Nokia E72 Diary Continued-Day 3

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Its really hard to cope up writing everyday while you own busy personal and office lives, but here I come again, keeping my promise at least for the first day 😉

May 05, 2010

First starting with the issues related to  Connect PC to Web Mode. After a day, now its a little easier to connect, but what I have figured out is this

  1. The cable provided with the set seems to be a little different than usual cables provided with other models. I have at least three cables with me from Nokia N82, Nokia 5800 and Nokia 5310, but I found that it never connected internet with any of them even though it was connecting well in other modes.

    Strange!!! not sure, if this is right conclusion, but this is what I found. Particularly annoying due to much small size of cable, I mean what you thought when provided an around 6” cable with it?

  2. I guess as the trend started with NSeries devices, Nokia keeps the data settings burned inside the Smartphone and though that works with most of the connections, probably that didn’t happened with my case. 3G is not wide spread in India till the moment and still its in process of Auction. MTNL/ Providing the same in selected areas and might be the case that Nokia chosen not to burn in the settings before it get full-fledge.

    I am not sure about my this observation particularly, as theory says it should pick any web connection from your E72 means Wi-fi, 3G, GPRS whatever. If this is so, then it must be reading from the device itself (same it says). But if it so, then why missing the settings I have made?

NetAnyway, end of story,now I am able to connect well but may be need to figure out what are the manual ways, so troubleshooting (if ever required) would be easier.

Exploring the home screen of Nokia E72

Might be  the case that I was not that into home screen customizations with Nokia N82 or Nokia 5800, but home screen of Nokia E72 seems quite fascinating. Well built professional look keeping things low yet effective enough.


You could see, how much informative the little screen is. More of it, things are much customizable for almost everything here, after all its a Nokia.

Right and left Menu could be set for any of the app, so are the apps on the standby screen (first horizontal row). The vertical row get chosen from 15 options and though you are allowed to configured at most 10 email accounts through Nokia Messaging, but on home screen, you could choose any two of them to get displayed (one will be called as primary mail and the other will be called as secondary). By the way, Nokia Messaging works flawlessly and I think only delay between getting your mails might be of 1-2 mins. More of it, the way it renders the mails is also much efficient. You may expect another review of mine around Nokia Messaging soon.

Once you rover over the SMS notification or Missed call notification, its shows you info without even opening SMS inbox or Call logs in form a lightweight pop screen. Same you could choose from setting for any of the mail account or both of the mail account and then when you will point over the account, it will pop up a little note showing sender, subject and time about unread mails only. Definitely, business class.

Though I am not using the same, but there is an option for mode switch (right top of the screen in pics, could be customizable), which may be used to switch from Business mode to personal mode. It means you will have two home screens that could be customizable as per your need, with different preferences and different themes. Sure a good idea for people, who don’t like being boring professionals all the time, probably Nokia E72 is all about such people only.

The third point to notice was Typing on Nokia E72:

05052010173Yes!!! we all have seen and heard about the legendary keypad of Nokia E71 and Nokia E72. They have really became kind of benchmark for this shaped Smartphones in real. So, what’s more about them?

We get the numeric keys in the middle in the similar way, we always had in our old Nokia phones except the fact that ‘*’, ‘#’ and ‘0’ keys are on right side this time not at the below of the keypad. Interesting additions are ‘Enter’ and ‘Ctrl’ keys at right bottom. Just above them there is also a backspace key, which works for cancel/ delete key (as were in older Smartphones). Good is to have keys like ‘@’, ‘?’ and ‘!’ directly on single keystrokes as these one go quite of importance while typing business mails, though I missed an ‘_’ key on one or two strokes here, but you cant please all in such a small space. Rest of the symbols are under Symbol key that uses the same pattern of keeping recently used symbols in first line.

There are other functions on long press of keys as well. Though I am not yet aware of them all, but as you could see yourself, long press on Ctrl Key make music muted/ unmuted, long press on Symbol key makes Bluetooth on/ off and for making many people out there smiling, long press on space key makes your Led Flashes on like a white light torch. Don’t know how that would go over the battery, but the light of the torch is this much good that you could use the same for studies for a while. 😉

Really the space provided for Keypad seems to be very very efficiently utilized and remains as an inspiration of design for other companies coming up with their QWERTY models.

Yeah!! as one should expect, if you start type a number directly on blank screen then it takes numbers as input and if you type on some SMS or Mail, then numbers go behind to be secondary keys (activated via function key at the left bottom). Seems a natural thing, but keeping the natural thing working well in design is what make something likeable.

Next lovely things that I experienced first time in Nokia N900 was again back here; predictive typing. Yes! there might be dictionaries in other models as well and predictive typing might be kept on in other Smartphones as well, but these two experiences were only two that felt practical too me. In start, suggestions might be little annoying sometimes, but it learns really fast, like which words you used, what spelling you use, which are the name, everything goes really natural the way Microsoft Office does. Auto Completion of words is something hard to forget or to be without once you get used to of it.

Not to mention like other ESeries models, we have full version of Quickoffice (Editing and creating new documents allowed) here compatible with Office 2007 files and so for Acrobat files as well.


