Symbian^3 T9 sucks? Try Baidu Portrait QWERTY, English/ Hindi

Update: For people, who faced issue of not opening up any keyboard after install, I have updated the link now, try this link in place of last one and follow the same instructions. 

This app is not new and was reported by Jay and Asri-Al-Baker earlier, but the interest I received on twitter after mentioning about it made me think that no many knew about it. So thought to bring it as a post for all of you.

If you been following me on blog or twitter, then you might already be aware that how irritating Symbian^3 T9 input been for me. This was one of the biggest reason that I was most excited when @janole decided to bring portrait QWERTY to Gravity.

Thanks to @HardikLive for almost pushing me to try the Baidu Input again otherwise I was permanently away from it after trying the last version that was a mess for me. Let’s see what is Baidu?

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