Bought an external drive of 1TB

Finally today added another addition into my computer resources. I was running out of disk space now days due to loads of movies and software’s even when I had a huge storage amount 1TB, so finally I bought an External Hard Disk of 1TB (based on USB only). Product is FreeAgent Drive from Seagate and the cost of Rs. 5600/-, if I was buying in cash, which I obviously was doing to get it in cheaper.

It was not bad pricing as the last one, which I bought for the Laptop was of 500 GB, but of almost the same cost. So, I guess, I got a good deal.

Now, my next objective was to first shift all the entertainment stuffs like movies etc. into external and then hosting a number of Virtual Machine for fresh series of experiments with technology. I guess you must be thinking that no wonder some of my friends call me a freak.