Interesting was to see the informative view of SMS inbox, even better than S40 devices view that I always loved.


So, here I am ending Nokia E72 Diary of today. Still not getting time for the other trial device Nokia BH-905. Very bad of me, I know, but office taking me 8:00 AM-9:00 PM, what more you could expect after 9:00 PM?

Now you could download the app for this blog on your Nokia (Symbian5) via  this link or widget via this link.

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20 thoughts on “Nokia E72 Diary Continued-Day 3

  1. hi nitish
    thanks for the helpful items, on your drawing there is an icon next to the new sms icon that doesn’t show its name can you tell me what it is please?

      1. Hi Nitish
        im trying to find out about one more icon that is always there on my home screen,which i couldnt find in your blog.

        I tried looking for the icon elsewhere in the web but couldnt find it yet.i want to know what it means.

        It looks like this : a small arrow pointing upwards placed on the space bar icon.(If you look at the fat space bar key – it has two icons : the flashlight icon on the top and the space bar icon beneath it.)

        any idea what it means?
        This icon is displayed in the same line where we see the missed call,unread messages.

        Appreciate any help with this.


  2. Hi Nitish,

    I have an icon that has appeared on my screen that has not been there before and i wondered if you could tell me what it is.

    In your last screen shot of the sms inbox, inbetween ‘Options’ and he time (1.06pm) there is what looks like two small triangles. Do you know what this icon is?

    Thank you

  3. Hello,

    I also have such an icon on my mobile between the wifi and the bluetooth icon. The icon is made of a space bar icon with an upword arrow on top of it. Any idea? I have installed the Nokia Cisco and the Skype apps. Is it related? Any other ideas?


    1. Hi
      It is the Outbox icon.
      This appears when you have some failed messages in the outbox. I realized this a bit too late.
      Goto Menu>>Messaging>>Outbox
      Delete the messages in the folder and the Icon will go away! 🙂

      this is the same icon that you see for your Outbox folder in the Messaging area.


      1. Thanks Dear for helping out.
        E72 was a trial device to me, which was with me for only 15 days, so wasn’t able to figure out.

        Anyway, I am all set to buy E72 white now in one week

  4. Hi Nitish,i bought new nokia E-72 from a showroom in Al-khobar, KSA (who says they are authorised dealer of Nokia).The problem is my battery is discharging very soon also the special characters like – , : ; . & ? ! are not functioning as per keypad and they are exchanged.When i approached dealer his response is very bad as i am an expatriate. Can you please advise me what could be the problem and also solution.

    thanks in advance

    naveen rayalla

    1. Naveen,
      Very unfortunate to hear that mate. you shouldn’t have faced such issue with E72 ideally.

      As about the shop, then I am sure that they are not Priority Dealers , which are actually the authorized ones. Luckily with Nokia, if you have a genuine Nokia product, then you don’t need to think about the shop itself.

      Contact your nearest Nokia Care and submit your case. If its faulty battery, then they will provide hand to hand replacement or in case of non-availability a max of two business days. If a case of faulty keypad, it might take 7 days or more depending on availability.

      Don’t be worried much, contact Nokia Care as soon as possible.

  5. Hi Nitish,

    I’m using a Nokia E5 and about 2 days ago the ‘wifi’ icon on the bottom of the screen is always there, even when WLAN scanning is off. How do I rectify?

    Thanks a million (:

  6. my E72 has a strange icon at the bottom of the screen like an upside down tick and all incoming calls keep going straight to voicemail.

    Please help

    1. Screenshot required to understand the issue but I think you have marked the settings for making calls going into voice mails directly. Check call settings

  7. Hello, Nitish! It is kind of late, but i just discovered this review of yours. I also own a Nokia E72, in fact i am using it right now, and i wanted to share some well hidden findings (meaning it took me long time to stumble upon them accidentally).

    One would be the special characters. You see, i am romanian, and romanian languahe has some special characters and i didn’t knew how to get to them. Until one day i just holded the Sym key and tapped the a key. So what i got was a, then ă, â, ä, á and ą. Not knowing where those characters were hidden made me think the phone had a major flaw, whisc would be unacceptable for a giant like Nokia on a phone like this one. Now the only problem is that such hint is nowhere to be found.

    Another little tip is typing numbers in a text without leaving letter-mode. This is done by holding the shift key (common use is to tap it once for one key lock, or tap it twice for permanent lock). If pressed down while writing down a number, when released it will just get back to typing letters. And the caps key works just the same.

    There sure are other tricks that i encountered, but i can’t recall them right now. Currently i try to figure out how to stream my home media, like music, video, photos to the phone over a wifi connection.

  8. hi nitish,
    i wuld like to know few features of nokia nokia e72,if i select menu then go to logs there is an option of recent calls and if i right click that option i hav entire call jus in case if i delte some dialled numbers from the dialled options,it is still there in the recent calls options..i want to know if such an option is for saved contacts or unkown numbers also?? i mean i call hav the delted unknown numbers on my recent calls list???

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