Reservation protests: Is it enough?



Justification of fault or justice, crime or crisis, a mere perception or well placed exception.

It is neither easy nor justified to talk about an issue just blindly by going through emotions only. No I will not start by saying that I am a General Candidate or an OBC. But there are many many things that are beyond than only this mere tag, which existed in almost all Government employement forms ….

Cry on talent, cry on social injustice, some political plans, some well hyped histeria?

One issue which is deliberatly much hyped this time because of the media support, although this was a move that was badly needed some years before. That's clear I am not hyper about giving more chances to OBC's or not but I need to say that there is not a clear demarcation line that whether I or any one should go for a blind support of Arjun Singh or the so called talented boys who are protesting this all.

I know some people want to blow my head, if I am saying something against the activists and for those who are losing temper even before I actually said anything, I want to say overall I am in support of those activists and even ready to be with them if they go for rallies, hunger strikes, campaign, but note one thing how much, you are trying to make it touching and emotional, is moving into trash because of not that much inner and systematic attempts. No need of cracking voices, no need of media managers, no need of false spamming; try to blow the things by your Creative ideas and justified ways and everyone will be with you, prove that you are talented and know how to do the things in innovative ways. I have really seen some of them and really impressed by those way, because this is our character, talent's character.
Someone should have noticed why only Medicos went first for the issue not engineers? Unfortunately, I feel a bad patch for this generation of doctors, who like to be called as angels for saving lives and even then feel proud to go for strikes on every second issue. Have anyone seen Engineers going for strikes? If you are not getting support then the reason behind it is that you are loosing by this way. Media snapped you in the poses like Rang De Basanti but forgot to snap the patients crying and calling for help. Everyone asking that "Who the hell politicians are to decide the fate of talent?" but no one is asking that "What the patients have done wrong to them? Have all of them supported for Congress? Why to leave all of them for dying, only to show you are so powerful?". You are really not confident if you feel yourself so weak and not so intelligent, if you could not figure out some new ways, if you think that you are out of competition by having lesser number of seats to fight for.

In fact, the obvious reason for Doctors to come out for all this is so simple. When it comes to Engineers then they know how to find their ways and there are many competitions and ways for surviving but as for Doctors, I feel pity as they have lesser options and most of the times, they need their private clinics for practic and they even then they go for that, when they got pretisigious Government jobs. Obviously, one need money for that with the talent and that's why boys with strong economical backgrounds are heading to this way. Sorry for offence boys, but I got some sort of angry on you guys because I have seen the problems of patient and their helplessness. But I really know that it is a crisis for you if in this kind of problematic environment, you got lesser number of seats to competitte for, when these are already very few. In case of Engineer there are chances to revise the things and sometimes the mistakes could be forgiven but in case of Doctors, one mistake and you will never forgive yourself. Really, no one could call for reservation for such a field. Shame on people, who are supporting the idea.

Anyway, I know it was a really bad start to support some issue but its me, you need some of such strange styles. I just wanted to remind you guys that you are not completely unbeatable on moral grounds, so be prepared to be even more harder on the same issue as even I, if try to oppose then I have many things in support of OBC's. You are paying well for beleiving on Sonia' dramas of resignations and for the belief that Congress has got something new.

Ok! no problem guys, only two words make a WE, three words make an OUR, four words make the FIRE, five words make a MAGIC , six words make DESTINY and why to go for 7,8,9, when we got the destiny with us.

"We with our best fire will do magic to change this destiny forced upon us."

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had a note of caution for future governments—large scale reservation quotas could destroy the rule of equality of opportunity. He advocated that reservation quotas be consistent with Article 10 (now Article 14) of the constitution and must be confined to minority of seats.

But I will never come to know that what the cast certificates have to do with reservations and poors?

