, five words make a MAGIC , six words make DESTINY and why to go for 7,8,9, when we got the destiny with us.

"We with our best fire will do magic to change this destiny forced upon us."

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had a note of caution for future governments—large scale reservation quotas could destroy the rule of equality of opportunity. He advocated that reservation quotas be consistent with Article 10 (now Article 14) of the constitution and must be confined to minority of seats.

But I will never come to know that what the cast certificates have to do with reservations and poors?

Reservation was not a fundamental right for any citizen to claim and never will be and that rights like Right to Employment ought to go by merit alone..Yes!! in case of SC/ST's, they might be asking and insisting for quotas but it was not really the case of OBC's as they know how to fight with Generals and I need not to point out that they are securing ranks without cast certificates and reservations proving that talent is something beyond some certificates. They were and are really really happy with that, but our leaders are deliberatly trying to divide population. So, do not put a hard line between Brahmins and Non-Brahmins, no Generals and Non-Generals, come on guys, you guys are playing in hands of big minds, who wanted to make a clear sepration and stirr between Generals and OBCs and got succeed in that finally. Think again, do you want the same kind of hate relations like we have unfortunately have made with SC/STs, with the people who are making 70% of whole population? We people who understand and fortunate to watch this politics closely just feel ourselves so helpless because media really do not know how to handle this kind of sensitive issues. After name of Youth, Muslims and Dalits, they were asking for some kind of new vote bank in favour of them and in this try, after lives many time, they are spoiling talent this time.

I really do not what to do to make this stopped and even then to continue with the heat without work strikes. I need all of you people's comments to join my hands, join for showing that talent is united above all racism. This is my first article on the same issue but is not intended to be the last one but I do not want to just write, I have to make this out like a campaign and if some guys are on hungr strikes then why we busy professionals could not make some time from checking mails and just searching googles or refreshing cricket scores.

I am really not knowing that at which plateform, I have to place myself for this campaign but I have a blog at and the same article is there too, just a little request, could you all may make it a plateform for quality debate (for which I promise you) and I promise that I will not let you people's voice unnoticed. Come and give your best, we are talented in every field and only know one thing

"A winner is always winner.".


Sonia Gandhi’s Resignation : The Great Sacrifice or The Great Straitegy ….

Much noise on Sonia’s resignation… I am not some kind of against her but when ever people praise someone who is not at all deserving then I really shame on people.

What Congress is doing with Uttar Pradesh and Samajwadi Party is open fact, provided that SP is still supporting because of Regional Calculations. And Jaya Bachchan disqualification was a serious matter as she was wife of Amitabh Bachchan before a Political person and tears in her eyes seemed to be very dangerous to Sonia people in next election which are very near and covering a total of five states.

Definately, more than the fans of Sonia Gandhi, there are much more fans of Amitabh Abchchan and if, if somehow, this person is made to speak against Sonia Gandhi, then she really knows that what could be happen. A lot of Governer’s crisis and many things in which Court went again Government. So, it was a huge problem for Congress.

In this situation, Print Media and TV media got the news that an ordinance bill was about to launch to save all the people who are enjoying two posts like Jaya Bachchan, Amar Singh and Sonia Gandhi. How ridiculas it was, no person from politics could do it and this is the time when electionsare very near.

The legal problems may be setlled if before doing something against Jaya Bachchan Sonia Gadhi might be resigning from National Advisory Council only not from MP seat but what it indicates that she took a step back and taking a step back means you will be rule out from elections. Now, many of us were expecting the same what happened on 23rd March. Just the same ridiculas drama as was created when she refused to be Prime Minister. I should admit that it was a tricky decision for any party leader else Sonia Gandhi could do it, not because she is great but she knows that Congress have to come in her feet one day, whenever she needed that is always congress mens view.

In other parties, Madan Laal Khurana set an example and left the CM seat when got fire under Hawala but when he came back he never got that position and now he is out of rule for ever, but this was not the case with Sonia.

But this time, the things were crystal clear that what is going to be happened. What is the problem when a MP who could not speak good Hindi or even English, come out of Parliament, what is the problem whent he person is ruling without crown. I do not see any profit of her being MP to congress and herself too. So, the great sacrifice is made to amke shit of carores which were wasted in election and will be wasted in next coming election. And the face is saved and a new Star is borned. This is what called as Politics and we the normal people of India may be sick of it but will pay for it in each elections.

I was really not wishing such to be happen as it make the poeple to forget what the Governers of Gowa and Bihar done, why an eagrness to make Jaya out and pressures on Amar Singh, but it happened and we have to live with it.

Hey!! God, why I born in India.