Battery life on Android? You haven’t seen Mugen Extended batteries then

Hope you all must not  have forgotten my posts related to non-touch phones, battery tips and Samsung Galaxy S impressions, while all of them seem unrelated, but there been an easy connection between all of them.

A story of a layman, who was first afraid of going full fledged touch screen and then was haunted by the generation of toothless tigers (what I like to call modern smartphones with inadequate battery).

Not one but many  of earlier Nokia fans turning towards Android nowadays and while there been not many complaints related to productivity but one complaint, you find very common among most of them "Battery life on Android". We talk about 1GHz processors, loads of RAM and flashing animations here and there, but all the talk ends when we end up with a dead junk plastic or metal piece before finishing the day by even half. I know the feeling as passed through the same journey so many times myself.

Android and Battery

There are obvious reasons that why touch screens are more demanding on battery and same goes for the higher frequency processors. I may share some of tips about the battery saving on Android by adding into some already known tips, but be prepared, nothing comes without some tradeoff like …

  • Under-clock your processor and have longer battery life with a little loss in performance.
  • Keep the brightness on minimum and have longer battery life with a little loss in sunlight visibility
  • Keep the push mails on longer period and have longer battery life with a loss of instantaneous delivery


Question is why one needs to research on all this and why one can’t have everything working as its been on their earlier phones? Smartphone, superphone whatever, .. isn’t 10-12 hours run should be mandatory to be called as a phone? Shouldn’t manufacturers be making more capacity batteries, when they know how much demanding their products might be?


Yes! there is one more option to use Mugen’s Extended Batteries that may really make your device running 100% more than they were running before that too without compromising the power of your device or your habits.

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