Reservation was not a fundamental right for any citizen to claim and never will be and that rights like Right to Employment ought to go by merit alone..Yes!! in case of SC/ST's, they might be asking and insisting for quotas but it was not really the case of OBC's as they know how to fight with Generals and I need not to point out that they are securing ranks without cast certificates and reservations proving that talent is something beyond some certificates. They were and are really really happy with that, but our leaders are deliberatly trying to divide population. So, do not put a hard line between Brahmins and Non-Brahmins, no Generals and Non-Generals, come on guys, you guys are playing in hands of big minds, who wanted to make a clear sepration and stirr between Generals and OBCs and got succeed in that finally. Think again, do you want the same kind of hate relations like we have unfortunately have made with SC/STs, with the people who are making 70% of whole population? We people who understand and fortunate to watch this politics closely just feel ourselves so helpless because media really do not know how to handle this kind of sensitive issues. After name of Youth, Muslims and Dalits, they were asking for some kind of new vote bank in favour of them and in this try, after lives many time, they are spoiling talent this time.

I really do not what to do to make this stopped and even then to continue with the heat without work strikes. I need all of you people's comments to join my hands, join for showing that talent is united above all racism. This is my first article on the same issue but is not intended to be the last one but I do not want to just write, I have to make this out like a campaign and if some guys are on hungr strikes then why we busy professionals could not make some time from checking mails and just searching googles or refreshing cricket scores.

I am really not knowing that at which plateform, I have to place myself for this campaign but I have a blog at and the same article is there too, just a little request, could you all may make it a plateform for quality debate (for which I promise you) and I promise that I will not let you people's voice unnoticed. Come and give your best, we are talented in every field and only know one thing

"A winner is always winner.".



Sonia Gandhi’s Resignation : The Great Sacrifice or The Great Straitegy ….

Much noise on Sonia’s resignation… I am not some kind of against her but when ever people praise someone who is not at all deserving then I really shame on people.

What Congress is doing with Uttar Pradesh and Samajwadi Party is open fact, provided that SP is still supporting because of Regional Calculations. And Jaya Bachchan disqualification was a serious matter as she was wife of Amitabh Bachchan before a Political person and tears in her eyes seemed to be very dangerous to Sonia people in next election which are very near and covering a total of five states.

Definately, more than the fans of Sonia Gandhi, there are much more fans of Amitabh Abchchan and if, if somehow, this person is made to speak against Sonia Gandhi, then she really knows that what could be happen. A lot of Governer’s crisis and many things in which Court went again Government. So, it was a huge problem for Congress.

In this situation, Print Media and TV media got the news that an ordinance bill was about to launch to save all the people who are enjoying two posts like Jaya Bachchan, Amar Singh and Sonia Gandhi. How ridiculas it was, no person from politics could do it and this is the time when electionsare very near.

The legal problems may be setlled if before doing something against Jaya Bachchan Sonia Gadhi might be resigning from National Advisory Council only not from MP seat but what it indicates that she took a step back and taking a step back means you will be rule out from elections. Now, many of us were expecting the same what happened on 23rd March. Just the same ridiculas drama as was created when she refused to be Prime Minister. I should admit that it was a tricky decision for any party leader else Sonia Gandhi could do it, not because she is great but she knows that Congress have to come in her feet one day, whenever she needed that is always congress mens view.

In other parties, Madan Laal Khurana set an example and left the CM seat when got fire under Hawala but when he came back he never got that position and now he is out of rule for ever, but this was not the case with Sonia.

But this time, the things were crystal clear that what is going to be happened. What is the problem when a MP who could not speak good Hindi or even English, come out of Parliament, what is the problem whent he person is ruling without crown. I do not see any profit of her being MP to congress and herself too. So, the great sacrifice is made to amke shit of carores which were wasted in election and will be wasted in next coming election. And the face is saved and a new Star is borned. This is what called as Politics and we the normal people of India may be sick of it but will pay for it in each elections.

I was really not wishing such to be happen as it make the poeple to forget what the Governers of Gowa and Bihar done, why an eagrness to make Jaya out and pressures on Amar Singh, but it happened and we have to live with it.

Hey!! God, why I born in India.